Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Finally Deported After Fifteen Years (and how much money?).

Parminder Singh Saini has finally been deported back to his native India after a fifteen year stay in Hotel Canada during which time was able to obtain an undergraduate degree as well as a law degree from Canadian universities.

It shouldn't have taken this long. The man should have been kicked out of Canada a long time ago but thanks to an appeals process that has more to do with giving lawyers work than it does with due process Mr. Saini was able to delay his removal for fifteen years! Did I mention it took fifteen years to deport the man? No? Well it did. It took fifteen freakin' years to remove this man from our country.

This is another example that puts the spotlight on what is wrong with the immigration system. The appeals process is ridiculous, fashioned by lawyer for lawyers and put into legislation by ethic block vote seeking politicians.

The real question is how much tax dollars was wasted on this man to deport him.

The National Post has the story here.
A convicted Indian hijacker who came to Canada 15 years ago under a false identity was deported this morning, according to federal officials.

The Canadian government had been trying to deport Parminder Singh Saini since shortly after he arrived in the country in 1995 using a fake Afghan passport.

He had been fighting his deportation in the Federal Court of Canada but after the case was dismissed on Monday, the Canada Border Services Agency acted swiftly.

Escorted by CBSA officers, Mr. Saini, who has been designated a danger to Canadians, boarded a plane in Toronto on Tuesday morning to begin a one-way journey back to India.

A former member of the militant All India Sikh Student Federation, Mr. Saini hijacked an Air India passenger flight from Srinigar, India to Lahore, Pakistan in 1984.

He was convicted and sentenced to death but was released after serving 10 years. He fled to Canada, claiming to be "Balbir Singh," and was granted refugee status.

The poster boy for the appeals process is Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad. He's been in the country since 1988 and the government has been trying to deport him ever since to the tune of more than $3 million. Knowing that you can't blame Mr. Saini for trying.

UPDATE: It appears Canada may be forced to take the man back. The National Post has the story here. If Mr. Saini is returned it wouldn't be the first time lawyers compelled Canada to re-introduce foreign undesirables into Canadian society. From the article:
The appeal is based on a 2007 case involving a schizophrenic Jamaican with an extensive criminal record. The CBSA deported him but was forced to fly him back to Canada after a judge ruled that federal officials had inadvertently misled him. Last fall, the CBSA was similarly forced to return a former Toronto gang member to Toronto three years after he had been deported to Sri Lanka.

That's lawyers for ya as if you didn't have enough reason to hate them already.

Let's be clear here. For the lawyers involved this is just a paycheck. It's not about doing what is right. The man lied about who he is and about his terrorist past. He hijacked an airliner for crying out loud and threatened to kill innocent people if his demands were not met. Had it be known who he was from the outset he wouldn't have been allowed into the country in the first place.

Yet he got in and was allowed to stay for fifteen years based on him misrepresenting himself to Canadian authorities. He is our problem now becuase he lied. Why should it be so hard to get rid of this man? Should our immigration laws ultimately reward him with Canadian citizenship when he clearly doesn't deserve it?

This case highlights the absurdity of Canada's immigration system and how it is mostly engineered to give lawyers work and to keep people in the country no matter how undeserving they are to be here. There really is something rotten in Gothem.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your over-emphasis on the ridiculous time of "15 years" to kick this foreigner out of our country.

To put those years in perspective, say out loud that I was (fill in) years old at the time and I'm now XX years of age.

Hmm, that's a lot of time labouring away and paying taxes while this parasite was attending university at my expense.

Fifteen DAYS should have been his allotted time limit in Canada. But this is not his home country of India that would have applied that deadline, had the roles been reversed. Like it or not, GET OUT!

PaxCanadiana said...

We're not out of the woods yet. I've updated the post. Canada may be forced to return the man. I would laugh if it wasn't so sad.

Anonymous said...

Ifi won money any time iwould be out of Canada so fast. I am forth generation born here. God help this country from our rotton goverment. Whats wrong with white educated people coming here, oh they might get a job.

Anonymous said...

Canada is heaven for International criminals. They give citizenship, passports and nexus card to person who had his original fake passport stamped with deportation status. Their university is heaven for illegal activities. All I have observed is a conman with deported status is much smarter than entire Canadian legal agencies and law enforcement.