Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Population Growth Or Population Replacement: Canada In 2031 or "Toto, I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore."

The latest population growth report from Statistics Canada comes as no surprise. Predicting a less white, more Asian Canada it utilizes an ongoing immigrant selection and settlement trend as its crystal ball and sees that the trend will continue into the foreseeable future altering the racial balance of the nation to an even greater degree. That is if current immigration and demographic trends are allowed to continue into the next two decades. And I do mean "if" because much can happen between now and then to alter the expected outcome.

A look at the report tells us that nothing is new under the sun. This is from the Toronto Sun.

According to a population growth report released Tuesday, Statistics Canada says by 2031 between 25% and 28% of Canada’s population could be foreign-born (up from 20% in 2006) and between 29% and 32% of the population will be visible minorities, which would almost double the proportion reported in the 2006 census.

But those changes will mostly be seen in Canada’s three largest metropolitan areas — Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal — where more than 71% of all visible minority people in Canada will live in 2031.

In fact, Statistics Canada estimates 96% of all Canadians from a visible minority group will live in cities by then.

This is nothing new. Canada's visible minority population is already overwhelming clustered in Canada's major urban centers and not surprisingly this will be more profound in the future. Reading the article further:
“Even including places like St. John, Sudbury, Quebec City, and Moncton, it (the population of visible minorities) is doubling, but only from 2% to 5%.”

By 2031, visible minorities will make up 63% of the population in the Toronto census area (up from 43% in 2006) and 59% of Vancouver’s (up from 42%).

I caught the CBC report on this and according to the gentleman interviewed a city like Barrie, which is considered a bedroom community of Toronto, will only have a "vis-min" population of about 11% in 2031. In other words Canada's major urban centers will becoming increasingly "vis-min" majority while the rest of the country remains mostly white in character just like it is today so nothing new to report there. To repeat, 71% of Canada's visible minority population will live in either Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal and 96% of Canada's visible minority population will reside in a Canadian city. This will bring a whole new angle to the rural/urban divide.

The more significant figure is the one that predicts that of "those born in Canada, 47% will be second-generation Canadians who would belong to a visible minority, whereas in 2006, it was 24%." What this means is that Canada is on track to making the current white majority population into a racial minority due to Canadian born births alone.

It is interesting to note how quickly this social transformation occurred. Canada has four centuries of history to boast of starting at the time of the first European landings. Yet, within one generation, one lifetime, the racial character of the nation can be radically altered. This demographic shift that a mismanaged mass immigration system is imposing on Canada is not an inevitable outcome brought about by natural and unselfish devices nor by popular will. It is because of politics, indeed that is its heritage.

Canada's immigration system of the last twenty years is a dramatic departure from that which proceeded it. It was born in 1990 as a desperate attempt by a political party being run into the ground by a very inept man of questionable repute (and yes, I do speak of Brian Mulroney and the now defunct Progressive Conservative party). It was for votes, ethnic votes in urban ridings to be precise, and noting more. Prior to it Canada had a "tap on, tap off" approach that attracted little commentary, allowing roughly 80,000 or so immigrants a year. It was the Mulroney Progressive Conservatives who increased the number to 250,000+ with the very explicit goal of attracting immigrant votes in urban ridings. This was coupled with relaxed immigration laws and citizenship standards to quickly turn immigrants into voting citizens. The ploy failed, the party was wiped out to just two seats in the House of Commons and the party of Sir John A. MacDonald became extinct.

The Progressive Conservative party is gone yet the immigration mess they beset on the nation lingers on like a bad taste in one's mouth. The triumphant Chretien Liberals did not reverse the mistakes of the PC party and return Canada to the "tap on, tap off" approach the Trudeau Liberals adopted because the Liberal party benefited most from immigrant and ethnic block votes. Thus, immigrant clustering in urban centers continued unabated and at a greater pace making the the urban ethnic block vote of even greater importance.

So to blame the Liberal party of Canada for Canada's mess of an immigration system and its consequences is unjustified. It was a Conservative government that set things in motion and a Conservative government today that refuses to address the issue even in a recessionary period where Canadian jobs and livelihoods are at stake. So beholden are Canada's political parties to urban immigrant and ethnic block votes that none of them are willing to discuss the issue and admit that Canada has been accepting too many immigrants for too long with the explicit purpose of importing votes. Instead we are distracted with nonsensical rhetoric dreamed up in public relations firms about an aging population and pensions and "being prepared for a recovery", all excuses easily debunked with further investigation. However these distractions are necessary to scare an increasingly weary public to accept an immigration system and its outcomes that they otherwise find themselves at odds with.

