Friday, 19 June 2009

National Unemployment Rate Reaches An 11 year High, Ontario's Reaches A 15 Year High.

So why does Canada need 260,000+ immigrants this year with an additional 200,000+ temporary foreign workers?

You can read about Canada's 11 year high unemployment figure here.

News of Ontario's 15 year high unemployment rate can be read here.

One thing to keep in mind when read jobless figures is that they do not accurately reflect the health of the labour market. Underemployment, temporary and seasonal work, as well as part time work are not factored in nor does it reflect the quality of work available such as full time minimum wage jobs vs. well paying assembly line work.

Also, those who have given up looking for work are not considered unemployed. That being said the unemployment figures are likely higher.

Of related concern is growing household debt.

Climbing debt levels have put Canadian households under increased financial strain amid surging job losses, stagnating income growth and slumping personal wealth, a report by the Bank of Canada says.

Since immigrant cohorts of the past several years are doing much worse then previous cohorts (back when Canada's immigration system actually worked) I wonder to what extent this report by the Bank of Canada applies to them. After all, Canada's banks have been agressively targeting immigrant communities and selling them mortgages and lines of credit.

Also, EI claims and personal bankruptcies are up in Canada and 1300,000 households are waiting for provincially subsidized housing in Ontario.

Across the province, almost 130,000 households are waiting for provincially subsidized housing with wait times that run from several years to several decades, depending on the location.

If you visit any government subsidized housing unit in Toronto you'll come to the realization that many of those units, if not most, are going to immigrants effectively shutting out Canadians. But since this only affects those on the lower rungs of Canadian society Canada's elites and their mouth pieces in the media don't really care since the benefits of diversity that they enjoy outweigh the costs that are borne by Canada's working class.

And lastly we read jobless swell food banks.

I know I am focusing on the negative but doing so sobers one up and adds counterweight to the over exaggerated claims and contributions, mostly superficial benefits, that characterize media coverage of immigrants and the current immigration system. Canada has been importing too many people for too long and instead of nation building we may just be creating a swelling immigrant underclass.

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