Saturday, 15 May 2010

The 49th Parallel As Rio Grande Norte.

When it comes to immigration the United States has lost control over its southern border. And like Canada the U.S. government has been stonewalling immigration reforms that would tackle the obvious immigration problem. The reasons are the same: fear of losing strategic ethnic block votes, particularly the Hispanic vote in the U.S.

Cornered, the southern border state of Arizona took bold steps to address that which the U.S. government would not. Since Arizona is a border state with Mexico this move should come as no surprise since illegal Mexican immigration has saddled the state with the costs, both social and financial, of a steady influx of illegal migrants.

As unpopular as it may be to some the actions that Arizona took does have a deterring effect. Couple this with a growing hostility towards illegal immigrants by American society we in Canada can expect to witness an influx of Mexicans at our national border with the U.S.

And so we have only it is in the form of refugee claims filed by those claiming to be escaping Mexico's escalating drug war. This has propelled Mexico to the top of the list of refugee exporting countries to Canada.

Canada needs to be careful here. So far the refugee claims are overwhelmingly unsuccessful as it should be. But if we start a precedent and the drug war becomes grounds for refugee claims we can expect a flood of of Mexican asylum seekers that would make Canada's Sri Lanka Tamil community jealous.

They are not refugees in the conventional sense. They are not fleeing political persecution. What they are fleeing is their government's inability to enforce the law and protect its citizens.

That is if they are truly fleeing drug gang violence. I doubt many of those making refugee claims are in real danger and if they are they need to prove that internal flight, seeking safety within one's country, is not an option. Had Canada demanded this from Sri Lanka's Tamils then there wouldn't be enough of them in Canada to blockade a sidewalk. We should learn from that embarrassing mistake.

Canada has the most gullible, lax, and generous asylum system in the world which has made our country a beacon to all those seeking to game a humanitarian program for personal gain. It is a system where the applicant does not need any pertinent language skills or job skills to enter the country and become a Canadian citizen. With that said I can't blame Mexicans for testing the waters. Others have done it before them with great success so they might as well give it a try.

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