Sunday, 7 March 2010

Becoming A Refugee: Canadian Citizenship Cheap And Quick.

Here is Barbara Kay writing in National Post.
Where do immigrants get the idea that stretching rules is "common" here? Partly from mercenary Canadians such as the "ghost" immigration consultants advertising their expertise on the perfectly legal website the boasts put forward therein are even approximately accurate, Nasoh Raslan and his fake address represent the least of Canada's immigration problems. The first thing you see on the website's professional-looking home page is the statement: "A cheap, quick and effective way to come to Canada."

Intrigued? I certainly would be if I were a credulous would-be immigrant eager to avoid a lot of red tape.

The website lays out the steps for coming to Canada "quickly and easily," including this one: "The next step is to help you find a motive in order to claim refugee in Canada. We will provide you with a listing of different motives so that you can choose the one that best suits you" (emphasis mine -- though I will leave in all the various spelling and grammatical mistakes).

Cheap and quick. Sounds like a two-dollar prostitute hard up for crack money. Is that what Canadian citizenship has become?

The website she describes is an eye opener into the world of immigration consultancy and provides greater argument as to why there needs to be a government crack down on this so called "profession".

English is obviously not the first language of the author of the site leaving me to wonder if the person is a Canadian citizen at all. If so, what kind of loyal citizen offers advice to non-citizens in ways to cheat the immigration system?

It should be no surprise that the advice given is to file a bogus refugee claim. The refugee steam is just another class of immigrants having more to do with immigrating than it has to do with fleeing real danger and persecution. Indeed, I say the majority of refugees to Canada over the past two decades were, are, and continue to be bogus but since we had quotas to fill they got the go ahead and became citizens even though they didn't deserve it. Little has changed to this day. You see, immigrant or refugee they eventually become voting citizens in the end and as far as Canada's competing political parties are concerned that's what the immigration system is really about.


Anonymous said...

I don't like to admit defeat, but I fear the worst when hearing of refugee/immigrant jaugernaut that has swamped Canada's borders these past 25-30 years and has me questioning how can we possibly turn back the tide? Just a rhetorical thought.

The MSM only now appear to be taking baby-steps in addressing this problem, but they're 20 years too late.

Anonymous said...

Four or five years ago, I had occasion to visit our CDN Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
There was seating in the waiting room for about 30 people, (the rest of us stood until a seat became available).
It was fairly easy to spot the Immigration Lawyers and consultants in that room- they all wore suits and briefcases.
When my number came up, I went to the counter and asked if I could speak with an immigration official- I was refused!
(Presumably, they were too busy processing 'refugee claims'?
The CDN Embassy in Abu Dhabi is not located where the other embassies are- it is parked beside the French Embassy!?!
Looking around that waiting room, I expected to see a Canadian Flag? Nope- the only decoration on those walls, was a poster of QUEBEC! (Perhaps if I spoke french, I might have received better service?)