Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Canada Imposes Visa Restrictions On Czech Republic And Mexico To Stem Rising Influx Of 'Bogus' Asylum Seekers.

And it seems most Canadian agree if the comments to this story and this story, both found at the Toronto Star, are any indication of popular opinion.

You can almost feel the breath of fresh air that sweeps at you from the comments to the stories. It seems Canadians are finally glad that something is being to done to control their nation's borders after years and years of unfettered mass immigration. They reaffirm that the national punditry, the elite opinion makers in the media, and waffling politicians are totally out of touch with national sentiment when it comes to immigration.

I will say, with boldness and assurance, that most of what I write here on this blog is shared by the majority of Canadians; that we are opposed to the societal, cultural, and demographic changes that mass immigration is bringing to the nation.

It may appear that there is little opposition to mass immigration in this country and it's partner in crime, multiculturalism, but that's because popular opinion has been excluded from the discussion and for good reason. When given the chance, when the plebes are allowed to speak, a whole other reality comes to the fore. But since our moral and intellectual superiors in the media and in politics know what is good for us it is best that we shut up, sit down, and leave all the big decisions to the grown ups because without their superior intellect and direction we little people will end up hurting ourselves now won't we?

As for the visa restrictions Jason Kenney felt the government had good reasons to impose them.

It is no different than what I do here on this blog. When I say certain refugee groups should be turned away at the border I offer up my reasons as to why Canada should do so. Some may disagree with what I say but I am entitled to my opinion as you are to yours.

Interestingly enough these restrictions were implemented when refugees from the Czech Republic had an 95 per cent approval rate as reported here.

More than 30 per cent of the refugee claims decided last year were from Mexico; 89 per cent of the 1,958 total were rejected. From the Czech Republic, however, 95 per cent of the 89 cases were approved, but most Roma withdraw their claims.

It seems the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Why are Canada's sentinels at the borders granting asylum to individuals Canada's minister of immigration has concluded do not need it? Do the staffers at the Immigration and Refugee Board know what they are doing?


Anonymous said...

Now that the Czech Republic is a member of the EU, Czech citizens can effectively live and work in any EU member country. So why are Czech "refugees" (nearly all of them Roma, not ethnic Czechs) coming to Canada? Surely it would be much easier (and cheaper) for them to simply move to France, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands or some other Western European nation?

Anonymous said...

"So why are Czech "refugees" (nearly all of them Roma, not ethnic Czechs) coming to Canada?"

Because Canada is world-renowned for its generous welfare payouts, free healthcare, and shameless pandering practices toward any non-white foreigner. (Canadians are dreadfully fearful of being labeled a "racist")

This latest story relates just how gutless we are. The Nigerian single mother of 4 offspring was scheduled to be legally deported by immigration authorities when an un-elected judge overturned their decision and allowed them remain in Canada.

In Canada, we hunt down absentee Canadian-born fathers and garnishee their wages to pay child support.

Her obviously coached sob-story full of unsubstantiated hyperbole made no mention of any of the absentee fathers -- as usual -- so guess who becomes her surrogate sugar-daddy in perpetuity?

The Canadian taxpayer at $29,000+++ per year!