That is its legacy and an inglorious one it is. Canada must endure a radical social transformation all for the sake of an MPs pension plan.

In any event it is lazy and cowardly not to discuss what the StatsCan population growth means for the nation and for social harmony. How sure can we be that there will be any? What will prevent an Asian dominated British Columbia from becoming a Quebec of the west coast let alone be more loyal to Canada and not to China? Will the flames of the Quebec sovereignty movement be reignited and fanned once again? Will a "red neck" Alberta (a racist slam as any other) also seek secession? What will a South Asian dominated southern Ontario have in common with the rest of the nation?

Also, how can Canada effectively maintain a foreign policy with a highly balkanized population? How can a uniquely Canadian identity survive under a multicultural umbrella where other cultures of foreign origin and character claim Canadian recognition when our common sense tells they are not of Canadian development? And how will Canadian history be remembered when the faces of the vast majority of immigrants and their Canadian born children are not reflected in the national foundational stories, being footnotes at best?

These are some concerns. I'm sure there are others. We have to ask ourselves if this is the road Canadians want their country to travel down. I don't and I suspect a majority of Canadians are with me on that. If you wish to dismiss my objection as racist then ask yourself how does it feel to be a racial minority? If you have no problem with it then you will have no problem with keeping Canada majority white. If you do have a problem with being a racial minority then you should be able empathize with Canadians who oppose the StatsCan projection. If you cannot relate then that is probably because you are of the racial majority and all the more reason why you should ask yourself the question I proposed.

What is clear is that Canada's population will grow but at the expense of the host white majority. Indeed, Canada's European national character is being diminished and eventually it will be replaced, sacrificed for an MPs pension. This is already happening in Canada's urban centers. There's nothing to stop from engulfing the nation as a whole. Is this a good thing, a bad thing, or a desired thing is debatable and we need need discuss it openly and nationally. I argue that Canada will become a more racist place the more racially diverse it becomes. We already see instances of that happening. I argue that in Canada it is best to maintain the racial majority balance for the sake of minority rights and to maintain overall social stability. If the StatsCan projection comes to pass, and I fear it will, I see unsettled waters ahead.

Whites are already a minority on a global scale. They only happen to be the majority in a few nation states. I don't see what can be accomplished by making them a minority everywhere in the world.


Anonymous said...

"Whites are already a minority on a global scale."

Yes, sweeping us out of our own country by allowing the immigrant floodgates to remain wide open, appears to be the un-natural objective here. Critical mass is fast approaching and turning the tide of 3rd world humanity back from whence they come is crucial ...NOW.

It's even probable, that within a hundred years our minority White ancestors could find themselves confined to reservations not unlike those of Native Indians, but without all of the monetary perquisites First Nation's people enjoy at today's majority whites' expense.

The soon-to-become Chinese, Black and South Asian majority ...... are not necessarily known for their charitable instincts unless preferences are directed to members of their own race, and even that is debatable.

It appears only suicidal Whites, induced by the "joys of diversity" celebrate the demise of their own racial characteristics.

Take for example Toronto's Police Service that took the p.c. route of fast-tracking TWO Black immigrants to the rank of deputy-chief, one of whom is in charge of recruitment in a 80% White force. Guess what their preferences for "racial profiling" would happen to be?!

Toronto and other Canadian police services always highlight racial minorities in their recruitment photos at the expense of White Canadian males:



In contrast, here's a sampling of a different photo-op that doesn't get the attention it richly deserves.

We really must be insane to follow this current immigration route... no non-white nation in the world would allow for this madness to occur in their countries, if they were capable enough.

Member of Parliament, Enoch Powell from Britain sounded the alarm in his own White nation over 40 years ago, but nobody was listening then.

Have Canadians yet begun to see how they've been duped into embracing this bogus "multiculturalism" game at the expense of their own heritage?

Raju said...

Well now you can know what its like for the people in Fiji and Sri Lanka.

