Monday, 20 July 2009

Poll: Majority Polled Support Visa Restrictions, Think Government Is Mishandling Immigration.

The Toronto Star along with polling firm Angus Reid conducted a survey that found that a strong majority of Canadians polled not only agree with the visa restrictions placed on Mexico and the Czech Republic but also think the government is mishandling immigration. You can read about it here.

The Toronto Star/Angus Reid survey found 69 per cent agree with the visa requirements announced Monday, including 39 per cent who voiced strong agreement.


The poll also found that 68 per cent of Canadians think it would be fair of Mexico's government to impose similar visa requirements on Canadians entering their country.


The survey also indicated 64 per cent of respondents believe the federal government is doing a poor job of handling Canada's immigration programs.

These numbers, for what they are worth, tell us that a strong majority of Canadians, not just a majority of Canadians, think the government has mismanaged the immigration system. We are told, mostly by journalists and politicians, that Canada "welcomes" 260,000+ immigrants a year and that Canadians are "proud" of the nation's "multicultural mosaic" however it seems these latest poll numbers tell us otherwise.

Some may disagree with the new visa restrictions and they do inconvenience a lot of innocent people but what is newsworthy, more so than the restrictions themselves, is the Canadian response to them. Most Canadians, as the poll suggests, support the restrictions even if it means visa restrictions being placed on Canada.

I think this is so becuase it shows that the government is doing something about an immigration system that the majority of Canadians disagree with. After years of being sold the alleged merits of multiculturalism and the ethnic, racial, and religious diversity the immigration system is bringing to the nation it seems most Canadians are not buying into the "new Canada". Perhaps this is becuase there was nothing wrong with the "old Canada" now was there?


Canada Immigration said...

69% approve the visa policy, 64% think the feds are doing a poor job handling Canada's immigration programs. All the figures seem contradictory & taking into account the margin for error the numbers are so close they are meaningless. I no longer take part in these polls when called, I find the people asking the questions are often untrained & inexperienced.

PaxCanadiana said...

The figures are not contradictory nor meaningless. They actually reinforce each other. You just don't understand them or are trying to dismiss them which, after following your link, I can see why.

Anyone who makes a living in Canada's immigration industry is uncomfortable with the fact that the majority of Canadians disagree with the immigration system because their incomes are on the line. It appears Canadians care little for "diversity" or "multiculturalism" irrespective of what we are told by our betters in the media or in Ottawa.

Canada accepts too many immigrants and the reasons for supporting high intake numbers fall under closer inspection which is why immigration is not to be discussed and Canadians are to be left in the dark. The interests of the immigration industry need protection.

Anonymous said...

It's probable that "Canada Immigration" shamelessly left an open link in the hope of snaring some client business, despite this site advocating for immigration reform.

Alas...I repeat myself, for they know no shame!

PaxCanadiana said...

The comments provided by "Canada Immigration" are word for word the same comments they provided to the Star article on the paper's web service. Go to the story and see them for yourself. It's damage control from immigration industry rent seekers.