Saturday, 14 November 2009

No More Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees Please (enough is enough).

I've said all I have to say about Sri Lanka's Tamil refugees but I write this post to reinforce my position that I think most Sri Lankan Tamil refugees to Canada were bogus and continue to be. They got into the country by capitalizing on Canadian ignorance and gullibility and abused the asylum system for the purposes of immigrating. Occam's razor best explains why Canada has the largest Sri Lankan Tamil population in the world outside Sri Lanka: once word got back to Sri Lanka about the ease and success a Tamil refugee had in Canada, rewarded by eventual citizenship, then the flood came.

Here is Martin Collacott writing in the National Post about Sri Lankan Tamil refugees particularly the 76 that landed in B.C. aboard a boat called the Ocean Lady. He is one to pay attention to regarding this issue because he was once Canada's high commissioner to Sri Lanka during the initial break out of Sri Lanka's civil war.

The arrival of 76 Sri Lankan Tamils aboard a vessel that some experts believe may be owned by the Tamil Tigers has raised a number of troubling questions. Unlike the 599 Chinese who appeared off the coast of British Columbia 10 years ago, there is every indication the latest arrivals intend to try to stay in Canada permanently.

The Chinese boat people had quite different objectives.
They were being smuggled into Canada in order to be smuggled in turn into the United States -- where they planned to work in menial jobs in order to pay off those who had brought them here illegally. It was not in their game plan to get caught by the Canadian authorities. They knew nothing about claiming refugee status when they arrived here and had to be coached by their Canadian lawyers on how to put together tales about how they had been persecuted in China in order to stand a chance of being accepted as refugees.

The 76 new arrivals will need no such instruction. They have almost certainly brought with them carefully prepared stories of how they have suffered, because they are Tamils, at the hands of the mainly Sinhalese government of Sri Lanka. While such claimants have been quite successful at gaining asylum in Canada until now, this group may find the task somewhat more daunting.

He points out that Sri Lankan Tamil refugee claims should be more difficult to make now because the fighting has stopped in Sri Lanka. Poverty and crime are not grounds for making refugee claims. Undoubtedly we are going to hear more tired tales of persecution irrespective of the reality that today Sri Lanka's Tamils are one of the more privileged minority groups in a country in the world. They were nowhere close to suffering the kind of persecution and genocide black Christians and Muslims were, and are, experiencing in Darfur at the hands of an armed Arab militia backed by the Sudanese government. To make any parallels between the two is an insult to those real refugees in Darfur.
The suggestion that Tamils are being persecuted as a people in Sri Lanka, however, is nonsense and is a myth propagated by Tamil extremists. The Tigers have, in fact, tried to systematically assassinate moderate leaders in their own community who do not agree with the goal of creating a completely independent Tamil state in Sri Lanka by violent means. The latest victim of their ruthless campaign was the foreign minister of Sri Lanka, Lakshman Kadirgamar, an ethnic Tamil, who was murdered in 2005.

So, a foreign minister of Sri Lanka was an ethnic Tamil (and assassinated by the LTTE no less). Indeed, I believe there are at most four active Tamil political parties operating in Sri Lankan politics under the banner of the Tamil National Alliance. With sitting MPs in Colombo it is like Canada's Bloc Quebecois Party. Persecution? Save it for an ignorant Immigration and Refugee Board member and there are plenty of those going around.

There can be no doubt that Canada has been more than generous to Sri Lankan Tamils seeking asylum. Between 1989 and 2004, for example, we gave refugee status to more than 37,000 such claimants -- far more than to the nationals of any other country. Our largesse is also impressive by international standards; in 2003 we accepted 50% more claims from this source than did all the other countries of the world combined.

Did they deserve it? No.

Here's one indication of Canadian generosity, and even laxity, in our treatment of refugee claimants. In order to be successful, the claimants have to be able to make the case that they fled their countries of origin because it was not safe to remain there. Yet, in one year alone, 8,600 Sri Lankans with refugee claims pending in Canada applied to the Sri Lankan High Commission in Ottawa for travel documents so they could go back to Sri Lanka for visits.

