Monday, 12 October 2009

When Costs Outweigh Benefits: The Fraser Institute Reports On Mass Immigration.

The Fraser Institute released an insightful report on Canada's mass immigration system. The report's conclusions will be shocking to anyone whose only exposure to discussions related to mass immigration is the pablum forced fed to them by Canada's major media, who see immigrants as potential source of future profits and financial viability, and Canada's political parties who view immigrants as a growing source of urban votes. Their motives for framing and limiting the immigration debate is out of self interest. That's why there is no debate in Canada concerning mass immigration. They cannot allow it even though the effects of mass immigration may be negatively impacting the lives of Canadians.

Fortunately dissenting view points are still allowed to circulate in the country albeit under pressure from politically sensitive parties to "persuade" dissenters to either engage in self censorship or to just plainly shut up. Failing that one's opinions must be filtered through a Toronto-centric paradigm by the gate keepers of political and cultural thought for the entire country. If approved be prepared to have your opinions heavily edited and censored, be denounced as racist and/or "anti-Canadian", or be completely marginalized. Or all three. This is to produce the thought that one's opinions are in the minority and therefore not worthy of discussion when the opposite may be the fact. It is to encourage silence not a free exchange of ideas. Canada says it supports diversity, just not diversity of opinion.

Here is the introduction to the report. From the introduction:

Recent mass immigration has negatively affected Canadian living standards and is challenging the country’s existing national identity, culture, and social fabric, concludes a new book released today by the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading economic think tank.


“Since 1990, Canada’s annual rate of immigration has been the highest in the world, resulting in a population increase of 3.9 million people between 1990 and 2006. This mass immigration has had profound effects on Canada’s economic, demographic, social, and political conditions, affecting the well-being of all Canadians including past immigrants,” said Herbert Grubel, Fraser Institute senior fellow and co-editor of the book.

“Unfortunately, most Canadians are insufficiently aware of these effects partly because a code of political correctness tends to identify any examination of immigration policies with racism and partly because Canada’s electoral system rewards politicians who are in favor of the current high intake.”

You can read the publication here online for free or download it here. Or you can buy it here.

I'm not a fan of the Fraser Institute. It is a right leaning think tank I often find myself at odds with. For the record I consider myself apolitical because I cannot enslave my opinions to ideology. But I agree with them on the immigration issue completely. Canada does indeed accept too many immigrants and it has potentially harmful effects that are given almost no consideration when policy is discussed. Canadians' concerns are never entertained and only those who speak favourably of mass immigration are presented as though they speak for all. Canadians are in the dark to the financial costs of supporting the immigration and refugee systems because if known, I suspect, would cause a scandal and fuel a backlash. And it's not just in tax dollars that cost Canadians. The loss of Canadian cultural public spaces to ethnic enclaves and the loss of a strong, unique Canadian identity is being sacrificed to the god of multiculturalism (Canada's official state religion). Canadians are losing a lot relative to what they may gain, if anything.


Anonymous said...

"If approved be prepared to have your opinions heavily edited and censored, be denounced as racist and/or "anti-Canadian"

How Orwellian. I would have thought that wanting to flood Canada with hundreds of thousands of aliens every year would have been the definition of 'anti-Canadian.'

PaxCanadiana said...

I don't think immigration is anti-Canadian. Anti-assimilationist attitudes, I'd say, is anti-Canadian and I think this is what you are getting at. That being the case then multiculturalism needs to be done away with.

Being Canadian is a choice. Just because someone was born here doesn't automatically make him or her a Canadian. I am offended that being Canadian has been abstracted to mean anyone who essentially obeys the law and shops at the mall. Indeed that is why immigrants come to Canada: to shop and that is what Canada means to them. This is what we call "the better life". Consumption. Canada is just one big shopping mall to them. They are not here for the weather, or food, or watch hockey, or democracy. They are in Canada because it is the easiest consumer society to immigrate to.

Canada is a country with a history, language, and culture(s) yet Canadians are expected to forgo these things while immigrants are expected to hold onto them dearly. This is how multiculturalism works. Canadians are supposed to forget who they are and adopt this vague, nondescript identity so that it can be whatever you want it to be. The Canadian cannot exist and that which denies the Canadian is anti-Canadian.