Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hungary Now Canada's Top Source Country For Refugee Claims (you won't need Visa restrictions if you rebuilt the levee, Mr. Kenney).

Hungary has become Canada's top source nation for refugee claims. Mexico and Czech Republic were at the top spots before visa restrictions were enacted against those countries with Hungary taking the third spot. Now that those restrictions have taken effect slowing refugee claims from Mexico and Czech Republic to a trickle, claims from Hungary have jumped. You can read it here at the Ottawa Citizen.

A sudden wave of refugee claimants has helped make Hungary Canada's top source of asylum-seekers, prompting the federal government to call on Budapest to take action -- possibly against organized crime elements, Canwest News Service has learned.

The government hasn't yet moved to impose visa restrictions on Hungary, as it did over the summer to deal with a flood of questionable claimants from Mexico and the Czech Republic.

But the federal government also hasn't ruled out that option after the number of asylum-seekers skyrocketed during the April-to-June period, making Hungary the third-highest source of claimants after Mexico and the Czech Republic in that period.

Now, with claims from those two countries falling to a trickle as a result of the summer decision, Citizenship and Immigration Canada figures show that Hungary has emerged as Canada's top refugee source country -- even though it is a member of the 27-nation European Union that champions itself as a bastion of human rights in the world.

This is from the Toronto Star.

The number of claims for refugee status from Hungarians rose to 1,353 to the end of September, compared with 285 for all of 2008 and just 24 the previous year.

While Canada does not break down claimants by ethnicity, immigration authorities anecdotally say the vast majority of recent Hungarian refugee claims have been made by Roma.

Kenney had previously denounced similar claims made by Czech nationals as bogus.

The usual suspects it seems.

Visa restrictions are like trying to plug the holes in a breaking levee. The levee is weak, it needs to be rebuilt.

Canada's refugee system is the problem. Thanks to the nation's Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and the infamous Singh decision anyone from anywhere can make a refugee claim in Canada. That's anyone from anywhere. This includes countries like the United States, Australia, the U.K., France, Denmark, Germany, indeed any country in the European Union of which Hungary is a member. We shouldn't be accepting refugees from these countries at all or any safe third country for that matter especially countries that are signatory nations to the UN convention on the status of refugees. They should be promptly returned from whence they arrived and make their asylum claims there. Believe it or not this is in accordance with the UN.

Canada shouldn't be entertaining any asylum claim made by an individual arriving from a European Union member state. This is an issue the EU can, and should, handle on its own.

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