This is also mentioned in the recommended book Who Gets In? by Daniel Stoffman. If they are fleeing for their lives then why are they returning to the land of their alleged persecution with such frequency?
A further indication that Sri Lanka is not quite as dangerous a place for Tamil refugee claimants as their supporters try to make out is to be found in an internal Citizenship and Immigration Canada communication (obtained through an access to information request by Vancouver lawyer Richard Kurland) which noted that "returnees (to Sri Lanka) are dealt with professionally and, unless there are outstanding criminal warrants, deportees and other returnees are simply returned to the community on arrival after brief and professionally conducted interviews."

The report went on to state that "other countries have successfully returned large numbers of failed asylum seekers, and Sri Lanka is a safe destination for unsuccessful refugee applicants." In the same vein, at an Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) hearing in 2006, it was pointed out that more than 100 Sri Lankans (failed refugee claimants, and presumably all Tamil) had been sent back to their homeland and none had been mistreated as their lawyers had claimed they would be.

It's a farce and the joke is on Canada. Martin Collacott points out Canada's ridiculous refugee acceptance rate for Sri Lanka's Tamil refugee claims that characteristically hovers between 80% and 90%. Last year "Canada rejected 2.6% of their applications while other countries had an average rejection rate of 50%." Why has Canada shown Sri Lanka's Tamils such preferential treatment in the asylum system when no other country did or does? Are we missing something or just plain stupid? No. Everyone else is wrong. That's it. That's always it.

With the largest Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora in the world Canada should be weary about more refugees from Sri Lanka. The war is over and there is no excuse they should be making refugee claims abroad. If anything they are internally displaced. Their tales of systemic persecution are often over exaggerated if not outright fabrications to gain international sympathy for political advantage in Sri Lanka and to keep immigration avenues open via the asylum system. They have much to gain by lying.

Most importantly sovereignty movements don't die out. They go into exile and Canada is the most likely place where LTTE members and fighters will regroup to re-stage a war for independence in Sri Lanka while escaping prosecution. Babbar Khalsa is kept alive within diaspora Sikh communities particularly in the U.K. and Canada, the two countries with the largest Sikh populations outside of India. The result: the largest mass murder in Canadian history.

If Sri Lanka's Tamil population want to come to Canada they can apply to immigrate. But to use the refugee system to immigrate is downright shameful. And it is embarrassing for us as a nation. Our refugee system is a joke making Canada the choice target for bogus refugee claims around the world. Let's bring some credibility and integrity to the system.


Anonymous said...

All said and done...couldn't agree with you any more than I have, so there's more nothing to add.

Anonymous said...

ahhh......"nothing more to add".

Note to self: must do more proofreading!

PaxCanadiana said...

I just wrote the post for the information provided in the linked news item. I really don't have much more to say about Sri Lankan Tamil refugees. Yeah, most of them are and were bogus and it was a mistake to give asylum to so many people who didn't need it or deserve it but it is a mistake we should learn from.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Furthermore we are now accepting Tamils who arrived in Indonsia and at least 50 of the Tamils aboard the Lady Ocean in Vancouver are being released from custody.

The spokesman for the shipful of illegal refugees who were seeking asylum in Australia, " Alex" who turned out to be a refugee who was deported from Canada because of firearm and gang charges is now seeking readmission to Canada to rejoin his mother and brother. He says he is a changed man and should be granted a second chance.

Canada really needs to get it's act together and buckle down on these fake asylum seekers. The war is over and they have nothing to feer in Sri Lanka unless they were involved in terrorist activity there.

PaxCanadiana said...

Furthermore we are now accepting Tamils who arrived in Indonsia and at least 50 of the Tamils aboard the Lady Ocean in Vancouver are being released from custody.

I believe all of those aboard the Ocean Lady have been released into Canadian society. It's a mistake but thanks to the Singh decision, what Sri Lanka's Tamils abused with a vengeance, our hands are tied.

I don't know if their asylum claims have been accepted but I ask what difference would that make? Sri Lanka's Tamils have already exposed Canada's asylum system as the laughing stock of the world so was is another 76 Tamils added to the largest Sri Lankan Tamil homeland outside of Sri Lanka. It's like a drop of water in the bucket.

