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Recommended Reading.

It's been a while since I updated this blog but I should because it has never been more important to get the word out to lower immigration targets if not temporarily stop all immigration to Canada outright since we may be in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression (and here's to hoping it won't last long).

But here is a post I wanted to do for a while. I list the books that "converted" me, if you will, from once indifference and casual acceptance of multiculturalism and mass immigration to reformer. This is to bring to the attention of anyone reading this of the existence of these books if knowledge of these books wasn't previously known. They are not racist in any fashion, are well thought out, are not surrendered to rhetoric, and are compelling in their arguments. If any warning should be given it is this: they may make you angry!

"Betrayal and Deceit: The Politics of Canadian Immigration" by Charles M. Campbell.

Campbell's book is a must read for any immigration reformer. And if you are not an immigration reformer it will make you into one. If it doesn't it's probably because you are an immigration lawyer (or immigration consultant or anyone promoting the neo-colonization of Canada).

"Who Gets In: What's Wrong With Canada's Immigration Program - and How To Fix It" by Daniel Stoffman.

This is another necessary read for anyone wondering why Canada's immigration system is not working. Here is a Globe and Mail review of the book.

"Selling Illusions: The Cult of Multiculturalism in Canada" by Neil Bissoondath.

This book is a critique of multiculturalism and what it is doing to Canada. What makes this book problematic for multiculturalism proponents is that the author is non-white and is an immigrant from Trinidad thus depriving them of the opportunity to dismiss the books attacks by accusing the author of being a racist. So Mr. Bissoondath is best ignored by them then acknowledged.

"Cold Terror: How Canada Nurtures and Exports Terrorism Around the World" by Stewart Bell.

This book illustrates how Canada's immigration system, particularly its lax and gullible refugee stream, has been abused by terrorist groups like the LTTE (or Tamil Tigers) and how they have made Canada a funding base for their operations often with the soft support of expat refugee communities.

You can either purchase these books or, I am certain, these books can be found in your library system. If you have not read them then read them.

There are other books I know of but I haven't read them so I don't know what to say. Perhaps I'll just get a list going of material on the subject of immigration reform whether I have read them or not just of the sake of compiling a list for research purposes.

Added on Saturday, March 7, 2009.

The Truth About Immigration : Exposing the Economic and Humanitarian Myths by Mike Taylor.

Here is a quote from Amazon's product desription:

The only way to eliminate illegal immigration is to alleviate the world poverty that generates it. Right now, western leaders plot enforcement policy as if there was little or no connection between world poverty and illegal immigration. They drag their feet on cancelling insurmountable third world debt while continuing to pump billions into stopgap enforcement measures. They view the problem as a police action and blame the human smugglers, when it is actually a problem they help create with their own elite selection criteria. We are no longer a sanctuary for the world's poor and huddled masses -- we now criminalize them, targeting the best and throwing back the rest.

The west has the wealth, technology and resources to drastically reduce world poverty if it wanted. Why doesn't it? Because, bottom line, in doing so it would destroy its competitive advantage in the global economy. If all people had a decent standard of living, how many would come to fill our 'skills shortages' and help sustain our population and labour force levels? How many multinational corporations would be able to exploit cheaper labour and lower taxes in less developed countries? Not many, in either case, because the enabling poverty would no longer exist. But we would still make do. The sky will not fall when the boomers leave the labour force any more than it fell when they entered it -- the market adjusts.

The Effects of Mass Immigration by The Fraser Institute.

You can read this online for free here or download it here. You can buy it here.

"Mayday! Mayday! Curb Immigration. Stop multiculturalism. Or it’s the end of the Canada we know! by Lowell Green.

The title says it all.


P.K.U. said...

>>>>has been abused by terrorist groups like the LTTE (or Tamil Tigers)<<<<<

This is very true. The Tamil community in Canada is pumping a lot of money into the LTTE. I am a member of this community and I can see this manifested in many ways. The most common way is through donation boxes which are meant to "help poor folks back home", or so it is sold to the audiences. Of course, everyone is encouraged to donate to this cause but most of the money goes to the LTTE.

