Friday, 16 October 2009

And You Wonder Why I Doubt Sri Lankan Tamil Refugee Claims.

When I read this story in the U.K. journal the Daily Mail I chuckled.

Here's what happened. Like in Toronto several months back Sri Lanka Tamils in London were stagging similar protests in response to the plight of relatives living in Sri Lanka during the waning days of the nation's civil war. Like in Canada they wanted the British government to intervene.

At the center of the London protests was a 28 year old man on a hunger strike.
He was the hunger striker at the centre of one of the longest-running demonstrations ever mounted in Britain.

For weeks Parameswaran Subramaniyan lay in a tent outside the Houses of Parliament as Tamils protested about the plight of relatives under attack in Sri Lanka.

At one stage, his supporters claimed he was 'critically weak'.

The protest finally ended in June, but two revelations put it back in the spotlight yesterday.

First, police said it had left them with a £7.1million overtime bill.

Then it emerged that Mr Subramaniyan, 28, had eased his ordeal by secretly eating McDonald's burgers.

What a fraud! And it was conspiratorial since supporters were sneaking food to him.

I doubt many Sri Lankan Tamil refugee claims made in Canada were credible. I point this out so that credibility can be restored to the system to assist those who really need asylum, not grant quick and easy passage to those who want to immigrate to shopping mall Canada by filing bogus refugee claims. There is no reason beyond a concerted campaign to use Canada's refugee system to immigrate to the country to explain why Canada has the largest Sri Lankan Tamil population outside of Sri Lanka.

The story above just seemed, well, so typical to me.


Anonymous said...

Here's one for you:

PaxCanadiana said...

Speak of the devil. I wouldn't be surprised if they are ethnic Tamils from Sri Lanka.

Thanks for the link. I'm going to keep an eye on this story. Funny, it wasn't mentioned in the Toronto Star, my choice paper for "progressive" indoctrination.

If they are Sri Lankan Tamils I'd think taking a boat ride to Tamil Nadu would have been quicker and safer.

The comments are always enlightening.