Saturday, 24 October 2009

Importing Poverty: Study States One Third Of Toronto's Homeless Are Immigrants.

According to a study reported on in the Toronto Star one-third of Toronto's homeless are immigrants.
More than a third of Toronto's homeless are immigrants, many falling through the cracks due to a lack of jobs and housing, says a new study, the first in Canada to look at immigration status and homelessness.

The study, led by St. Michael's Hospital, surveyed 1,189 individuals in shelters and on meal programs across the city and found that 32 per cent were immigrants; some 10 per cent had been here less than a decade. The numbers did not include refugees, undocumented migrants or those who did not speak English.

I wonder what the number would be if they did include the latter three groups.

A common characteristic of Toronto's homeless is that many of them are stricken by mental health issues as well as alcohol and drug abuse but Toronto's immigrant homeless stand out in one interesting regard.
A majority of Canadian-born homeless people in the study had high school education or less, but many homeless immigrants have vocational training, college or university education, said the article, "The Health of Homeless Immigrants," published in the November issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

"Immigrants who are homeless are very different in many ways from others who became homeless," said study co-author Dr. Stephen Hwang of St. Michael's Hospital, an associate professor at the University of Toronto.

"The prevalence of alcohol and drug problems was dramatically lower among homeless immigrants. Yet, I'm somewhat surprised by the high prevalence of mental health issues among them."

Attracting the best and the brightest? It doesn't look like it. Is Canada importing poverty? You bet. A lack of jobs is what drove them to homelessness, according to the study. That being the case then why is Canada bringing in so many immigrants when clearly the nation doesn't need them? There's a reason why Canada has the best educated cab drivers in the world.

Here is a regional breakdown from where Toronto's immigrant homeless come from.
Regions of birth:
USA: 12
Central and South America: 47
Caribbean and Bermuda: 114
Europe: 64
Africa: 84
Asia: 56

In related news Toronto is preparing for a $500 million fiscal shortfall for next year by making cuts. According to the Toronto Star "soaring welfare costs" are having a burdensome effect on the city.
Soaring welfare costs have put the City of Toronto in such "dire" financial straits that tax hikes and service reductions are virtually certain next year.


Welfare costs alone run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and Mihevc said the number of welfare cases is expected to top 100,000 next year - at least 25% higher than in 2008.

How much has immigration contributed to Toronto's "soaring welfare costs" forcing a fiscal shortfall of $500 million? Are Torontonians to expect cuts to public services for the sake of an out of control mass immigration system? Where are the alleged benefits to Canadians such immigration is said to bring?

Also, traffic volume for the city is remarkably up.
Volumes during the middle of day "are now higher than peak volumes 15 or 20 years ago," says Mike Brady, manager of Toronto Transportation Services' traffic safety unit.

This has slowed traffic down. "Travel times have gone up."

Longer commute times translate into less recreational hours. This leads to a lower quality of life.

These social problems are easily foreseen but willingly ignored. Canada has been accepting too many immigrants for too long and the costs are becoming more apparent. As long as reason is surrendered to emotionally laden rhetoric about immigration and multiculturalism nothing is going to change for the better.

Canadians didn't want this but are forced to endure it nonetheless. The "social experiment" that our country has been turned into against our will never fail even when it clearly has.


Anonymous said...

A real shocker here:

UAE Perera said...

Hello Pax.

Hope its alright if i borrow some of your space.

Alex said a network of six smugglers to whom the asylum seekers on his boat agreed to pay $US4 million ($A4.3 million) was continuing to telephone people on board and influence their actions.

Where do you get that kind of money from Sri Lanka? Either you are a successful businessman, cheat/criminal, a politician or all three.

Its no secret that many bankrupt businessmen and other financial scammers, fake their deaths and "disappear" here to reappear in Western countries and claiming they were abducted (being Tamil is an added bonus). Many Tamil terrorists do this as well to escape justice (because that violates their HR). If you look at the link in the BBC article i provided in your last blog post One of "asylum seekers" -now with citizenship- says he was a "former rebel" who left the organisation but then was "abducted" by the Military after leaving, yet still managed to find his way to Britain. Now if we assume the "abduction" (aka an arrest) part is true did he really think because "he left" the LTTE the Security Forces are going to twiddle there thumbs while he waltz around Colombo?

The Tamils he is with flew to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur in small groups or alone before smugglers gathered them in a jungle camp to wait for the boat's departure.

