Saturday, 26 September 2009

Another HIV-Positive African "Refugee", Another Woman Infected In Canada (and another dead).

These stories are becoming disconcertingly common in Canada. Not so common to raise alarm bells but common enough to make one wonder who is guarding our borders. An HIV+ African male and alleged "refugee" enters Canada and then spreads the virus here by infecting a Canadian citizen, sometimes more.

Their behaviour here, these alleged "refugees", raises red flags over their persecution claims. What kind of refugee behaves that way? Real refugees, those actually fleeing persecution and death, would be grateful to the host country and its citizens for providing asylum, being humble and law-abiding as an outward expression of thanks. At least that is what I assume. But this appears to be the exception nowadays where a sense of entitlement rules instead of gratitude.

Belligerence or criminality or a grandiose sense of entitlement manifesting itself in a display of varying degrees of disrespect for the host population are tell tale signs that these people are bogus. Sadly I feel that this characterizes too many of the so-called "refugees" that come to Canada. Many arrive as inland refugees and willingly lie to the government, and thus the people, and consciously commit an act of deceit to fraudulently obtain Canadian citizenship. What does it say about these people? What kind of citizens do you think they are going to be? Do they even deserve to be citizens?

What makes the linked story more heinous is that the "refugee" raped his girlfriend. Twice. Once by threatening her with a power drill to her head. And he knew he was HIV+. And so did the government but to its defense it did not know until after a test was administered, and not until after the man arrived in Canada and made a refugee claim. Should Canada be accepting anyone who is HIV+ at all? Why is Canada allowing the importation of an incurable disease that carries a death sentence and a hefty health care bill? This puts the health of its citizens at risk. It's absurd.

In case you're wondering the victim, a woman in her 50s, has tested positive for the virus. Her life has been ruined because Canada needs to fill a refugee intake quota and it appears anyone will do. But if the man wasn't allowed out on bail for a first degree murder charge (he killed a 20 year old woman and stuffed her body in a garbage in 2006) then Canada would have only destroyed one person's life due to a refugee system made a joke, inept, by politics and self interest.

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Anonymous said...

This is the most unintelligent and racist blog i have seen in a while. So sad, but excellent an excellent example of ignorance in my class room.

PaxCanadiana said...

This is the most unintelligent and racist blog i have seen in a while. So sad, but excellent an excellent example of ignorance in my class room.

Translation: I am offended that someone dare have an opinion contrary to my own. What has this country come to? And since I can't counter with an intelligent response I'll just lazily shout racism and that'll be the end of it.