The fund raising for the LTTE is not strictly simply a moral issue, of supporting terrorists, because their opponents, the government are obviously not exactly perfect.

But those problems should NOT be carried over the Canada. It is not the inherent responsibility of Canada to involve itself in foreign conflicts, and the flow of Canadian money into these groups is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Haven't ranted here in the while, so now is the perfect chance.


In the last post by PaxCanadiana you state:

Yet I have grown up in this country, speak English with no accent, have studied Canadian/European history, culture, music......

December 5, 2008 12:31:00 EST AM

I find this interesting. Your parents left Sri Lanka proclaiming discrimination over language and yelling about "cultural genocide". This is the thing about Tamils you have no problem learning English and assimilating into white culture, it is well known that Tamil parents not only encourage this, they also want their kids to learn other European languages yet you have a problem learning Sinhala, Hindi or Malay. In Sri Lanka and Malaysia you refuse to integrate with the majority communities and carry out mass political agitation campaigns to disrupt state function and economic activities while beating war drums and openly siding with foreigners to disrupt sovereignty of the majority communities by acting as a fifth column and in the case of Sri Lanka and the Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarians openly and at times boastfully commit treason. Of course your war drum beating failed in Hindu India and Muslim Malaysia but succeeded in Buddhist Sri Lanka because of the tolerance of the Sinhala Buddhists who you unashamedly attack and denigrate but happily use and abuse the facilities such as free education and health care they provide. Even to this day the Tamil “sufferings” in the North and East ( a self-inflicted misery because of your desire for war) are feed and clothed by the very same people they are fighting against.

Your “donations” mostly made willingly and collected under the guise (to white people) of helping the Tamils who are suffering due to war goes straight into the LTTEs war chest to pro long the war. The most disgusting demonstration of this was after the Tsunami. While the Sinhala diaspora in Western countries got together, collected money to meet the needs of the Sinhala people (in the South etc) knowing fully well the Government would fail our people at such a time. What did the Tamil diaspora in Western countries do? They got together, collected money under the label of helping the Tamil people victimised in the North as a result of the Tsunami and then pumped all the cash to the LTTE for their final war (well they sure as hell got that now then didn’t they). So when the damaged Sinhala areas were re-developed by the Sinhala diaspora using the Tsunami money they have collected and the Tamil areas got worse, the same Tamils who funneled Tsunami money to the LTTE to buy guns and bombs for war and to kill Sinhalese with, went around the world launching another propaganda blitz proclaiming “racists Sinhala state only helping Sinhalese”, “Sinhalese genociding Tamils…gives us a separate state” blah blah blah (plenty of Tamils who weren’t even touched by the Tsunami, either living in Colombo or other Sinhala areas, managed to refugee themselves over the Western countries as well under the cover of this damning new blitz).

While you shed buckets of tears for Tamils in the north and pin the blame on us, the truth is they are bearing the fruit of your "liberation" or should i say visa application. No point blaming us. Why don't you save them? Sponsor those kids less fortunate than you to come to Canada to enjoy the "liberation" too, like you did. Whats wrong? Canada not big enough for all of you? Unbelievable how selfish you are (not you per se PKU), and that to your own people.

I find it most ironic that Tamils living in safety in Western countries (the ones who “disappeared”) and Colombo fund a war for their racially pure state, buy bombs to purposely kill innocent Sinhalese in hopes of fulfilling this goal, and expect not a single Tamil to die, be injured or have "hurt feelings" as a result of a conflict they so liberally support, finance and espouse. And when it does happen they put up a big show and dance about “genocidcal discrimination” by the evil Sinhala Buddhists.

