Saturday, 17 April 2010

Toronto, 2031: The Most Racist Place On The Planet.

The Toronto Star, the ever race conscious promoter of diversity for diversity's sake tells us in this article the diversity is not our strength. Well, not exactly but the subtext is there.

The article is interesting because it offers a glimpse into the reality of race relations in Toronto. It is another article in which the left leaning Star admits that racism and discrimination are not exclusively linked to the chromosomes and genes of white males. In one example an owner of a Coffee Time doughnut shop, a Chinese woman, expressed her dislike for Turk's saying she didn't want Turk's in her store. In another example a Canadian born south Asian woman of the Muslim faith felt she was singled out by the office manager who is a black woman.

In the examples cited above and given in the article itself, those who felt harassed or discriminated against filed human rights complaints. Indeed, the article is more about the burgeoning human rights industry than it is about the tenuous relations between the many ethnic communities that make up the city.

The growth of a human rights industry is a natural outcrop of the social re-engineering that has been imposed onto Toronto and by extension the rest of the nation. The radical transformation of the country necessitates the need for a quasi police force to make sure dissent is effectively dealt with and that everyone falls in line to the expectations of those who are at the helm of Canada's social re-engineering efforts. It is about control by a handful of cultural elites. Popular will is irrelevant. Too many little people who need to be protected from themselves cannot be trusted with the direction of the country. That they have the franchise is democracy's biggest failing.

The irony is that if the Chinese woman didn't like Turk's before I'm sure she likes them even less now. And if that black woman didn't like Muslims I doubt she has reversed her opinion. You see, these human rights complaints didn't make things better. They made them worse. This is what minority groups don't get. Calls for accommodation and challenges to Canadian identity are not winning you popularity points and it is not making the country a better place. There is a reason why Muslims and Sikhs rate so low on national opinion polls and if you have to ask why then that there is your problem.

I still maintain that making whites a minority group will make the country more racist. An assured dominant racial group will be more accepting of racial minorities because they will not be threatened by their presence. Remove that assurance and you sow the seeds of discord.


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Tamil vote on pressing case for homeland
April 17, 2010

AUSTRALIAN Tamils are to vote in a referendum this weekend on the creation of an independent Tamil homeland.

The Tamil Congress of Australia said more than 10,000 Tamils had registered to vote in the referendum, which follows similar votes in Canada, England and Europe that backed the establishment of a Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka.

A spokesman for the Tamil Referendum Council of Australia, Bobby Sundaralingam, said polling booths had been set up in Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT and there was provision for postal votes.

Organisers hoped the results of the referendums would pressure the Sri Lankan government to allow a Tamil state.

But not all Tamil organisations in Australia support the move. The Melbourne-based Justice and Freedom for Ceylon Tamils refuge and humanitarian action group has instead sent a petition to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Immigration Minister Chris Evans and Foreign Minister Stephen Smith calling for the 215 special humanitarian visa for Sri Lankans to be restored.

Its chairman, Ramalingam Wickramasingham, said this would stop the boatloads of Tamil refugees coming to Australia. He said Tamil refugees ''never came by boat'' until 2000, when the the Coalition government suspended the visa.

''There is no other official legal avenue in Sri Lanka for asylum seekers to apply to come to Australia, such as other countries have,'' he said.

Dr Sundaralingham said that since the end of the war, about 100,000 Tamils were held in internment camps and some had been tortured and abducted.

''Tamils in Sri Lanka are voiceless and in a state of despair,'' he said. ''It is the duty of the diaspora to be their voice and express what the Tamil people want.''

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The Tamil boat mystery

"Six months ago, migrants who landed off the B.C. coast were deemed potential terrorist threats. Now many of them live in Toronto and collect welfare. What happened?...

When he fled Sri Lanka, he left his wife and little children behind, a move that haunts him. “It's been more than one year since I've seen my son,” he said, his dark brown eyes filling with tears.

He tried to stay out of politics, but by end of 2008, the artillery shells were landing too close to his farm fields, and the family fled. “My village was under the control of the army and I had no choice. They started killing people.”

The family lived on the run, sleeping under trees, moving from village to village. By the spring of 2009, there was no place to hide.

He said he and his four-year-old son were driven by bus to a camp that looked like an abandoned school, where about 4,000 men and boys were being held. He was questioned, he recalled, tied up and beaten. His interrogators wanted to know if he was a Tiger. “I didn't have anything to do with it,” he replied. “I'm a farmer. I didn't have time to think about politics.”

The Tamil made up his mind to escape. Some of the men in the camp were permitted to leave. Selva approached one and pressed a paper with his cousin's phone number in his hand.

On June 22, 2009, he flew to Thailand. He was met by another smuggler, who took him to a house where other Tamil men were waiting for passage. One day, the smuggler informed the men they were going to Canada, via Indonesia.

He hopes Canada will permit him to stay here, so he can send for his family and start his life again. “Very soon, I want to bring my family and be reunited with them.”

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I read the a few tepid comments... then got bored. Perhaps the best commentaries, judged as too politically incorrect, got tossed.... but it was rather frightening to "hear" the mediocre tone of a beaten populace as if pleading to their foreign captors "we'll try to do better for you downtrodden, immigrant folks....please give us another chance". And of course, some hand-wringer had to trot out the ole` "we are all immigrants" line.

The Stockholm syndrome comes to mind..."an emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of continuous stress, dependence, and a need to cooperate for survival."


The one storyline that stood out for me, was these immigrants mostly hail from 3rd world "homogeneous nations" comprised of huge populations that will remain homogeneous for their foreseeable future, yet Canada, Australia, N.Z., Britain and the U.S. (4% (?) White population) will eventually be absorbed or surrounded by non-white colonizers.