Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Punishing Others For One's Own Problems: Hungarians May Face Visa Restrictions As Roma Flood The Asylum System.

I was going to hold off commenting on this story until Ottawa decided to slap Hungarians with visa restrictions to curb the surge of asylum claims from Hungary but it doesn't matter whether Ottawa does or not. The fact that Ottawa is considering this course of action is enough fodder to write about.

Hungary has jumped to the top of the list of source countries producing refugees to Canada and this has Ottawa concerned, as it should. Hungary is an EU member country and anyone claiming asylum from Hungary should immediately raise red flags.

We've seen this recently before with Mexico and Czech Republic. However in the case of Czech Republic the people of that nation didn't deserve it and neither do the people of Hungary. The cause for visa restrictions for both countries is the same: Roma are targeting Canada's refugee system for immigration purposes and they are the reason for the surge in asylum claims for both countries.

So, instead of facing the fact that Canada's refugee system invites and rewards abuse we choose instead to redirect blame by insulting our fellow NATO members with visa restrictions. Politically it's the better option. I'm sure you can imagine that any move to reform Canada's immigration and refugee systems for the better will be met with accusations of racism by the parties in opposition and lost votes from ethnic voting blocks. It's apparent Canada is willing to sacrifice good diplomatic relations with allied nations to protect a highly politicized, costly, and socially dangerous immigration and refugee system for the sake of ethnic swing votes in urban ridings.

The solution is simple. Stop considering any asylum claim from anyone who arrived in Canada via a safe country. This would necessitate a challenge to the nefarious Singh decision of 1985 but this should have happened at the get go. Because of it Canada is required by law to entertain an asylum claim from anyone arriving from anywhere, even countries like the U.K., the U.S., Australia or the EU. It's irrational and it consumes a lot of tax dollars to maintain, public money that should have been spent on more important projects like infrastructure, health care, education and retraining, etc. We simply cannot afford the system as is.

We can also avoid the embarrassing and diplomatically insulting option of visa restrictions. Ottawa should listen to Budapest. We are the cause of our own problem not them.

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