Flew? Flew from where? Colombo Airport? Nothing knew there I suppose. Thousands of Tamils (not trying to be harsh but it is predominantly them) everyday make their pilgrimage to Western embassies creating massive lines, even blocking roads, whining about "persecution", "discrimination" and "genocide" and asking for asylum from the moment the embassies opens till it shuts. At which point they go home, or maybe catch a movie, visit a bar. (Some even bring their university degrees to bolster up their chances!)

PaxCanadiana said...
Point taken but mind you it is elite opinion harboured in newspaper editorial rooms, academia, and the ever so politically correct mind of the bends with the wind politician that wags their fingers the most. It is they who contributed to the creation of Canada's mess of an immigration system and lax refugee laws that invite and reward abuse.

October 21, 2009 11:46:00 EDT AM

That does not explain why the plain obvious or simple logic (two examples I have put above) fly over there heads! Where is the common sense?

Why not simply deport them back to Sri Lanka (personally I am not big on having them returned but for arguments sake), nothing is going to happen to them. Getting jobs is tough for everyone and the pay compared to the West is hugely different (even being a beggar in the West “earns” you more). I am really fed up with my country going through the mud all the time. Sri Lanka is a third world country its ridiculous to expect a utopia, they and preaches in the West have only ensured it will be a third world country for much longer.
If you were/are a member of the LTTE or assisted them, you can bet you will not be treated well, but tough shit, commit the crime do the time.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps using the stand-by method of handing them a free one-way plane ticket to back to their native lands would help get these foreign-born homeless people off our streets.

Winter is fast approaching.

Any takers?

UAE Perera said...

Asylum seekers admit living in Indonesia

November 01, 2009 04:49am

IT'S been revealed that most of the Sri Lankan asylum seekers in a standoff with Australian authorities off Indonesia's Bintan Island have admitted living in Indonesia for years, providing the Rudd Government with leverage to convince Indonesia to take them back.

Indonesia's senior official in charge of the matter, Sujatmiko, said he was unaware of the history of the asylum seekers but asked that all information be passed to him as a matter of urgency, Fairfax newspapers reported.

In written messages thrown off the Oceanic Viking, the Australian customs ship that has been home to the 78 ethnic Tamils for the past two weeks, the asylum seekers said they had been living in Indonesia for as long as five years and had been accepted by the United Nations office in Jakarta as genuine refugees.

They said they engaged a people smuggler because of their frustrations that no country would accept them, leaving them to sit in limbo in rented accommodation in Indonesia, unable to work or study.

The message insisted the Sri Lankans had arrived in Indonesia "normally".

Part of the Indonesian justification for not taking the Sri Lankans is that they are refusing to be registered by their immigration officials. But it appears that they already have been.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees doesn't process asylum seekers unless they have been registered first, Fairfax says.

Yesterday's development came as the Federal Government announced a doubling of the capacity of the Christmas Island immigration detention centre as it braces for more boat arrivals.,27574,26289156-23109,00.html

Well that solves that mystery!

PaxCanadiana said...

Thanks for the comments and especially the updates on the Sri Lankan "refugees". I haven't blogged much on this story because I'm waiting for it to play out. Keep the updates coming.

I suspect they are all Tamil Tigers. It would have been easier if they tried to sneak into the country with women and children. Being an all male "cargo" only arouses suspicion of who they are or may be. It seems they didn't think this thing through and if this is any indication of Tamil Tiger intelligence I wonder why it took them so long to lose the war. They may also think we Canadians are too stupid to figure them out and I'm sorry to say that they are right to think that.

Anonymous said...

As it turns out the spokesman for the Tamils aboard the Oceanic Viking, Alex,lived in Canada and was deported for belonging to a gang and causing trouble. His brother apparently owns and runs human smuggling ships and is living in Canada and on the wanted list.

The Ocean Lady was obviously expected on the Canadian shores. The speed with which the Canadian Tamil Congress came to their rescue, the fact that they were carrying Canaadian phone numbers and half of them have relatives here would suggest that. If they have nothing to hide, why wouldn't the families have sponsored them legally?

I think the government should be investigating not only these shady asylum seekers but also those in Canada who arranged and financed this trip. They should also be investigating how the CTC, a non profit organization which recieves funding from the government, has enough extra funds to hire lawyers for all of these men. That's a huge expense, far more than what most non-profits have sitting in the petty cash jar.

Anonymous said...

Remember back in the '60s, when the American president complained about Cuba's 'human rights record'- and Castro retaliated by emptying the Cuban jails and mental instutions, and shipped them all to Miami?