Monday, 28 December 2009

If The Children's Aid Society Gets Its Way Expect Canada To Be A Dumping Ground For The World's 'Abandoned' Children.

As if Canada doesn't have enough holes in its border it appears the CAS (Children's Aid Society) is working to create another one.

Here is a story about a child called Kasim (not his real name). He was sent to Canada on a one way ticket from St. Lucia. His parents claim that he will have better education and employment opportunities in Canada than in St. Lucia. And since he has no parents or guardians in Canada the child will become a ward of the state. In other words they want Canadian taxpayers to raise their child for them.

Kasim isn't the only child they sent here. An older brother was residing in Canada illegally and to whom Kasim was sent to live with. However that older sibling has been detected and has been sent back to St. Lucia.

Though ordered deported Kasim still remains in Canada thanks to the meddling of the CAS. Claiming to be acting in the best interests of the child the CAS has delayed his deportation and want the government to grant Kasim immigration status even though he is in no danger if returned to St. Lucia to live with his mother and aunt.

If the CAS is successful then this will be a precedent setting case, paving a legal argument for others to send their children to Canada to be raised by the state. Undoubtedly these "unwanted" children will then be used for immigration purposes if not as a remittance paying ex-patriot. Ironically, the CAS will only encourage others to "abandon" their children by sending them to Canada. Is this what is meant by acting in the best interests of the child?

Canada's immigration system is already a money losing investment. We cannot afford to be the caregivers of the world's "unwanted" children. It is the responsibility of the child's parents to provide for his or her welfare not Canadian tax payers. Nor is it the place of arrogant, meddling, social workers at the CAS to tell others how to raise their kids, assuming they even know what is best for them.

The CAS is doing more harm than good by delaying Kasim's deportation. They will make things worse for Canada if they get their way. They are wrong and should let the child go which reminds me of a joke I once heard about the CAS. What is the difference between the CAS and a pit bull? The pit bull eventually lets go of the child. Ain't that the truth.


Anonymous said...

"In a recent decision, Judge Robert Mainville agreed to put (16 yr. old) Kasim’s deportation on hold while the CAS obtains an official report on his family and explores whether he can be placed elsewhere in St. Lucia."

This young man (not a "child") is the country of St. Lucia's problem, not Canada's problem! The Canadian gov't should be in direct dialogue with their counterparts in St. Lucia and demand they take back THEIR own citizen.

The oligarchical hierarchy of the CAS must believe they can operate as a state within a state and a law unto themselves to intervene in a problem such as this one. The problem is... it's clearly not their problem!

Where are these people in this whole fiasco? An illegal migrant who is illegally in our country should be dealt with by the proper authorities.....not the C.A.S.!

PaxCanadiana said...

The child is in no danger if returned. He has no legal right to be in the country. He belongs with his parents in St. Lucia. As I point out in the post the CAS is doing more harm than good here. They should just back off.

Anonymous said...

Since Haiti's disastrous earthquake struck that Caribbean country, this story in itself, will unfortunately pale in comparison to decisions made to import even more "Kasmins" by the hundreds.

Lucky Kasmin... for I believe he's here for life, now.

"Yet again we witness yet another group shamelessly exploiting this human tragedy to further their mission, in this case, the forced importation of third world "refugees" into white western nations." Source