Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Welcome To Canada Immigration Farce (yes immigrants, you've been had).

Here is a site I wish to bring to your attention. It's called Canada Immigration Farce and I'm adding it to my list. Like NotCanada.com it was established by immigrants for immigrants to inform them of the hazards and pit falls awaiting those who immigrate to Canada. The following is from their site:

Canada is abusing its professionally skilled immigrants and is practicing economic apartheid against them. Don't believe it? Hear our story and you may just want to question your decision to come to this country. We are two professionally skilled immigrants who were misled by Canada, via its High Commission in London, England into believing that our education, skills and experience was recognized in Canada and that we would readily acquire decent jobs within our field of expertise.


For the last 10 years we have been unemployed or severely underemployed, and we have experienced severe hardship, mental and physical stress, and financial ruin. It took 8 years of struggle and fighting for justice, for us to barely get back into our fields, however our suffering has not ended. We are nowhere close to working at the level we were in England. We have lost everything: today we are not homeowners, and we still don't know what our long term future will be, since this unstable country bashes you down two steps for every step up you try and take.

The bad faith policy that brought us to Canada and the long-term unemployment we suffered as a result, has created a mountain of debt which we will never be able to overcome for years. Well unlike a lot of immigrants we fought back and sued the government. But guess what? There is no real justice in this country, only the illusion of justice being done.

We were forced into bankruptcy and kept in bankruptcy so that our legal efforts to seek justice can be stymied. This was done to prevent a floodgate of future claims, and this has further sealed our belief that we will be in hardship for the rest of our lives. Canada has dealt with this case in the same way it has dealt with the land claims of its Aboriginal peoples. Anger, denial and delay, against the victims. We ironically find ourselves going to the same remedy that First Nations people in Canada have had to resort to: the United Nations.

The authors of the site are trying to sue the Canadian government accusing it of fraud which resulted in their hardships here. I'm certain their story is familiar to many immigrants and I hope they win their suit. Perhaps it will wake the government up to the Gordian knot that is the immigration system. But it looks bleak. Instead of having to deal with the very real and horrific consequences of its immigration system the authors of Canada Immigration Farce feel their suit is being stymied by the government to prevent a flood of future claims. And the Canadian government loves immigrants? Doesn't look like it at least not until election time.

What both sites, and my blog here, want to tell all immigrants is that you've been lied to or are being lied to. And if you are an immigrant investigating a move to Canada then consider yourself warned. If you still chose to immigrate to Canada then any hardship you encounter is your fault. The horror stories are many, backed up by data that time and time again show that immigrants face higher unemployment, greater underemployment, and poverty. Sadly, this is all too casually explained away as a problem of systemic discrimination as if this will make those non-existent jobs that immigrants expected to do in Canada appear out of thin air. Doing so doesn't address the real problem that Canada's immigration system is a mess that more often than not hurts immigrants instead of helping them.

Often coxed by slick web sites run by immigration law firms, consultants, and even the Canadian government many immigrants have been duped into coming to Canada to bring immigration lawyers and consultants work and hopefully deliver their vote for a particular political party. For the sake of their careers I advise immigrants to do their homework before coming to Canada.

The main problem with Canada's immigration system is that it accepts too many immigrants. Such high numbers hurts immigrants especially those who just arrived who end up competing for jobs with the next wave of immigrants. Unfortunately, the current Conservative government has little intention in bringing down the immigration targets. I guess a festering and growing immigrant underclass is all part of the mutlicultural mosaic.

As a post script I wish to say I'm also adding an Australian blog called Eye On Immigration.


Anonymous said...

The Australian blog linked to asks a reasonable question regarding how "skilled" these immigrants really are.

Andrew White

PaxCanadiana said...

Similar concerns exist here as well it's just that we don't acknowledge it and pretend it doesn't exist.

How skilled are Canada's immigrants? It's not easy to say however many immigrants fail to meet Canadian medical standards. I don't know how up to par they are with other professional organizations as well.

What we do know is that Canada, as well as the U.S. and I'm sure Australia, is that we don't attract the best and the brightest but the banal or the "ho hum".

Then there's the issue of forged credentials from place like India or China.

Above all are there jobs for them in the first place?

Anonymous said...

So I agree to a certain extent. However, there are some people who are fully qualified and are not valued since they are immigrants. They are often underpaid, over qualified for their given position, and/or left unemployed. This happens also in the US. Even when they become fully qualified in their present country there often is much discrimination depending on their background. However, I do agree that immigrants hurt other immigrant through falsification of credentials. This is a huge problem in the States with false credentials from countries in the Middle East, India, and China. In the US however since they are too busy discriminating against Latinos and Blacks they often let these cases of falsification pass. For example, I know of a professor (from one of the afore mentioned countries) that teaches nurses at a local community college claiming that he worked at a local hospital and has valid credentials; the school did not bother to check up on any of his claims (had they would have realized he wasn't even licensed/took board exams). I assume this type of selective discrimination happens in Canada as well.

Anonymous said...

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Good luck.

Daniel Baard said...

This is so true. I wished I read this before we emigrated here 6 months ago. They just want us to buy houses, cars, etc. and then go home as they have no jobs with us, no matter what our qualifications! 'Where have all the good guys gone....'. Not present in Canada, no!

Anonymous said...

We fail here because there is no work here for us and we are not citizens. Thats it. Undeniably so. We were fooled to come here by a corrupt lying system that should be exposed.