I can only hope we do get our act together and stop accepting them as refugees. They're lying. It's been proven time and time again. How ignorant are those working at the IRB? The war is over. They are not as persecuted as they claim to be. Enough is enough.

Tamil4life said...

Shame on all of you! I'm all sure you guys are supporters of Canada's conservative party. As a Canadian Tamil, who was born here, it kills me to hear Canadians talk this way. It's funny how the Canadian government boasts about being multicultural, but I wonder if it's a reflection of the Canadian public!? If any of you were human beings with any form of compassion, you would realize that their just people that want the right to live in freedom. Not to be discriminated on the fact that their ethnic minorities in their own countries. They often are issued identity cards in the COLOMBO (capital), so when the police decide to stop them for whatever reason. They have to show them their ID cards. It's quite similar to South Africa with the Apartheid. Here in Canada it all comes down to money and it's funny how even the white people here claim it to be their country… blah, when in reality you raped and stole it out of the hands of the aboriginals. Shame on capitalists like you, who are ignorant to human suffering, there's a special place in hell for people like you...its horrible how you claim Tamils exaggerate their suffering and I’m sure you would know firsthand how to rate their suffering, right? I can tell from the things you write, the lack of knowledge you have towards the topic. Did you know that Sri Lanka is the 9th most dangerous place in the world for journalists? Of course you didn’t. All of Sri Lanka’s media is censored by the government and there is no form of free press in a country that claims to be democratic. You guys are a great example of people probably (white) people from first world countries living comfortably, who don't understand or have ever witnessed the crimes of war: civilian bombings, murders, and the rapes of girls and women. I’m sure so of you all go to church every Sunday and pray to god, like you give a shit! It's easy to picture democracy and assume that every country that claims to be democratic is. An incident of Singhalese brutality on Tamils In 1983, it's called BLACK JULY they burned thousands of Tamils in a bonfires and nothing was done by the government. No one has ever been persecuted for the crimes committed on that day. India had to send in troops to stop the atrocities that were carried out. The Sri Lankan government refused to do anything. People like you will state your opinions on these blogs, but you never seem to state it publicly showing your face. Perhaps it’s due to fear!? Ignorance breeds stupidity and so I hope you don’t spread your ignorance.

carol said...

Frankly, I do not support multiculturalism in Canada. I have seen what it has done to Holland. The Tamils should go to India their homeland and not to Canada. I have seen the trouble they caused in Toronto by their nonconcern for nontamil citizens by their protests against the Sri Lankan government and putting nontamils at risk by running onto a freeway and by gang violence. Yes they are bogus refugees and will cause trouble in the future. The politicians cater to this minority that only care about themselves and not others.I am for nonthird world immigration because, many of these people are racist and as seen by the action of tamils in Toronto
and others from third world countries they bring their intolerance here.
I don't like living in Canada and feel my rights have been violated by Trudeaus charter of rights and freedoms that have ruined this country, because it is used by sly third world minds to ruin our society which was built by Europeans and natives and now will be destroyed by immigration from undesirable sources.

Anonymous said...

If we are going to limit "Canadian" to be allotted to only the caucasians that live in Canada, then are you talking about those that my aboriginal friend called "terrorists" that stole their land? That ruined their laws, their lands, their culture, their way of living. That held their kids in missionary schools to be molested and exploited?

Why not go be fair, give their land back and head to your homelands in Europe?

If the Anglo Canadians had enough right to voice and even fight for England, why shouldn't the French Canadians do the same, the Tamil Canadians do the same or every other, such as the Italian Canadian, the German Canadian, the Irish Canadian.

Looks like some people are out there to justify their racial-phobia and ignorance... unfortunately, there are a lot of those 'some people' in the West:-)

Though I have to agree on one thing. Migrants to Canada would be better off not coming. The aging population means you are going to bust your lifetime working to pay the pensions of a lot of old retired folks. Be warned.


Anonymous said...

