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Time To Close Canada's Diplomatic Mission In Fraud Plagued Chandigarh, Punjab, India.

Here is another Toronto Star article exposing the fraud that plagues India's Punjab region.

Trafficking in false promises

Immigration tricksters in Punjab region prey on Indians who hope for new lives in Canada

Jan 29, 2009 04:30 AM
Rick Westhead

Kapurthala, India–One morning in February 2007, Harvinder Singh read an ad in a local newspaper that promised to change his life.

The ad offered a visa to Canada and a $450-a-week job as a kitchen helper at a Crowne Plaza hotel in Toronto. Singh answered the ad, and agreed to pay an immigration consultant a $12,500 advance and an equal amount when his immigration documents were prepared.

Today, however, Singh, 31, is still working for his father in this blue-collar city in the northern Punjab region, manning the family photo shop and tending 1.2 hectares of wheat fields on the outskirts of town.

Police say the rise of unregulated immigration consultants is the most troubling crime trend in the state, ahead of a burgeoning drug problem and sectarian violence.

Immigration consultancy is one of the occupations that has exploded out of Canada's immigration industry. It is unregulated which means anyone can be an immigration consultant. All you need is an office and a telephone and that's it. Ethics are optional and may in fact hinder your success.

Because it is unregulated and since Canadian citizenship trades high in the international citizenship market immigration consultancy has attracted many unscrupulous individuals. Sadly many of these shady people are immigrants to Canada themselves who "consult" other immigrants on how to game Canada's immigration system, that is if they are not gaming their clients.

A city of about 1.4 million where a distillery and railcar assembly line are the main employers, Kapurthala may be ground zero for immigration fraud, say Canadian immigration officials in Chandigarh, the state capital of Punjab


"The five visa officers who staff the Chandigarh mission's consular section are deluged with applications sent with phony documents, mission staff say. Over the past year, 85 per cent of employment letters related to work visa applications have been forgeries.

Although no hard statistics are available, staff say other categories such as temporary visit and student visas are similarly rife with fraud. And unlike Singh, some would-be immigrants are willing participants in their bogus applications, staff say.

The article gives some examples.

One doctored bank document suggested a visa applicant had a balance of about $25,000 when he actually had about $7.50

A fake airline ticket submitted in another case shows an applicant had booked a direct flight between Toronto and New Delhi on a route Air Canada no longer flies.

Then there are forged letters from Canadian funeral homes, submitted by applicants asking to travel to Canada after a death in the family.

I've blogged about the Chandigarh consulate before and you can read it here.

Chandigarh is the capitol city of Punjab and the Canadian consulate is the only diplomatic mission in the city. That's because it was established by a Liberal government to reward Indo-Canadian voters, mostly Sikh voters, for voting Liberal in previous elections. It was built irrespective of warnings that the Punjab region of India is a "hot bed" for fraud. The mission seems to benefit no one aside from Sikhs living in Canada, Sikhs living in the Punjab, for ethnic vote pandering politicians, and it serves no other purpose than to import more Sikhs into Canada. Aside from that it is a waste of $25 million dollars a year. Canada already has diplomatic missions in India. It doesn't need one in Chandigarh.

Ethnic vote pandering is not beneath any Canadian politician of course. Here is the Toronto Star's Ian Urquhart on Ontario Premier Dalton McGunity's visit to Punjab during his trade mission to India.

On his previous stops in his tour of India РDelhi, Bangalore, Mumbai (Bombay) РMcGuinty was received politely but nonchalantly. Indians in those cities have been inundated with foreign dignitaries in recent years and have become rather blas̩ about it.


But it was an entirely different story in Punjab, which is in the north end of the country and somewhat off the beaten track for foreign visitors.

Why did McGuinty go there?

Punjab is the homeland of the Sikhs, and there are some 250,000 Sikhs living in Ontario, including three MPPs who accompanied McGuinty on his tour: Harinder Takhar, minister of small business, and backbenchers Kuldip Kular and Vic Dhillon.


What all this had to do with a trade mission to India is a good question.

The business leaders who had been accompanying McGuinty at the earlier stops all abandoned the tour before it reached Punjab. Their absence in Punjab was disdainfully noted by the half-dozen representatives of the Punjabi-Canadian media following McGuinty on his tour. They peppered him with questions about what business was actually being transacted in Punjab, and McGuinty responded with bafflegab.

The answer to the question, of course, is that the Punjab leg of the tour was an opportunity for McGuinty to have positive images of himself beamed back to voters in ridings in Brampton and Mississauga, where Ontario's Sikhs are concentrated.

It was, in effect, a giant photo op.

It's interesting to read that the business leaders accompanying McGuinty skipped Punjab entirely as if to say with their absence that there is no real value in Punjab, India. That being the case then why does Canada have a diplomatic mission in Punjab's capital city, the only foreign mission in the city if not to appease Sikh voters living in Canada?

