Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Claiming Racial Persecution And Discrimination Canada Grants Asylum To White South African.

When I first read about this story I didn't know what to make of it. I came across this South African news service and found myself being persuaded by most of the comments which can be summed up thusly: Canadians are stupid. And they're right to say so. Canada's refugee system is ripe for abuse and the gullible nature of it has made us the laughing stock of the international community, not the envy. An apt quote was made by a Russian diplomat, quoted in Stewart Bell's recommended book Cold Terror, that Canada is the land of trusting fools. No truer words have ever been spoken describing the national psyche. What we call compassion others accurately see as foolishness, some with the intent of exploiting it. Couple this with a pathetic record of enforcing deportation orders and an endless appeals process Canada is an inviting place for every con man and their uncle to make a run for the border. After all, everyone in the world knows if you're going to make an asylum claim Canada is the place to do it.

So I thought this would be another example illustrating the stupidity and naiveté of the Immigration and Refugee Board and why we need competent, educated individuals to staff it, not political appointees and hacks. But then I did a little more reading and thought why not? Many, many, people have used race to get into the country as a refugee. Why not whites?

I think what many people have trouble getting their heads around is that maybe racism isn't inherently a white trait. That perhaps racism transcends race and that whites can be victims of it as well. Indeed in Canada we do exercise a form of polite racism against the host white majority population only we call it "equal opportunity employment" or "diversifying the workforce", fancy ways of saying working class whites, especially white males, need not apply.

The comments I have been reading from South Africans regarding the asylum claim is that discrimination and persecution against the white minority in the "Rainbow Nation" exists and it doesn't exist. I don't live there, I have no intention of living there or of even visiting the place, so I don't know what to make of the contradictory claims. What is clear is that the asylum ruling has set a precedent for white South Africans to make refugee claims in Canada based on race. African South Africans have made asylum claims in Canada during the apartheid years. Are whites going to take a turn at a kick at the can? Has South Africa become that hostile to them? I don't know.

If the allegations of persecution are true then South Africa's whites are not alone. Zimbabweans have received a not too friendly welcome from South Africans but this has more to do with economics than race.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you would weigh in on this story.

Bell's argument is certainly spot on, but his concern is primarily with abuse of the immigration system by individuals who hail from countries that are hotbeds of terrorism. Insular ethnic ghettos sprout up and serve as recruitment, fund raising, and logistical hubs for all manner of terrorist activity abroad, and, presumably at some point in the future, here on Canadian soil as well. Bell's book should be required reading for every Canadian.

The case of white refugee claimants from South Africa clearly does not fit this pattern, and would not fit it if their numbers matched those of other immigrant groups. Moreover, these would be ideal immigrants inasmuch as no work needs to be done to assimilate them to the core values of traditional western culture (as distinguished from the values of the anti-western, self-loathing, postmodern radical left). I speak of course from the point of view of someone who sees cultural unity as critical to national unity. Non-western immigrants are perfectly capable of adjusting to and wholeheartedly accepting these values, and some do so in admirable fashion. But too many don't, choosing instead to seal themselves up in their ethnic ghetto. Canada is weaker and less safe because of it.

From what I have been able to gather, Huntley's case meets the established standards for a legitimate claim, the critical point being that the South African government is at best willfully indifferent to racially motivated violence against whites, and at worst condones or encourages it. Does this open the floodgates to South African whites under the current system? Perhaps, but again, immigrants of western European heritage are, in my view, preferable to non-westerners -- not because they are white, but because they are of western heritage. I do agree, however, with the premise of this blog that a radical overhaul to our immigration system is desperately needed.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of Davis' decision is that it openly rejects the blatantly false core premise of political correctness: that only white men are capable of racism. I live in a major city and come in frequent contact with members of every major ethnic minority group in Canada. You simply would not believe how much racist and anti-western filth I hear from some of them -- right to my face. But of course this isn't really racism, since they are the victims (never mind the BMW and the Mercedes), and I, simply by virtue of the colour of my skin, am the oppressor and must atone for my sins. I've had it.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that you might consider adding The Lambeth Walk to your list of links.


Anonymous said...

Boer genocide

Anonymous said...

I don't have much faith in MSM, especially in ANC/Marxist South Africa. Instead, I prefer reading "alternative" press releases such as reported on these blogs:

....and 3074 murdered White farmers can't be wrong.

PaxCanadiana said...

I was wondering when you would weigh in on this story.

White South African immigrants to Canada are ideal for the reasons you mentioned just like Asian immigrants are ideal to immigrate to Japan if that nation decides to open its borders to prop up its dying society.

But that being said I don't think they deserve any exceptions. If Mr. Huntley is lying then remove him and it is very possible that he is. I think he wants to immigrate to a western country but wouldn't score very high on an application so you do the next best thing: make an asylum claim in Canada. Canada is the place to make one after all.

And thanks for the link. I visited the site and found myself reading much of the posts. I'll keep it in mind. It reminds me of jihadwatch and dhimmiwatch and I've considered adding those sites as links as well but relented because I think it will appear that I am picking on Muslims. I do believe Islam is a problem but that's because it makes itself out to be one.

And other anons:

Thanks for the links. I think genocide is a strong word to use and am not sure it is accurately applied to what has happened in parts of Africa. I'm not sure it can be applied to South Africa at all. But I don't live there and I don't know all the facts so I reserve judgment.

That being said I don't think the S.A. government is interested in nurturing an environment that will force a white exodus out of the country. Their presence and industry has made the country a continental power.

Anonymous said...

I am a South African, a despised white south african, why you might ask - because i am white.

I was forced to sell my farm, through death threats, crime and a full scale assualt on my family.

We can not apply for any goverment jobs as we are white.We cannot approach the police as thet refuse to help us. have a look at all the white farm murders. Not one case is reported in the media. as no black on white racist crime is reported due to a national block.

We are killed by the thousands. Our baby daughters are raped and murdered in front of us before we are brutally killed.

What Brandon Huntley said is so true, and I have about 3 million other white south africans that that will confirm this.

Wake up world - before it is too late.

We need help!