Thursday, 25 June 2009

Canada Becoming A Top Drug Producing Nation Due In Large Part To Asian Gang Activity.

The United Nations recently reported that Canada is a top producer of ecstasy and methamphetamine. Read about it here at the Winnipeg Sun.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime's 2009 World Drug Report, which was released this morning in Washington, Canada has become a major player on the world market for amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS), such as methamphetamine and Ecstasy.


Manufacture of Ecstasy in 2007 was reported in just eight countries. Among them: Canada.


"Canada-based organized crime groups' participation in the methamphetamine trade has grown significantly since 2003," the report says. "By 2006, law enforcement intelligence noted that Asian organized crime and traditional outlaw motorcycle gangs operating in Canada had increased the amount of methamphetamine they manufactured and exported, primarily into the USA, but also to Oceania and East and South-East Asia. For example, Australia identified that methamphetamine from Canada accounted for 83% of total seized imports by weight, for Japan the figure was 62%. Although only 5% of domestically manufactured methamphetamine was exported in 2006, by 2007 that figure was 20%."


Since 2003-04, Canada has become the "primary source of Ecstasy-group substances," such as MDMA, MDA MDEA/MDE for North American markets and increasingly for other regions, the UN report said.

"As of 2007, identified Ecstasy laboratories were large-capacity facilities primarily controlled by Asian organized crime groups, utilizing precursor chemicals trafficked from China in sea containers. In 2007, it was estimated that 50% of domestically produced Ecstasy was trafficked outside of Canada. Most of this was thought to be destined for the USA, Australia and Japan," the report said.

I stopped blogging about drug arrest reports published in the Toronto Star because I felt that I would be picking on the Asian community since more often than not those arrested had Asian names (mostly Vietnamese and Chinese).

That being said, Canada's rise up the list of drug producing nations is shameful and is due in large part to unnecessary immigration from Asia. What I mean by this is that Canada accepts too many immigrants from too few source countries and China, along with India, is one of them.

China has continuously topped the list of source countries of immigrants to Canada not becuase we need them but simply because applicants from that country flood the immigration system due to the large size of China's population. Same can be said of the refugee stream.

This large influx provides good cover for criminal elements to slip right in and set up shop.

Read here about corruption at Canada's Hong Kong consulate.

Read here about the largest ecstasy bust in the history of York Region (located just north of Toronto); and here , here and here.

Read here about the Vietnamese take over of the pot trade in British Columbia.

And with the increasing influx of South American immigrants into Canada we can expect to see a new kid on the block.

As long as Canada stubbornly refuses to lower immigration targets to what the nation actually needs and not what the immigration industry wants it will be difficult to effectively police our borders and weed criminals out.


Chilled said...

Hey, you couldn't buy a $700K Vancouver "box in the sky" if it wasen't for the drug trade!!! Um, this is good, no? The real estate industry seems to think so.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like a Rip Van Winkle who fell asleep around 1975 and have awakened to the nightmare that now passes for a once great nation called Canada.

Sure, we had our own internal problems with drugs and crime before mass 3rd world colonizers thought to grace us with their presence and lavish us with gifts of multiracial diversity, but at least we didn't have to dance around political correctness, hate laws, racial job preferences and other such marxist inputs to make our point.

I'm fully cognizant of the fact that many younger Canadians have no conceptional idea of what I speak here, as if Toronto or Vancouver's fast-moving slide into the gutter has always been the norm. Not so.

Canada has imported an additional 5,000,000 foreigners only since 1990 and the vast majority being non-Europeans that certainly weren't required.

I can only imagine the hundreds of billions of dollars saved in social welfare costs, ESL, subsidized housing, employment-equity [racial quotas], hospital care, etc. etc. that could have built and supported hundreds of tuition-free colleges for teaching/training Canadians for whatever job skills that were required.

Our once thriving manufacturing base has essentially been exported to 3rd world countries while simultaneously importing their impoverished peoples into Canada.

As you suggest, we have an embedded foreign influence in drug peddling that thrives on keeping many Canadians anesthetized. The police, criminal justice system and prison system may have contained the problem some thirty years ago with assistance of a highly restrictive immigration policy, but we're long past that fantasy.