Tamil4life The Native people never owned this land so get your facts straight. This land was ceded to Israelite people centuries ago and any claim is just plain bogus.If we are so racist here dont let the airport door hit you on your way home.This is Caucasian land ceded by our Father in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is in my 67 years I have seen My country since Trudeaus era slowly but surely become a cesspool and getting worse. I fear for my grandchildren and have the slimeball lawyer politicans to thank for this mess. If we have to take these mud people then in all fairnes we should be able to put our hard core criminals on this ship and send it back to Sri Lanka

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more!
I live just north of Scarborough, Ontario where a lot of Tamils seem to reside. What I can't understand is how easily accessible our welfare system is to them. I know that I am paying for them to have a couple of cars to drive, for them to stay on welfare and use cash (acquired somehow) to pay for living expenses that are beyond their, so called, means (at least a person on welfare could not afford to live this way).

They have a network here that explains the ins and outs of our social services system.

The Tamils coming here are more than likely terrorists from the LTTE and our immigration officers need to investigate and not depend on a Tamil organization to vouch for them. That is the stupidest thing I have heard!

These Tamils are scammers who will engage in illegal activity and make our country, Canada, a playground for gangs, scams and supporters of terrorists.

How are these people allowed to fly a Tamil Tiger flag so openly? I recently saw a teenager wearing a Tamil Tiger t-shirt! It's a known terrorist group! This teenager is going to school, getting an education and openly supporting a terrorist group! This is wrong! Look how they held us up in Toronto in 2009 supporting the LTTE!

When my parents came to Canada in the 70's they did not go on welfare or unemployment. They worked hard and acquired what they have now from not raping the system. They came in and applied and went through the process by not "jumping the line".

I hate to say this but Tamils have ruined our reputation as a country. Canada is seen as the cash cow...there must be a book or a course in Sri Lanka for those who want to come to Canada and live the high life on our welfare and social service system. The sad thing is that it is on the backs of hardworking tax payers that they are allowed to do so.

Anonymous said...

u people are debating on something thats not in your hands. putting these comments wont help either group and will only make neutral people more confused about theirr decision u canadians cant carry out rallies for stopping the coming of tamils it is their right to go to any place they want and settle for a better living. that is what your people also do. im a resident of india but still supporting tamils so they must be right because india is always on the right side and i hope you know that

Purnima M.R said...

It is your religion that makes you talk like this....western white christian religion that gives you an illusion that you're superior to the darker skin. For whites living in USA and Canada, it reeks of lack of a moral compas to say that Tamils should go back to India. Your ancestors snatch away everything from the natives and you talk about immigration restrictions based on color of the skin. You won't have any problems accepting convicts from Australia who're your own skin color, but have problems recognizing one of the biggest genocide in recent history of this decade.

PaxCanadiana said...

It's photo journalism. It shows pictures of some people who are dead. It doesn't tell us how they died or who killed them.

There is much to believe that they are civilians who were being used as human shields by the LTTE. News reports tell us that the LTTE fired upon any civilian who tried to escape to seek refuge behind the advancing government lines. It's possible many were killed by LTTE bullets. reeks of lack of a moral compas to say that Tamils should go back to India.

It makes more sense for a people seeking refuge from a war to find it in a neighbouring border state then it is to travel half way around the world to a country that is dissimilar to them in almost every way. By doing the latter tells me it has more to do with immigration than asylum and that is indeed what Canada experienced with Sri Lankan Tamils. I didn't say they should go back to Tamil Nadu in India. I said they should be finding asylum there for obvious reasons, not coming to Canada by the tens of thousands.

Your ancestors snatch away everything from the natives and you talk about immigration restrictions based on color of the skin.

What are you saying here? That you, too, should be allowed to snatch away everything from the natives as well and you should not be denied this based on the colour of your skin?

...have problems recognizing one of the biggest genocide in recent history of this decade.

You mean Darfur right?

The bulk of the conflict was concentrated in the north east of Sri Lanka where the LTTE wanted to establish a separate state. The majority of the Island didn't witness much fighting if any. There was a considerable area within Sri Lanka that Tamils could go to seek shelter, called internal flight, but chose instead to get on planes and make a refugee claim in Canada.

There is little evidence to suggest any genocide against ethnic Tamils took place in Sri Lanka. You can talk about the black Friday riots all you want but aside from that was else do you have? Claiming genocide only undermines your credibility but Sri Lankan Tamils have lost all credibility with me a long time ago.