Sunday, 4 April 2010

Toronto Gridlock The Worst Among Nineteen Urban Centers.

It's even worse than the traffic congestion of Los Angeles and New York.

Toronto, with an average total commute time of 80 minutes, ranked dead last among 19 urban centres, the board found in its annual prosperity scorecard, which compares Toronto with metropolitan areas around the world in 34 categories to measure how the city is competing in the global economy.

Overall, Toronto finished fourth in the ranking, but the report highlights a discrepancy between the city's strong ability to attract labour and its mediocre economic performance.

"Our most glaring downfall is our embarrassing finish on commuting time," board president Carol Wilding said, noting Toronto lags behind the legendary Los Angeles by 24 minutes, earning a grade of D.


The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development estimates traffic congestion in Toronto costs the country more than $5-billion annually in lost productivity, while the Ministry of Transportation's bi-annual review of traffic congestion indicates average speeds on some of Toronto's busiest sections of roads are being recorded at 38 kilometres an hour.

To avoid dealing with the source of the problem, which is too much immigration, delays in improving Toronto's transit system is the politically safe scape goat. This isn't to say that improvements in the city's mass transit system are not needed, in fact they are welcomed. But to ignore mass immigration's contribution to the problem and in consequence to the decline in the quality of life in Toronto does not help. It is a problem and if the traffic woes of Canada's urban areas are to be addressed we need to discuss it.

To punctuate how mass immigration is making Canada's cities unlivable Montreal ranked eighteen out of nineteen on the list, Vancouver ranked fourteenth, and Calgary ranked thirteenth. These cities are the top draws for immigrants collectively absorbing close to all of them.

I know many do not want to acknowledge it but mass immigration is making Toronto unlivable.

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