Whats more ironic is that the schools, hospitals, education, electricity and water to the Tamils in their "separate State" they boast about are paid for and maintained by the "Sinhala dominated Government" (which Tamils want destroyed) and Sinhala dominating Tax payer (who Tamils want to subjugate). Tamils in the North and East do not pay tax; they contribute nothing to the GDP other than death and destruction. The North and East has been nothing more than a massive drain on the nation for the last 40 years. Yet the Tamils living there, including the ones fighting and killing us, have no problem using the hospitals and schools and food we send them –facilities which we have provided regardless of what they have said and done to us.
And it gets better, Tamils who work in these Government run Sinhala Buddhist paid institutions who happily collect their salaries and food from the Government are also fully fledged members of the LTTE. During the day they take money and food from the very same Government and people they fight and kill at night.

Despite knowing all the above Tamils still play the “genocidal discrimination” and the “suffering off poor innocent Tamils” record, all of which is a result of a war they wanted so badly and in the end got.
The best bit is of course many Tamils, past and present, have grown up in Sri Lanka among the Sinhala Buddhists never facing nor seeing any "genocidal discrimination". They have been educated for free by the Sinhala tax payer enabling them to reach the highest academic heights possible, hold high Government cabinet positions since Independence, (even being allowed to openly committing treason while still receiving the perks and security from the State and tax payer they wish to destroy). Despite being fully aware of the luxuries we provided and still do provide, as well as the above described unlimited charity to the Tamils in the North who are wallowing in a self-inflicted war and misery, they continue to denigrate and attack us, facilitating subversion against us with their Western supporters.

Tamils bring so much death and misery to the Sinhalese yet we continue to feed, cloth, educate and heal them to only have them come back rejuvenated to kill us even more ferociously and vigorously than before.

Nowhere else would the language, culture and religion of such a violent minority, who without hindrance kill the majority for communalistic beliefs, would be tolerated by the majority. Nowhere else would such a minority be allowed to live side by side with the majority while that minority is still killing the majority and using the killings to fulfil their communalist racism and make demands from the majority that they will stop the killings once they get what they want.

Yet we Sinhalese still try and live side by side with Tamils.

Only in Sri Lanka does this happen. That is why Tamils are one of the most ungrateful people on the planet.
The nerve you Tamils have to attack our philosophy, our history, our people and our way of life, all of which you at the same time, use to your advantage. Above all else, it is only because of Buddhism and the Buddhist values of the Sinhalese that Tamils are still alive in Sri Lanka, and you without a second thought denigrate and insult the Buddhists of Lanka. Anywhere else in the world had you done this homeland stunt; you would have been wiped out long ago. Remember that.

The last 30 years have proven without a doubt what they are capable of and illustrated to all of us their nature. We have been too tolerant of them for too long, whats funny is we still try and hope to live side by side with them as neighbours, despite the fact that they will stab us in the back at the very moment they see an opportunity to further themselves. It has happened throughout history, its happening right now and will happen again.

And since the corner stone of the Tamil argument and justification for war, a separate state, suicide bombing, refugeeing to Western countries and all the massacres and atrocities they have committed against the Sinhala Buddhists is the claim of "discrimination" (now "genocide") since 1948. Lets have a look at this discrimination:

Sri Lankan Tamils were around 12% of the Sri Lankan population in 1981-1983

In 1981 (the last proper statistic done) 30% of all professional jobs and 30% of all government jobs were with the Tamil minority (specifically the Jaffna Tamils).

In 1981
25% of those entering University for Medical studies were Tamils.
24% of those entering University for Dentistry were Tamils.
40% of those entering University for Veterinary Science were Tamils.

Two of the countries universities were (still are) dedicated for Tamils, i.e. 95% of Students to Jaffna University and 90% to the Eastern University were Tamils. Two out of the nations 6 universities (six existed at the time) were dedicated to Tamils a 12% minority. This also meant the remaining 4 universities had to accommodate the Sinhala majority, the other minorities as well as Tamils who happened to live outside the North (Jaffna) and Eastern provinces.

Just like health care, education from kindergarten to University is provided for FREE by the state, paid for by the Sinhala dominating Tax payer (according to Tamil logic because Sinhalese are the majority as we make up 70% of the population we “dominate” the Government, naturally we dominate in paying tax too).

