Sunday, 15 February 2009

Doing The Math: Canada's Immigration System Is A Financial Hole That Only Gets Deeper As More Money Is Thrown Into It.

Putting aside other costs such as environmental costs, remittances, displacement due to immigrant influxes, crime, pollution, etc., no one fully knows the costs in terms of tax dollars that is needed to service the immigration system. This is because the Canadian government refuses to tabulate and publish such a figure. The reason for this, I imagine, is due to its politically sensitive nature. If it is officially revealed that the costs of immigration outweigh the benefits then this will compel the government to do something about it. So it is better to pretend that no costs exists and overstate, if not fabricate, the alleged benefits; a practice employed by all of Canada's major political parties each vying for ethnic block votes in Canada's major urban centers.

We do have comparisons. The British House of Lords published a report stating that record levels of immigration to the U.K. have brought little economic benefit to the island nation. Considering that Canada receives more immigrants per capita then any other nation it may very well be that Canada's immigration system is more bane than benefit.

The Fraser Institute's Herbert Grubel, being forced to make estimates like everyone else, argued that immigration cost tax payers $18 billion dollars more than benefits between the years 1990 and 2002. I don't know how accurate that amount is but in the absence of any government acknowlegment of the costs of immigration I'll take Mr. Grubel's word for it.

I came across this while reading another blog (it was Girl On The Right if you're curious). It's a disclosure of grant and contribution awards over $25,000 for the dates between July 1 and September 30, 2008. Looking over the list I came across the following:

Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of British Columbia: $400,320.00

Afghan Women’s Counselling and Integration Community Support: $512,006.00

Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies: $296,128.00

Alberta Network of Immigrant Women: $399,919.00

Association for New Canadians: $63,617.00

Association Multiculturelle Francophone de l’Alberta: $25,000.00

Calgary Immigrant Educational Society: $2,634,241.00

Canadian Council for Refugees / Conseil canadien pour les réfugiés: $34,000.00

Canadian Newcomer Magazine: $489,000.00

And the list goes on. Here are some large amounts:

Central Alberta Refugee Effort (C.A.R.E.) Committee: $619,240.00 and $237,767.00

Chinese Association of Mississauga: $769,612.00

COSTI Immigrant Services: $6,081,812.00

CultureLink Settlement Services: $1,789,416.00

Halton Multicultural Council: $735,497.00 and $1,389,671.00

Jewish Family and Child Services: $1,799,335.00

Multicultural Council of Windsor & Essex County: $1,033,227.00 and $2,079,891.00

Muslim Community Services: $4,115,064.00

New Canadians’ Centre of Excellence Inc.: $5,455,856.00

Palestine House Educational and Cultural Centre: $1,533,174.00 and $655,537.00

Peel Multicultural Council: $753,505.00 and $1,174,214.00

Teachers of English as Second Language Association of Ontario: $62,620.00 and $741,929.00

Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women: $1,275,300.00

Canada's immigration system has been described as an industry and the above list supports that description. Canadian tax dollars have been redirected by ethnic vote buying political parties to support organizations, cultural groups, or what have you, that have no other purpose than to serve the interests of a particular ethnic group with little relevance to the country as a whole.

Cultural organizations aside teams of social workers are needed to service the effects of an out of control immigration system to say nothing of the law firms whose profits are dependent on the importation of a steady stream of clientele.

Canada's immigration system is becoming a deep hole to which throwing more money into it will only make it deeper. To save tax dollars we need to close the hole. More than half the of groups listed above are unnecessary and are a waste of money. I can think of better places to spend the cash.

And if you happen to disagree with me I'm sure you'll reconsider the moment you find yourself driving to the United States because you can't get an MRI scan in Canada.


Anonymous said...

Many new immigrants/refugees are burdensome chain migration family-class illiterates, who are devoid of English/French language skills, despite several billions of our earned tax dollars thrown into that other rabbit hole known as ESL. Furthermore, they could care less about Canadian politics, so why pander to new immigrants when majority White Canadians are holding the reins?

Somebody is benefiting greatly with these free handouts, and it's definitely not the Canadian people who pay the bills.

Despite the U.S. Republican Party doting on Black and Mexican voters during their last election, they too, discovered no dividends were forthcoming in their mindless efforts of appeasing minorities.

Why all this shameless pandering towards immigrants (meaning visible minorities) is beyond me, unless it has something to do with the "white guilt" disease.

This was the primary reason, I believe, of appointing a Black immigrant woman as our Governor-General, lest the world thought of us as "racist" if we by-passed, yet another vis-min for the top job in the
"unbearable whiteness" of our country.

Former PM Paul Martin was the "man" responsible for that obsequious act.

If being a vis-min was a requirement for that expensive pomp and ceremonious position, why not a Canadian-born Inuit or Native Indian? Why all this fuss over Blacks who proportionately represent only 2 percent of our population and a half of them are foreign-born?

Anyhow, back on topic....

"I can think of better places to spend the cash."

Yes....for example, fixing and repairing sports arenas and other infrastructures frequented by young Canadians, free scholarships to bright young Canadians, apprentice training schools for young men and women, etc. etc. -- all known as future Canadian voters!

Anonymous said...

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