Thursday, 24 June 2010

How About An Apology For The Disaster That Is Multiculturalism?

Stephen Harper is apologizing again this time to the Hindu community on behalf of Canada as if the Air India disaster is Canada's fault. It is actually but not in the way it is being spun. Yes, the apology is political. It is being made with the hope that it will win Hindu bloc-votes in urban ridings to help the Conservatives get that elusive majority come next election. To think otherwise is an expression of naiveté.

The Air India tragedy was the result of a conflict that erupted between two Indian religious cultures, in this case between Hindus and Sikhs, that made its way to Canadian soil. If anything they should be apologizing to Canadians for exporting their war here. But the real tragedy here is the culturally empty social policy of multiculturalism. If an apology is to be made it is for this farce of a national identity that is being shoved down the throats of Canadians.

Multiculturalism is what hinders people from fully assimilating into Canadian society and being fully accepted by the host majority. And immigrant communities have themselves to blame. Multiculturalism allows them to have their cake and eat it too because they can be Canadian and not Canadian at the same time. And sure enough they eat their cake. When it comes to the Indo-Canadian community they are Indian [and non-resident Indian (NRI), and person of Indian origin (PIO), and "desi"] and Canadian at the same time. This means that they are Indian when it suits them and Canadian when it benefits them.

We are constantly told that those who died in the Air Indian tragedy were Canadians who, I will add, come from a community that spends a good amount of its time in Canada telling and showing everyone they are Indian. So it confuses me why they get upset when they accuse Canadians of failing to see past the Indian identity of the victims and their families, and by extension the entire Indo-Canadian community, and accept them as being Canadian.

This is the real tragedy here and this is the reason why it is Canada's fault. Multiculturalism failed to erase the barriers that prevented the Air India bombers from seeing anyone else but Indian Hindus. They did not see fellow Canadians and to a greater extent neither did anyone else. This is multiculturalism's fruits and this is what Stephen Harper should be apologizing for.


Anonymous said...

India is one of the worlds largest slums, corrupt and racist to a level that the average Canadian couldnt comprehend. Wealthy Indians couldnt care less about poorer Indians on their doorsteps starving to death and riddled with disease. Yet, we feel that these people make good Canadians. All they do is bring their 'culture' and replicate the slums they come from. Brampton, once a lovely town, is a case in point. However, these lazy, pen pushing, risk adverse people point to the history of Canada as being largely immigrant. Yes, blue collar, hard working, risk taking immigrants. Not this lazy bunch that has a firm grip on the politicians who are afraid of losing their votes. Pity, we have given away our country to these awful people.

Anonymous said...

multiculturarism is a western concept and is now a canadian disaster.look at toronto, look at the south side of what used to be vancouver ...these displaced peaple have no concept of what it is to be Canadian let alone to live in canada. multicultualism is the death of what made this Nation so Exellent.