Monday, 24 August 2009

Globe And Mail Poll Reveals Overwhelming Rejection Of Multiculturalism.

My last post asked if diversity, which is to be understood as multiculturalism, is really a strength. Coincidentally a Globe and Mail weekend poll suggests overwhelming rejection of multiculturalism. The question that was asked is "Canadian policy toward immigrants should be based on what?" The results are as follows.

Integration into the mainstream: 79%

Respect for different cultures: 21%

I assume this is an online poll so take it for what it is worth but we should consider the Globe's readership demographic before we quickly dismiss it. Besides, recalling a similar poll by the Toronto Star and the polling firm Angus Reid I have little reason to doubt the results. Both polls reinforce each other and suggest a general dissatisfaction with the immigration system and rejection of multiculturalism as a social policy. The people are speaking. It's time to reform the system.

Again, a hat tip to five feet of fury and Just Right.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, the final result of the poll (8341 for integration, 2240 for multiculturalism) maintained the distribution I observed when I cast my vote for integration. When I voted, the distribution was 5000 and change for integration, and 1200 and change for multiculturalism, which is an approximately 80%-20% split. I don't doubt for a minute that more than a few votes in favour of integration were cast by recent or second-generation non-western immigrants who have proudly adopted the language and western values of their new home.

The poll was not "scientific," but I too am inclined to think it's in the ballpark of what a genuinely scientific poll would produce. By "genuinely" I mean a poll that, among other things, would be conducted in such a way as to eliminate the possibility of dishonest answers in favour of multiculturalism given out of fear of being looked upon as some kind of knuckle-dragging bigot.

Anonymous said... has a good comment on this "diversity" issue that can be read HERE.

PaxCanadiana said...

Thanks for comments.

I followed the link and read it. We need those kinds of discussions. If Canada is going to continue down the path that has been imposed on it then we need to have frank and open dialog about race. Pretending that it is not an issue is not productive. Race matters. If it didn't then why do visible minority groups elect their own to office and whine about a lack or representation in the media and labour force?

It seems to me only whites are not allowed to talk about race and when they do its within restrictions yet for everyone else it's carte blanche.