In 1974 the handful of Sinhala students and faculty members at Jaffna University were attacked by Tamil students and chased away –there safety guaranteed only when the police arrived to escort them out (genocide, human rights violations???). In August 2008 similar thing happened to Sinhala students in the Eastern University with them being threatened and student leader Sucharitha Pahan Samarasinghe murdered for being in a Tamil "only" area and Tamil "only" university.

Sri Lanka Census of 1981 dealing with the % of Tamils in the professions (12 % of Sri Lanka's population in 1981 were Tamil):

Physicians & Surgeons, 35.1%

Dentists, 24.7%

Veterinarians, 38.8%

Engineers, 34.9%

Land surveyors, 29.9%

Engineering technicians, 24.3%

Survey draughtsmen, 27.8%

Public Sector Administrators, 15.9%

Thats "discrimination" for you.

Anonymous said...

Since we're in the confessional mood as to when we began to sense that something was amiss with our Canadian immigration policies, my "epiphany" began about 1990 after reading some of Diane Francis' columns that related to this subject. My concern was Toronto's rapidly changing demographics that seemed to be escalating year after year without any reprieve and Francis being a rare exception in her profession, was able to write some serious politically-incorrect verbiage that aligned with my own sentiments. To voice my own opinions, I wrote a few "letters to the editor", but they rarely got published due to the forbidden topic with no name - "immigration", I would assume.

Nothing wrong with immigration per se, but I deplore government hand-outs through welfare benefits to undeserving foreigners. I also strenuously object to outright racial discrimination against Canadian-born white men where jobs and job promotions are concerned. This insipid policy is only but a carry-over from the U.S. experience that promotes affirmative-action in support of Blacks who've been part of that country for the past 250 years.

If Canada (Pop. 33 million) had not recently imported millions of visible-minorities from third-world countries, we would have no need of employment-equity.

About five million residents belong to visible-minority groups in Canada, up from a manageable one million only 25 years ago!!

Toronto and Vancouver are expected to have minority-white populations in only a few more years, so it's imperative that we shut down the immigration pipeline immediately. It just may take an economic depression to turn off the spigot and save ourselves from colonization. It's probably difficult for young Canadians and new immigrants to visualize Toronto being virtually an all-white city (98%) in 1968....but it was.

Furthermore, "Toronto the
Good" never experienced the violent crime that pervades that city today. Unlike the daily street shooting incidents , the rare shooting in past days was relegated to the odd bank robbery or domestic assault and that was a major headline news story.

On the "recommended reading" list, I suggest Henry Makow's website and this short essay on diversity.

He has the ability to decipher some very complex topics and boil it down to readable material. Makow is also a Canadian Jew who's not afraid of attacking Zionism.

Here's a very good essay on multiculturalism by Louis Beam.

More suggestions to follow.


P.K.U. Welcome.

P.K.U. said...

Anonymous (2) Thank you for the welcome.

First of all, I apologize in advance to PaxCanadiana for wasting his comment space in his blog about Canadian immigration reform with arguments about foreign countries. Unfortunately, the high presence of personal attacks in this individual's post causes me to respond:

Dear Anonymous (1),

You appear to have some personal hatred of me because I was born as a Tamil. I am sorry to hear that. Regardless, I do not have a vendetta against you for your ethnicity. Personally, I left such things behind in Sri Lanka.

I don't know why you consistently use the pronoun "you", as if I somehow represent all Tamils in the world and everything they do. I suppose that you believe every Tamil individual you see is immediately a LTTE hardcore sympathizer who secretly wishes to murder Sinhalese people. If you believe that, well, that is your problem.

I am an individual, and my opinions and beliefs are my own. Kindly do not force your idea of what a "Tamil" is or believes onto me.

You have written a long diatribe from a biased perspective which starts with the notion that Tamils are evil, racist and horrendous people. In turn, you expect me to write a long, biased diatribe based on the notion that Sinhalese are evil, racist and horrendous people.

I have no interest in doing what you expect me to do, which is play the role of the "Tamil" and argue in all the typical ways that this debate goes. I have better things to do. Throughout history, millions of people have died needlessly because of ethnic conflicts and the stupidity and intolerance of mankind. I have no interest in following that example. If you do, that is your own problem.