On a side not I found this paragraph from the first article interesting.

The male-to-female birth ratio, meantime, is one of the worst in India, meaning young men are having a difficult time finding brides. "There's not much of a future for many young men there," said a Canadian visa officer. "It makes them do desperate things.

The reason for that is abortion. One of the great hall marks of the modern feminist movement is to make it easier for female fetuses to be aborted to favour a male child. Sadly, but perhaps not unexpectedly that practice happens here in Canada care of the taxpayers. That's multiculturalism for ya!

See also:
An offshoot of marriage fraud, 'rent a guest' schemes in India designed to scam Canadian immigration.


Anonymous said...

Here's one story of a Punjabi immigrant woman with little education, speaks some English, didn't drive prior to 2002... and now drives a transport truck in Canada!

Aside from the feel-good success angle of this story, how did this uneducated, unskilled immigrant get into Canada?

As the above story link states, the lead character is the Brampton-based truck driver Balwinder Gill (Indian-born immigrant) with honourable mention of the folks back home -- and the other players are Daljit Dhillon, the Punjab-born mechanic, Narinderjit Singh Mattu, the trucking owner, Nachhattar Chohan, president of the Indian Trucking Association and then a few token Canadian names thrown in, only to remind us this tale is taking place in Canada.

[....."Indian" Trucking Association?? Meaning White Canadians are are excluded?]

Oh! Let's not lose sight of the Toronto Star reporter who wrote this story, Indian-born Raveena Aulakh.

If Aulakh was writing for an Indian-based newspaper for the benefit of Indian readers in her home country, I could understand the strong racial bias that underlines this article. But this reporter is employed by a major Canadian newspaper that regularly promotes the "joys of diversity" in multi-culti Canada. So where is the promotional "diversity" in this article??

Instead, the major story line is wrapped around a one foreign culture/race.... and then gloats of having more than "65% of truck drivers in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) as being 'Indo-Canadians' according to Nachhattar Chohan. I'd appreciate his source on that gloating assertion.

A Toronto Star reader sums it up best:

"Mattu signed her up minutes after taking her for a road test. 'I also thought that if I hire her, other (South Asian) women will also think about it,' he recalls. It goes to show that immigrants are biased towards hiring people with their own cultural background. If ordinary Canadians did this we'd be called racist."

Also noteworthy, was the Indian reporter, Raveena Aulakh conveniently omitting the racial component of the other 27 drivers employed by this Indian family's trucking company.

Due to this "oversight", I'd venture to say this important factor translates into 100% Indian-immigrant drivers!!

As usual, the usual double standards apply here, and what was said above bears repeating - "If ordinary Canadians did this we'd be called racist."

PaxCanadiana said...

...gloats of having more than "65% of truck drivers in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) as being 'Indo-Canadians' according to Nachhattar Chohan. I'd appreciate his source on that gloating assertion.

I too would like to see his sources. I have read that article and wondered to myself to the truthfulness of such a statement. When I drive north on the 400 highway most of the truckers I see are white males.

I considered blogging about the article but passed considering there wasn't much to work with but now that you mention the racial hiring preference angle I'll keep it in mind. Mere observation in Toronto tells us that racial and ethnic groups prefer their own, to live with their own, to work with their own, to hire their own, to vote for their own, to do business with their own, to socialize with their own. Do we ever call them racists for that?

As usual, the usual double standards apply here, and what was said above bears repeating - "If ordinary Canadians did this we'd be called racist."

No truer words were ever said.

Anonymous said...


....and if there weren't more reasons to close Canada's out-of-country turnstile, there is this story
, if you missed it.

"Passengers involved in the scam have applied for refugee status after their arrival in Toronto, and remain in Canada."

As an "immigration reformer", here's an open invitation to my Canadian government to offer me a job in screening foreigners half-way around the world BEFORE they embark on any intended trip to Canada.

I would be saving Canadian taxpayers many times over, the amount of money it costs to process and support these bogus refugees, as it would to pay me a single salary to diligently screen every foreign national wanting entry into my country.

is the world's second most populous country with an estimated population of 1, 150, 000, 000 (billion) people matched against Canada with only 33,000,000. When a trickle of phony refugees and immigrants becomes a flood, colonization is the inevitable out-come...and, I haven't mentioned China, yet!

Anonymous said...

I love Canada love diversity but immigration needs to close the doors to Canada until we can decide what being Canadian means. I used to think I knew but seeing the fine mess that has been made here in my own town, I see what they have been doing is in fact destroying the very fabric of this country. Melting pot become Canadian fully and leave your past behind dress as we do learn about our history and do not try to inflict your old ways here.British ,Native and French are our history get with it or look for a better fit.