Friday, 30 January 2009

Buy Canada Citizenship.

When I was blogging about a story in the Toronto Star newspaper an Ads By Google ad on the online edition caught my attention.

BUY CANADA CITIZENSHIP it reads. (Actually is should read "BUY CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP" if it wanted to be grammatically correct but since English is not really a requisite to immigrate to Canada anymore who's going to notice?)

"Invest Cad$120,000 to immigrate permanently to Canada in 15 months" is what follows next. So it looks like Canadian citizenship is worth $120,000 for one "investor" on the international citizenship market.

If you really wanted to game it get 12 people to pool $10,000 each for one person to "invest" and then sponsor the others once the initial "investor" buys his citizenship.

Or you can buy a business for $120,000 and thus buy your Canadian citizenship. Then hire an imported relative or relatives, or a recent immigrant or immigrants, to work at your business and voila, you've create jobs for Canadians.

Or you can invest $120,000 dollars and then capitalize on your investment once you get your citizenship and you can get your citizenship for almost nothing, maybe free, if things work out.

Or if you are a criminal looking to expand your operations you can invest $120,000 in some store or something, get your citizenship, and then set up shop in Canada. If not that then use Canada as a refuge for yourself and your family when the heat is on in your home country.

Got any other ideas then post them in the comments.

Now that I think about it this may explain why so many franchises are going up. You have one wealthy individual who wants to add Canadian citizenship to his or her collection of status symbols or as an insurance policy. So he or she buys a franchise as a means to buy his or her citizenship. Of course you need people to build these places and to work at these typically low skilled, low paying jobs. And if you have other people doing this across the country and they too need people to build and work at the low skilled, low waged jobs they offer then you have, presto, a job boom and a labour shortage. How's that for a self perpetuating system. You have immigrants who open so many franchises that they need immigrants to work them. The benefits to Canadians are obvious. (They're there, you're just not looking hard enough.)

I'm being silly of course. I don't know if that is what's really going on but I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case. It would explain why almost every time in Toronto I order a blue berry fritter from Tim Hortons I'm usually served by a South Asian.

The investor class has turned out to be a real joke. It has not created jobs for Canadians as it was designed to do. In fact it has been dumbed down so much that all one has to do is create a job for one, that's right, ONE Canadian and that one Canadian may be an immigrant who has only been in the country less than a month.

Ever wonder why so many corner stores are owned by Asians? Now you know. You invest in a corner store, employ yourself and/or a relative and you get citizenship. I know no real jobs were created for Canadians but that's not the real intent of the investor class and of the immigration system in general. It's just another avenue for those employed in Canada's immigration industry to get work.

I'm not going to link to the page that offered the ad. I don't want to give the bozo any business.


Canada Immigration said...

I don't know why people want to sell themselves. Are you guys so desperate to buy these things when you have wonderful homeland.

Again we are all calling ourselves "HIGHLY SKILLED" and we are "BACKBONE" of future world. If this is true, then you should be welcomed by default and no need to beg.

It is only for desperates who lives below certain ........

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