I am a Canadian of Tamil descent. When I objectively look at the Sri Lankan conflict, I can see the faults of both sides. I am not clouded by bias due to my ethnicity or ancestral homeland. It seems that you do.

Your analysis is that the civil war is due to Tamils being evil people. My analysis is that it was due to a number of complicated reasons caused by both sides.

On a final note, you claim that "Your parents left Sri Lanka proclaiming discrimination over language and yelling about cultural genocide."

This is incorrect, and I do not know why you think that you know anything about me. My parents left Sri Lanka because we were in the middle of a war. My father, who had been educated in his youth in Canada, was able to get us a path there so his children could live in peace and pursue education and success in the Western society and culture he was familiar with and respected.

It is again, unfortunate, that you despise me so much based on my ethnicity, but unfortunately you will never be able to make me reduce myself to the same level as you. Sorry.

P.K.U. said...

P.S. It's lovely to hear you speak about wiping people out based on race..

Be proud of yourself, to have joined the ranks of like-minded people who orchestrated the Holocaust, the Nanjing Massacre, and the Armenian genocide.

P.K.U. said...

Sorry for repeated postings, but I also thought it would be enlightening for Anonymous No.1 to read this - an actual objective perspective.

Again, I apologize for the offtopic posts about Sri Lanka which is not the focus of this blog or post.

This is by Lee Kuan Yew, the genius who lifted Singapore from a third world hellhole to a first world country. Here's what he says about Ceylon:

"'We have got to live with the consequences of our actions and we are responsible for our own people and we take the right decisions for them. You look at the old Philippines. The old Ceylon. The old East Pakistan and several others. I have been to these countries and places. When 1 went to Colombo for the first time in 1956 it was a better city than Singapore because Singapore had three and a half years of Japanese occupation and Colombo was the centre or HQ of Mountbatten's Southeast Asia command.

And they had sterling reserves. They had two Universities. Before the war, a thick layer of educated talent So if you believe what American liberals or British liberals used to say, then it ought to have flourished. But it didn't.

One-man one-vote led to the domination of the Sinhalese majority over the minority Tamils who were the active and intelligent fellows who worked hard and got themselves penalised. And English was out. They were educated in English. Sinhalese was in. They got quotas in two universities and now they have become fanatical Tigers. And the country will never be put together again.

Somebody should have told them - change the system, loosen up, or break off. And looking back, I think the Tunku was wise. (The reference is to Tunku Abdul Rahman the Malaysian Prime Minister under whose rule Singapore separated from Malaysia).

I offered a loosening up of the system. He said: 'Clean cut, go your way'. Had we stayed in, and I look at Colombo and Ceylon, I mean changing names, sometimes maybe you deceive the gods, but I don't think you are deceiving the people who live in them. It makes no great difference to the tragedy that is being enacted.

They failed because they had weak or wrong leaders '."

Anonymous said...

@PKU my post/diatribe/whatever highlights the ungrateful nature of Tamils and the other side of the coin which Tamils obviously never speak of as it puts a bad face on them.

Tamils go around portraying Sinhalese as horrific criminals carrying out "genocidal discrimination" just so they can refugee over to some Western country. You have brought so much destruction to Sri Lanka while living in safety of Western countries, ironically the Tamil people who are fighting your war are being fed, clothed and healed by the Sinhalese, the very same people who you/they are fighting and portray as barbaric. (Why don't you ever mention this fact?)

What i dislike the most is the destruction you have brought to my country while enjoying a first class life in a first world country, and what i dislike even more is the fact you expect my people to look after yours and save them from a Tamil created misery (war that is) and the moment we don't do this you howl "genocide" or some other rubbish.

The destruction you bring to Sri Lanka is rooted in this claim of "discrimination" which as proven here by me (as well as previously on this blog site) is a false accusation.