As the title of this thread suggests, there is an strong ethnic link to illegal drug activity that did not exist 20-30 yrs. ago, and it's time we shone the spotlight on the Asian connection more often.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 million Tamils {originally imported by the Dutch and the British aka YOU) left in Sri Lanka, please take them and make a Tamil homeland there. They need a country and Canadam has the space. Also make it fit enough for Tamil Madu people as well.

Anonymous said...

"They need a country and Canadam (sic) has the space.

O.K... we'll take your 2,000,000 dead-beat, thumb-sucking Tamils on ONE condition.

That you strictly confine yourselves on Canada's Baffin Island for the exclusive purpose of carving out a new Tamil colony at your own expense!

Anonymous said...

O.K... we'll take your 2,000,000 dead-beat, thumb-sucking Tamils on ONE condition.


FCKU YOU and this racist anti-Tamil blog you Singhlam shits using names and issues of other races.

We have been monitoring this site for ages and are fully aware of tis anti-Tamil agenda. Why are you decide who comes to Canada, its not you land, just like Eelam does not belong to you Sinhglams, who you singhlams think to boss us around elsewhere ever we are???

Anonymous said...

The Canadian Eelam child-Lovers …

MP Deepak Obhrai, the parliamentary secretary to Foreign Affairs and Minister Lawrence Cannon, (both) want unfettered access to our ‘Foreign Legion Tiger’ who ran away with Shrapnel Sponges … Now in prison Rehabilitated (tortured) by the Singhaloids

“Sri Lanka’s government has refused Ottawa’s request to visit a Canadian citizen who is a Tamil Tiger combatant and is being detained in a “rehabilitation” camp. The unnamed Canadian citizen is now waiting to see how Sri Lanka intends to deal with alleged Tiger prisoners, as the government in Colombo has yet to clarify its plans on whether detainees will be tried as terrorists, held in rehabilitation camps, or eventually released to us in Canada for some unfettered love making.

MP Deepak Obhrai, the parliamentary secretary to Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, said he got no clear answers when he asked what Sri Lanka plans to do with the alleged Canadian insurgent, and no immediate acceptance of a request to see him. “We asked for consular access, but at that given time, yesterday, they said no,” Mr. Obhrai said in a telephone interview from Sri Lanka. “I then said, what will you do? What will you do? Please don’t hurt him! You can take me instead! Are you going to be sodamizing this individual? What are you going to do? Singhaloids hadn’t made up their minds. So as the process goes on, we’ll keep on offering our backside. We’re mindful that he’s a Canadian, and so…we’ve written to them and expressed our interest in this case.” We want a piece of action too. He said the Canadian government wants immediate Anal access, and to follow the case to ensure the alleged combatant gets due process. Mr. Obhrai declined to identify the individual, citing privacy rules.

Singhaloids are building a “new Guantanamo Bay detention camp” in Kayts

Anonymous said...

"Why are you decide who comes to Canada, its not you land, just like Eelam does not belong to you Sinhglams, who you singhlams think to boss us around elsewhere ever we are???"

"Eelam"? "Sinhglams"?

These are foreign words to 99.9% of Canadians that have no meaning to us and I suggest you take your ethnic rivalry problems back to Sri Lanka... because we simply don't care!

"FCKU YOU and this racist anti-Tamil blog you Singhlam shits using names and issues of other races."

You have me confused with someone else!

I'm a Canadian-born citizen who's very concerned in what is happening to our country's immigration transformation and who doesn't care much for foreigners who launder their dirty laundry in other people's countries.

Also, I might remind you this is a Canadian immigration REFORM blog that focuses on all immigrants of different stripes. I'm sure PaxCanadiana's intentions were not to provide an exclusive platform for Sri Lankans alone... as you've seem to have done by hi-jacking this thread with your non sequitur.

As to your smear of being a "racist anti-Tamil blog"....then, I can only suggest you start your own blog which I'll promise never to visit because I DON'T CARE! Get it?

Tamilz Beggarz said...

Tamils fighting Tamils sin aney.


