Saturday, 28 February 2009

Attracting The Best And The Brightest: HIV Positive 'Refugee' Guilty Of Sex Attack And Canada Returns Deported Sri Lankan Tamil Gangster To Toronto.

You can read the first story here at the Toronto Star.

HIV-positive man found guilty of sex attack

Refugee claimant also faces separate murder trial
Feb 24, 2009 04:30 AM
Peter Small

An HIV-positive refugee claimant has been found guilty of beating and raping his former girlfriend and of trying to endanger her life by infecting her with the virus that causes AIDS.

But there is no absolute proof that William-Imona Russel, 35, actually infected the woman because she may have had HIV before he raped her, Ontario Superior Court Justice John McMahon ruled yesterday.

The accused, who also faces charges for first-degree murder in the stabbing death of another woman in 2006, reacted calmly to the verdict.


Imona-Russel testified he came to Canada from Nigeria in April 2003 and made a refugee claim.

Here is the second story that was brought to my attention from a reader. You can read it at the National Post.

Canada takes back deported gangster
Stewart Bell, National Post
Published: Saturday, February 28, 2009

Canadian officials acknowledged yesterday that they helped bring a "dangerous" gang member to Toronto from South Asia this week, two days before the government unveiled its new anti-gang strategy.

Panchalingam Nagalingam, who was deported in 2005 because of his involvement in a violent Toronto street gang, arrived back on Tuesday morning, and Canadian officials say they facilitated and paid for his return. The circumstances have one official lamenting that the government is "in the business of putting gangs and gangsters out of business, not in bringing them back to Canada."


A spokesman for Jason Kenney, the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, said the government was outraged that it was forced to return Mr. Nagalingam to Canada because of a legal agreement entered into by the previous Liberal government.


A 36-year-old Sri Lankan citizen, Mr. Nagalingam was a member of AK Kannan, one of two warring Tamil gangs that engaged in extortion, drug trafficking, weapons dealing, attempted murder and murder in Toronto. The gangs were responsible for dozens of shootings, one of which killed an innocent bystander at a doughnut shop.

At an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing on Thursday, an immigration official read a police statement that said Mr. Nagalingam had been identified as a gunman in an unsolved shooting in Scarborough in 2000 that left two teenagers dead. He had also smashed a chair over the head of a man at a community function and assaulted a security guard at a theatre, the official said. On two occasions, Mr. Nagalingam was shot at by rival gang members.


Mr. Nagalingam thanked God and the immigration department "for helping me to get back here" and said he had turned over a new leaf. "I have a child outside, I have my mother and father. I decided to start my life again.


The Refugee Board ordered him detained on the grounds he is a danger to the public and a flight risk. In the meantime, the government has already commenced proceedings to have him deported once again. He was to appear before the board again next Thursday.

Mr. Nagalingam first arrived in Canada in 1994 and was accepted as a refugee the following year. But Toronto police quickly identified him as an AK Kannan gang member. He has three criminal convictions but he has faced other charges that were dropped.

The National Post article was written by Stewart Bell. For more insight into how Sri Lankan Tamil gangs made inroads into Canada I recommend you read his book Cold Terror: How Canada Nurtures and Exports Terrorism to the World.

Notice that both men entered Canada as refugees. Many unnecessary and undesirable immigrants enter Canada this way. I go so far as to say that most refugees to Canada are not real refugees at all but are "self selecting" economic migrants posing as refugees, predominantly members of the middle classes of the developing world. I think this is especially true for the Sri Lankan Tamil community because there are other avenues for them to pursue to find refuge before settling on coming to Canada. The fact that Canada has the largest Sri Lankan Tamil community in the world outside of Sri Lanka should beg questions as to why this is so.

The solution put forward to attack this kind of abuse and curb asylum shopping is to screen refugees abroad before allowing them to enter Canada. If we did this then Panchalingam Nagalingam may have never have set foot on Canadian soil and those two teenagers would still be alive today. What we have in place instead is a type of "honour system" where an individual makes a refugee claim at any Canadian port of entry and is then allowed to roam Canadian society, collecting social assistance and health care, while their claim is processed which can take up to two years. They are then expected to show up at their hearings and then voluntarily remove themselves from the country if found to be inadmissible as a refugee. This is an invitation for abuse and no wonder Canada has been called the "land of trusting fools".


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Tamils Celebrate LTTE Again: Time For Patriotic Canadians To Take A Stand Against Them

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