What Tamils really mean by all this gobbledegook about "discrimination" is the end of the disproportionate power, wealth and land they had during Colonial rule given to you by the British.
When Independence came those colonial privileges were brought to an end and replaced with a fair system based on merit (something you would except any sovereign self respecting democratic post Independent Government to do). Ever since the end of the unfair Colonial system Tamils have been crying "discrimination". What they really mean is the loss of the artificially given power and wealth by our former Colonial masters in their divide and rule tactics. Tamils did not want to let go and thought the fact they had been given such power and wealth was because they are "superior" to the Sinhalese. The fact they were no longer given the jobs, the wealth and the power by default, i.e. for simply being Tamil ahead of non-Tamils, is what they found hard to stomach (being put on an equal footing to those who they saw as inferior) and went about calling this "discrimination".

Why else have an obsession with English (which clearly you still do with your “solutions” for Sri Lanka), why else try and maintain the same system as that which existed during Colonialism and launch a war and 50 years of political disruption to return to a disgusting racist anti-Sinhala Buddhist form of rule?

Whats funny is the majority of Tamils in Sri Lanka are a largely imported non-indigenous minority brought to Sri Lanka by the Dutch and the British.

Prior to Colonialism no one questioned the position of the Sinhalaese or Buddhism. Buddhism was backed and promoted by the state pre-1505. During the subsequent 450 years of Colonial rule the Sinhala Buddhists were turned into 4th class citizens in their own land. Naturally after Independence we wanted to undue the damage done. The policies taken after 1948 were in essence emancipation of the oppressed masses with power moving from the non-indigenous Tamils and a select group of elites back to the impoverished people. Unfortunately this was never completely fulfilled as Tamils (in the years just before independence) launched political agitations campaigns to disrupt State functions. These campaigns culminated into the 1976 Vaddukkoddai Resolution- a declaration of war on the Sinhalese. By 1978 war began.

To quote Amithalingam the last Tamil leader pre-war who in 1980 got the pathetic President JR Jaywadne to release Prabakaran the LTTE leader from jail –humiliating the then IGP who resigned in disgust (also since you decided to do some name dropping I though I would too):

"Tunku Abdul Rahman had the statesmanship to allow Singapore to secede from Malaysia peacefully. But the Sri Lankan rulers do not have that wisdom. I stand on this stage without fear and state that Tamil Eelam will be born only through violent struggle and bloodshed.We are ready for the _bloody_ struggle"- Amirthalingum at TULF victory meeting at the Ramakrishna Hall, Wellawatte (1977)”

Whatever said and done Tamils defiantly are not ones to speak about being “moderate” and “unbiased” and you most defiantly are not qualified to prescribe a “solution” to Sri Lanka. Just look at what you a proposing, nothing other than a return to the racist pro-Tamil colonial system. According to people like you (including Sinhala Christians) we must ditch our heritage, language, culture, Buddhism and our history for "peace" and "prosperity"?? I think not.

Anonymous said...

P.K.U. said...
P.S. It's lovely to hear you speak about wiping people out based on race..

Be proud of yourself, to have joined the ranks of like-minded people who orchestrated the Holocaust, the Nanjing Massacre, and the Armenian genocide.

December 6, 2008 9:49:00 EST PM

Oh sob sob! Now cue the violins!
How typical crying about "genocide" which only proves my point. You fund the destruction of your own people then complain about it.

By the way is this how your parents described the "situation" in Sri Lanka when they were at the immigration desk?

Isn't it ironic that my people the same ones doing the "genocide" are the ones that feed, cloth, educate and heal your people? As I mentioned before (but in case you missed it) education, healthcare, electricity, water, food, hospitals, schools, childrens cloths and school uniforms for the Tamils in the Tamil only “homeland” have been paid for and maintained by the Sinhala dominating tax payer and the “Sinhala dominated” Government during last 25 years of war. On the other hand Tamils who have exploited the last 25 years of war residing in Western safe havens send money to buy guns, claymores and suicide vests to kill the very same Sinhalese who keep the Tamils alive, then boast about a separate State.
Then again Tamils are after all an ungrateful people. Nothing further proves this than murder of Sinhala Doctor Dr. Palitha Pathmakumara killed in the East and the farmers hacked to death in South? The former heals Tamils and the latter feeds them, yet Tamils happily kill them both.