Only difference we did not import en masse "minorities" to screw up our demographics, YOU DID to be used as Military tools for brutal subjugation (breaking the backs) of the native majorities who refused to bow down as in the case of Sri Lanka where Tamilia was not only their to carry out the slaughters but later used as demographic tool to "dilute up" a hostile non-conforming majority who naturally opposed your savage rule and destruction of our civilisation with a bunch of willing slaves who did your bidding. By the way Sri Lanka was developed by the standards of the time, we had a good economy, high quality of life, extremely low crime, a fair form of Governance (non of this nutty apartheid ridden elitist demo-crazy) and Buddhism protected and promoted by the State. No one questioned the rule of the Sinhala or their standing in Heladeepa until you arrived, imported in your lackeys, smashed everything to pieces, carried out massacres, ethnic cleasings and used starvation as a weapon of war. You destroyed our agricultural industry and subsistence economy that had sustained our people for 2,500 years and turned the island into a giant planatation for you cash crops, while our people starved to death. The ethnic cleansings were done to “make way” for your plantations, the people who survived these slaughters decedents now live impoverished, destitute and landless.
Sinhalas created the best paddy fields (rice cultivation) on Earth, it is why this land was once known as the rice basket of Asia. Today Ova province is mosquito infested SWAMP. Your bloody “human rights” at work. And to this day our country has huge food problems, prior to your glorious arrival we had such a surplus of rice we exported it, now we have to beg.

Well good news for you is the Tamilians continue the role you brought them here to carryout with excellent precision and the save level of barbarity you inoculated them with. Unfortunately for you and for them the thumping majority of our people have not been broken and will always fight back.

Now you are contemplating putting sanctions on Sri Lanka for ending YOUR WAR OF INTERFERENCE. Well go ahead, put your damn sanctions on Sri Lanka through your puppet Ban Moon and try and interfere in our country accusing us all sorts of bs, but our people WILL NOT BREAK.

Your immigration woes should be seen in the light of poetic justice.

Anonymous said...

As a visible minority (Chinese) I am going to concur with the first anonymous user that the white racial-majority is a good thing for Canada precisely because the more 'multicultural' the country, the more racist.

I grew up in Saskatoon, and there were not too many of 'my kind' there. I felt perfectly fine, and never really felt much racism towards me, save the occasional drunk guy. There's more racism towards natives there than Chinese people. But here in southern Ontario, racism runs wild. Brown people hate white people, Asians hate black people. What gives?

What we need is a 'post-racial' leader, a la Obama. Some mixed-race guy (or woman) who has the ability to make Canada a true nation-state with a true national character. Until then, racism prevails, naturally.

Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective Raju. The entire European founding people of Canada should be race-replaced for the crimes of a few. An interesting form of justice the Sinhalese practise.

Anonymous said...

Prabhakaran’s mother expects asylum in Canada
by Shamindra Ferdinando

Former TNA MP M. K. Sivajilingam yesterday (March 13) expressed confidence that there wouldn’t be any problems over the departure from the country of slain LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran’s mother, Parvathiepillai Velupplai, who left the county last week without informing the authorities.

In a brief interview with The Sunday Island, the Jaffna District MP said that he helped Parvathie to obtain a new passport about a month ago and the air ticket a few days before her departure in the early hours of March 6.

Sivajilingam, who ran at the recently concluded presidential election, accompanied the ailing woman on a Singapore Airlines flight to Malaysia where her late husband’s relatives received her.

Responding to a Sunday Island query, he said that the government hadn’t been aware of their departure until she reached Malaysia. According to him, Prabhakaran’s sister, Vinodhani Rajendran, who lives in Canada will arrange to take her 79-year mother there.

He expressed confidence that Canada would quickly facilitate her travel there and in the unlikely event of Ottawa turning her down, she would have to live with her other daughter in India.

Asked whether there had been some sort of an understanding between the government and him to release Parvathie, Sivajilingam said that the Army had released her after Prabrakaran’s father passed away at the Panagoda Army cantonment on January 6.

Initially, the government directed that the body of Prabhakaran’s father should be cremated in Colombo. Sivajilingam said the government had insisted that Parvathie would be released from Panagoda on the condition that she returned there after the funeral.

The MP said that he rejected both conditions, but the government subsequently allowed him to take the body to Velvettiturai, where the cremation took place on January 10. Prabhakaran’s mother had stayed at the government hospital at Velvettiturai until she returned to Colombo on March 2 and was accommodated at a small hotel at Bambalapitiya until her March 6 flight to Malaysia.

He said that Prabhakaran’s parents, who had sought refuge in India in 1983 returned here in 2003 after the Norwegians arranged CFA came into operation in February 2002.

He revealed that civilians fleeing fighting on the Mullaitivu front last year had helped Prabhakaran’s parents to reach the army-held area. The Army found them on May 28, ten days after troops killed Prabhakaran on the banks of the Nanthikadal lagoon.

Sivajilingam said that people would have revealed their identity to the Army. He said that Prabhakaran’s father would have promptly acknowledged his identity if the Army had asked him, the politician said.

Sivajilingam and Nallathamby Sri Kantha (formerly of the TNA) are contesting from the Jaffna electoral district on the Tamil National Liberation Alliance (TNLA) ticket at the April 8 parliamentary election.


