Sunday, 9 May 2010

Why Canada Is So Attractive To Bogus Refugees.

Here is a piece from the Montreal Gazette detailing why Canada is the choice mark for for con-men and con-women the world over seeking to game a humanitarian program for personal gain.

At least 58 per cent of them are fakes, the courts say. But it's almost impossible to get rid of them even when we know.

After they arrive and tell their lie about being persecuted for being left-handed in Switzerland -- or whatever the refugee lie of the month happens to be -- they usually apply for welfare and settle down to wait for their first hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Average wait, with local taxpayers picking up half the tab for the welfare on their property taxes (the rest comes out of your provincial taxes): 19 months.

If the IRB rules that no, being left-handed in Switzerland -- or homosexual in Mexico, or Roma in Hungary, or any of the other real recent claims used to attain refugee status in Canada -- does not constitute refugee status, they can apply for leave to appeal to the Federal Court.

Average wait for a court date: four to six months.

If a risk assessment is required they wait another nine to 24 months. They can also return to federal court for another go, waiting yet another four to six months.

On welfare. For most of the world's poor, "that's pretty attractive," Kenney points out.

If the courts still say no to our Swiss claimant the alleged refugee can appeal for admittance to Canada under Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds, which takes at least six more months.If they lose that they get another crack at federal court, waiting four to six more months.

"That's how you get to five years before you exhaust all the appeals,"
Kenney said Friday during a trip to Windsor to sell Canadians on the Harper government's plan to fix the mess.

"By that time," Kenney says of the claimant -- many of whom are real refugees, by the way, who Canada actually wants to stay -- "they may have been integrated into Canadian society, gotten married and found a job. Removal becomes very difficult."

I said it before and I'll say it again. Everyone in the world knows that if you're going to make an asylum claim Canada is the place to do it.

The question is how did it get to be such a mess? Oh, right, lawyers. How silly of me to forget. They ruin everything they get their hands on.

We need to keep in mind the opportunity costs Canadian taxpayers incur entertaining these "self-selecting immigrants". The billions of dollars wasted on these unscrupulous men and women playing the Canadian public for suckers so they can get quick and easy entry into shopping mall Canada could have been spent on more beneficial ventures like health care, education, and job training.


Anonymous said...

Canadian-born workers in the 50 to 65 age bracket who are about to retire from their low-level paying jobs they detested for decades, must be feeling short-changed in today's welfare state by wondering whether their worn-out efforts were all for naught.

Now consider a 30 yr. old, illiterate goat-herder and his family from an African nation (or any 3rd world country) who waltzed into Canada yesterday, and who easily claims $2500 in monthly welfare benefits for simply existing and standing on Canadian territory!


Lucifer's Taxi said...

Believe it! As a qualified tradesman for the past 40 years,(while employed for the past three years as essentially unskilled- I figured, get into rent-geared- to- income, subsidized housing, etc. and I learn that the waiting list for a one bedroom apt. is ten years, and for 2 bedrooms, 15 years !?! (And yes- refugees are eligible for this, too).
Note to Jason Kenny and his fellow turd-polishers: My taxes pay YOUR wages, benefits, and generous pensions!