And why does 60% of the Tamil population live in areas out side of the North and East, outside the territory controlled by your sole representatives i.e. areas of the country filled with Sinhalese? –Clearly if your genocide is happening why the hell would they choose to live in an area where its happening?! The only people “wiped out based on race” are the Sinhalese and Muslim peoples Tamils ethnically cleansed from the North and East starting from the 1960s and areas “liberated” by armed Tamil groups you’ve been funding.

Anonymous said...

If Tamils have a problem with Sri Lanka and its indigenous inhabitants you can always ferry yourselves back to Tamil Nadu, which is 20x the size of Sri Lanka and home to 65 million of your brethren who are linguistically and culturally identical to you. Plus its just a 30 minute boat ride away.

You can live in a Tamil Speaking Tamil cultural centre, after all Tamil Nadu is the source of all Tamils. You can enjoy Tamil Books, Tamil Language, Tamil Schools, Tamil Politicians, Tamil Police persons, Tamil Universities, Tamil Food, Tamil Religions, Tamil World View, In a complete Tamil Land buying Tamils goods, doing Tamil jobs -a complete Tamil ONLY world.

Sinhala architecture and Buddhist influence dominates this island from head to toe. That’s the cold hard truth you find the most difficult to swallow. This island is ours. For we have nowhere else to go, there is no Sinhala Nadu in India nor are there any Sinhala Indians, our identity and civilisation began here in Sri Lanka.

Leave us the indigenous people of Sri Lanka in peace
Stop trying to annex Sri Lanka and create a mono ethnic mono linguistic Tamil ONLY piece out of Sri Lanka (while also demanding/expecting full access to the rest of the country ) –especially when such a thing already exists in Tamil Nadu.
And sure as hell stop complaining about "discrimination", "discrimination" and whatever other fairy tales you have to say about Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese to justify the brutal violence and economic retardation you have brought my people and nation while seeking refugee in Western countries when you attend your Pongu Thamils, “Hero’s day”, other collections events and when offering ethnic vote blocks to sleazy Western politicians like Paul Martin, Keith Vaz and clowns like that.

Sri Lanka is and always will be the homeland of the Sinhalese nation and Tamil Nadu is the homeland of the Tamil nation. Tamils in Sri Lanka are a tiny party of the Tamil nation and are a largely imported minority in Sri Lanka, that's all.

Looking at the subcontinent,

Punjab is the homeland of the Punjabis
Gujarat the homeland of the Gurjatis
Maharasthra is the homeland of the Marathis
Orissa is the homeland of the Oriyas
Karnataka is the homeland of the Kannadigas
Andhra Pradesh is the homeland of the Telugus
Kerala is the homeland of the Malayalees
Tamil Nadu is the homeland of the Tamils

Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese, and we will do what we want here.

If the Tamils want to live in their homeland, then they can go and live in Tamil Nadu. Simple really. I would like to see them go to Karnataka and claim 60% of the coastline and 30% of the land area as their homeland and see what the Kannadigas say. Ditto for Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh.

This also raises the question why Tamils flee to Western countries (for whatever reasons relating to the war and "discrimination") when Tamil Nadu is right next door?

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong P.K.U. I don't give a damn where you/Tamils go and how you get there. You are enjoying luxurious lives now, and thats fine with me. Just leave my country and my people alone. Stop funding war, destruction and misery here -I am sure there is another way for new Tamil migrants to secure themselves a new passport, kindly stop trying to achieve a better life at my nations expense. If you have a problem with us, then please pack your bags and go to Tamil Nadu (I’ll be more than happy to pay for a free trip – you get freebies, like healthcare, education, food, water, electricity, cloths from us all the time whats a few boat ticket eh?). Now if you don't like Tamil Nadu perhaps those of you already living in the West should facilitate moving Tamils who have a problem with us to Western countries. I'm sure you can strike a deal with the Liberal party or something and make such an arrangement?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how PaxCanadiana feels about the above turf war going on here, but this is a "Canadian" blog dealing with "Canadian" immigration issues.