Tamil boy killed in Toronto clash- Police

A clash between two groups resulted in the death of a Tamil youth in east-end Toronto over the weekend, the Canadian police said on Monday adding that the incident was a "senseless occurrence" that never should have happened.

Kristian Thanapalan died of a blunt force injury to his head after he was beaten by a group armed with baseball and cricket bats early Saturday, police said.

Toronto police Det.-Sgt. Savas Kyriacou says the 22-year-old and his friends were swarmed after they finished playing a game of volleyball in a park late at night.

Thanapalan and five other young men had gathered earlier in the evening at an east-end park, where they bumped a volleyball around until sunset.

Wanting to continue the game, the group of friends moved to a lit field at a public school nearby.

Kyriacou said they formed a circle, keeping the volleyball up without nets. "It was just a bunch of friends getting together to spend an evening together."

Another group of 15 to 20 young men were playing baseball or cricket at a nearby baseball field. When the lights went out around 11 p.m., both games ended.

The two groups went to a parking lot, where Thanapalan and his friends continued playing volleyball and the others entered vehicles.

"During that time, we believe there was an exchange of words," Kyriacou said.

Police don't know what was said, but the vehicles left and returned a number of times to circle a nearby cul de sac.

As Thanapalan and his friends left the parking lot around 12:15 a.m., a group of about eight males approached them, Kyriacou said.

A second group of 10 to 15 others came from the cul de sac, along a path between the school and an apartment building. They carried baseball bats, cricket bats and beer bottles, among other weapons, Kyriacou said.

Thanapalan and his friends were surrounded but some of them managed to escape. Emergency crews later found Thanapalan beaten, lying on the cul de sac. He was taken to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, where he died.

Some of Thanapalan's friends had minor injuries.

"Take a bit of testosterone, some bravado, throw in a bit of alcohol and sometimes you get that result," Kyriacou said, though police have not confirmed the motive for the attack.

Kyriacou says police are appealing to members of the Tamil-Canadian community to "do the right thing" and urged anyone with information to come forward.

"Kristian was a nice young man," Kyriacou said. "He had everything to live for. He has a nice loving family."

"This type of senseless occurrence should never have happened."

Kyriacou appealed to a member of the attacking group in particular, a man in his mid-20s who tried to intervene and stop the attack. "We are asking you to come forward and speak to us."

Police haven't determined how or to what extent each person in the attacking groups was involved. They ranged in age from 16 to 25.

David Poopalapillai of the Canadian Tamil Congress said such violence is particularly difficult for the Tamil community because of political unrest in their homeland of Sri Lanka.

"On top of that, this is one of the safest countries on the planet and now it's happening here."

A father of two young children himself, Poopalapillai said his heart goes out to the family of the victim but also the parents of the attackers, who will suffer too.

Thanapalan's family is tending to his 73-year-old grandmother, Poopalapillai said. She had been ill and was about to be released from hospital, but when she heard the news her condition worsened.

Thanapalan lived with his parents and sister northwest of Toronto in Maple. He graduated from a biotechnology program at Centennial College and had been accepted to study biochemistry at York University this fall.

Police don't believe the attack was premeditated. (Canadian Press)

Tamilz Beggarz said...

<<""On top of that, this is one of the safest countries on the planet and now it's happening here."">>>

Where ever Tamils go violence follows, sin aney, Canada not safe enough for Tamils

PaxCanadiana said...

I am getting concerned with the Tamil/Sinhalese barb throwing that is going on around here. I find them getting too racially charged for my tastes.

Frankly I don't mind it if it lets lose some steam and allows people to calm down and maybe reach a resolution but if it continues on threads that have nothing to do with the topic, like this one for instance, I will start deleting them. I will let them stand for now but I may delete them in the future. I don't know yet.

In any case this is not a forum to discuss the Sri Lankan conflict. I'm sure there are many forums out there where such discussions take place.

But this is definitely not an anti-Tamil/pro-Sinhalese blog. In all candor I'm getting sick of the war and how Canada has been turned into a battle field of sorts. I want a peaceful resolution like anyone else because it is now also in Canada's interest as well.

Anonymous said...

Come on! Get serious. Most druggies and gangbangers i see are white trailer trash or blacks.