Canada a land of mass murders, so no harm in accepting your beloved coloured variety's parents either.

Raju said...

"Interesting perspective Raju. The entire European founding people of Canada should be race-replaced for the crimes of a few. An interesting form of justice the Sinhalese practise."

Typical white mentality.

Because of this "few" a whole nation and people are put through suffering, but it is all justified right because your kind are "superior" and only a "few" did it?

I can see the arrogance oozing from your post. You see we have already experienced white justice; Sinhala people were slaughtered whole sale for not bowing down to you superior beings.

"A few"

What rubbish, the massacres, occupation, destruction and savagery you practiced then (as now) was a national policy endorsed by your kind as you are the beneficiaries, much like your war in Iraq.

Your kind have already punished an entire people for doing nothing other than defending their nation when you reined destruction and suffering on them.

You invade someone elses country, destroy their heritage, oppresses the masses then go out "to break the backs" of those who resist.

You did to my people and now you doing it in the Middle East.

What is most despicable is that when we try to move on, when we try to recover and rebuild YOU INTERFERE and do your best to scuttle the process by inflicting wars, massacres, social breakdown, economic sanctions and political instability. Just these last 3 months the West not only funded election violence in Sri Lanka (to decrease voter turner out + discredit the election) they also green lighted a Military coup to topple the current Government which ended the war in Sri Lanka –something your kind are furious is over. You are now contemplating economic sanctions against Sri Lanka all because we ended a war which you had been funding, supporting and encouraging, despite your best efforts to prolong it including trying to engineer a humanitarian catastrophe to justify intervention and prolonging of war. That is white justice –“dirty little brown people if you resist us, our hegemony and superiority you will suffer immensely”.

Yup, white justice is so superior, perfect and fair.

Raju said...

”TORONTO: Reacting sharply to reports from Colombo that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has given up its demand for a separatist demand, the Canadian Tamil Congress here said Saturday that the Tamils have not given up their demand for a separate homeland.

"The TNA has been misquoted. They are in constant touch with us and what the media has put out is absolutely wrong. The TNA has not abandoned its four co-principles which include a separate homeland for Tamils,'' Canadian Tamil Congress leader David Poopalapillai told IANS here.

Outlining the TNA's "four co-principles", the Tamil diaspora leader said, "These include a separate homeland for Tamils in Sri Lanka, their right to self-determination, preservation of distinct Tamil identity and citizenship rights for Tamils who came to Sri Lanka from India in the 18th century.''

Poopalapillai said, "The 1.3 million-strong Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora is behind the TNA and it has full faith in its leadership. We are very firm on what we want.''

The Tamil leader added, "What we are fighting for is something like Puerto Rico and the US - two nations with one passport. The island of Sri Lanka will be one country with two nations - one Tamil nation and one Sinhalese nation.''

He said nearly half of Tamils of Indian origin who were settled in central parts of Sri Lanka in the 18th century but still have no citizenship will be accommodated in the new nation.”


Yo white justice preachers, wheres the justice here?? If Tamils from India can be imported to Sri Lanka, then what the hell is Tamil Nadu in India? According to your propaganda outlets aka “free media” Tamils in Sri Lanka are “unique”, whats going on here, according to Pooper you can transplant them anywhere and no one is the wiser. If Sri Lanka is their homOland, how can Tamil Nadu be an unlimited source of Tamils? So tell me again, why are my people fighting a war which you seeded?

Once again white justice is served, Sinhala people are to be punished and have their nation robbed from them for the benefit white suckling Tamil lackeys –who loyally carry out the duties you have entrusted them with.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is true, we are superior to you Raju. A quick glance at the history of human accomplishment makes that evident. It grates on your soul that a few good British soldiers conquered Ceylon, bringing the fruits of British civilization to the savage.

It is our gift. Enjoy!

Raju said...

Absolutely, we experienced how “civilised” the British are when carried out genocide and starvation using imported Tamil militia. Sinhalese were already civilised and Sri Lanka was already developed at the time, and like India we became “poor” as a result of your brutal occupations and savageries practised against those who were different. Of course what is “civilised” is determined by who was lightyears ahead in killing and slaughtering, we can see that today in Iraq and Afghanistan where you mighty civilised lot do what you do best, violently suppress and massacre the natives.

British were no different to the Nazis but low tech.

Anonymous said...

If the white man is a devilish mass murdering Nazi, with the blood of the brown man on his hands, then why do all these brown people migrate here? Clearly there is resident a seething unquenchable hatred of the white man, if Raju is any indicator. Why then do all these brown people clamber, en mass, to emigrate to the home of the white devil?