P.K.U. said...

Dear Anonymous

>>>>By the way is this how your parents described the "situation" in Sri Lanka when they were at the immigration desk?<<<<

You must not be a very intelligent person.

I made my post responding to your comments in your original post that you thought that the Sinhalese should wipe out the majority. You are the one who so calmly spoke about wiping out races of people. So I replied to you. Do you have some sort of mild mental disorder? You made a comment, and I replied to it. Is that difficult for you to grasp?

Of course, I'm sure you realized that, but you loved to jump on the chance to launch into your moronic copy-and-pasted diatribe.

I have no interest in having a discussion with you, particularly when you consistently seem to believe that I represent the actions of every single Tamil individual to have lived on this Earth. Unfortunately, I am an individual human being with my own beliefs and opinions. I do not automatically hold clouded biased beliefs because of my ethnicity.

Maybe you could learn something from that example. When you acknowledge me as an individual and not as a "Tamil", perhaps I will bother to have any kind of discussion with you.

Again, even though you hate me so much because I was randomly born a different ethnicity than you were, you will never be able to make me stoop down to your level. I will never launch into a racist diatribe against Sinhalese people, I am far too old for that.

Grow up.

People like you are responsible for millions of deaths in history due to the childish intolerance of men.

I have said everything that needs to be said. Go and read objective histories of the civil war. Go and read Lee Kuan Yew's quotes about Ceylon. Learn to be objective. Don't believe everything your parents tell you. Strive to be an objective and intelligent person.

P.K.U. said...

Dear Anonymous (3)

I'm very sorry to be taking up this comment space with this nonsense, and I apologized for it above as well. I know this is definitely not the place to be having this silly discussion, but I do not have the restraint to not respond to the personal attacks thrown out by this other poster.

PaxCanadiana can of course delete these off-topic posts if he chooses to end this discussion, so we'll see.

PaxCanadiana said...

It's late here and this is just a quick post.

I haven't read all the posts thoroughly, having only scanned them, but I will read them. I read all the comments though I don't respond to all them but I would like to. I am interested in what people have to say.

If P.K.U. and Anon wish to discuss Sri Lankan politics I am a interested in the discussion as an observer. Just keep it respectful and no personal attacks. However you may wish to exchange email addresses if you wish to keep the discussion going. I don't know how long the discussion can go on here after all, as has been pointed out, it is sort of off topic aside from bogus Sri Lankan Tamil refugee claims (and I do believe most Sri Lankan Tamils are bogus refugees) which do affect my country.

We'll see how things go.

P.K.U. said...

I don't know how much of a discussion this is.

It seems that Anon is arguing with himself more than with me...he seems to spot words in my post and then copy and paste prepared rants that don't address anything I said.

I should make it clear to anyone else that I don't support the LTTE, and, I'm sure you will be surprised to hear after Anon's posts, neither does most of the Tamil community. The LTTE still gets a lot of money uses means like fake donation boxes listed above.

I just thought I'd mention that, because Anon's racist diatribes will probably affect readers more than my responses. But unfortunately I just can't muster up enough racism or ethnic bias to write up long hate-filled diatribes in the way that he does. This blog often complains that immigrants bring their petty ethnic conflicts along with them to Canada. Well, that does not apply to me. I also have not carried over any deep personal bias from my "ancestral homeland".

I still believe that the best comparison is with the island nation of Singapore. Singapore and Sri Lanka are both countries with a majority and significant minorities (both have significant Tamil communities). Yet Singapore didn't devolve into ongoing civil war. Read Lee Kuan Yew's objective analysis I posted earlier. This is the opinion of someone who knew how to do it right.

Anonymous said...

What about The Truth About Immigration: Exposing the Economic and Humanitarian Myths by Mike Taylor?

Anonymous said...

yoo... really like this thoughts )