Sunday, 13 June 2010

More Reasons To Laugh At Canada And Its Joke Of An Immigration System.

I came across this via Free Dominion. Published in the Edmonton Sun, it's about Canada's "sham of a refugee system".

Then there are the people who seek her help to renew their permanent resident cards when they haven’t met the already ridiculously loose requirement that they spend a certain period on Canadian soil.

“They’re panicking because they haven’t spent enough time in Canada,” says Taub. (Permanent residents only have to spend two years in Canada over a five-year period to maintain their PR status.)

Grasping at straws for a way to renew their PR cards, some of her clients plotted to create a fabricated contract of employment with a Canadian employer abroad — a friend of theirs — and then get Taub to prepare the renewal paperwork based on that loophole.

(Working offshore for a Canadian company counts as time in Canada.)

“But they really hadn’t (worked abroad). They said everybody’s doing it,” recalls Taub. “Very soon, the word got out … that I wouldn’t do it. I don’t know who’s doing it. Somebody’s doing it.”

Another popular scam involves permanent residents in the entrepreneur class category who have no intention of setting up a business in Canada. They just want their kids to study for three years at a Canadian university without paying international fees. (Immigrants in the entrepreneur class have three years to start a business here.)

University students have come to Taub pleading for help to extend their PR status so they can study for one more year and finish their degrees without paying the higher fees.

Once she finds out that their parents aren’t in Canada, she shoos the students out the door. “It enrages me because guess who’s subsidizing these foreign kids as technically permanent residents when they shouldn’t be?” Canadian taxpayers, of course.

This later scam is, without a doubt, predominately abused by Chinese citizens. This is mostly a hunch of mine supported by the fact that there are an estimated 300,000 "Canadians" living in Hong Kong right now and that Chinese citizens have a penchant for returning to their homeland once they obtain Canadian citizenship, oftentimes parking their parents and children in Canada in the process. Canadians benefit little from this arrangement with all gains going to the immigrant who abuses the system.

The immigration lawyer interviewed in the article has these solutions to offer:

For instance, Taub believes people should have to be in Canada 80% of the time to retain their permanent resident status. I agree. Right now, many people are using us for our passport and generous social benefits while they live elsewhere most of the time. How does Canada benefit from such a regime?

She also suggests smart cards that could be swiped whenever permanent residents leave or return to Canada to enforce minimum residency requirements. Another great idea.

In addition, Taub proposes that we focus on resettling the refugees most in need — those in refugee camps — instead of spending vast amounts of money processing asylum claims from democratic countries.

Sounds reasonable to me.

It's good to see that there are some immigration lawyers in Canada with scruples. Sadly, I don't think there are enough. Immigration lawyers bare considerable responsibility for the creation of the world's most lax, gullible, unenforceable, costly, over burdened immigration system in the world for which the host society, lawyers aside, enjoy very little benefit. To see how costly and unaffordable the system is we read this at the conclusion of the piece:

Here’s one final shocking detail. The UN Refugee Agency has a $3-billion budget this year to help 34 million refugees and internally displaced people. Canada spends about the same amount yearly on 30,000 to 40,000 refugee claimants.

Yes, folks, we’ve been taken for suckers.

Laugh or cry Canada's immigration system needs a major overhaul on several fronts. It's about bringing integrity back to the system, protecting Canadian sovereignty by enforcing our borders, and bringing dignity back to what it means to be a Canadian citizen. As it is now it advertises to the world that we are a nation of suckers and our country a joke. When you have a system that panders to the lowest common denominator then that is the kind of immigrant Canada will attract.


Anonymous said...

"When you have a system that panders to the lowest common denominator, then that is the kind of immigrant Canada will attract."

As a former Toronto resident, I noticed the quality of immigrant trending downwards some 35 years ago. Being younger and more tolerant back then, I was willing to accept a few foreign strangers whose faces didn't quite match my own.

But when that relentless and invading army of "unlikes" began overwhelming our streets, our hospitals, our courtrooms, and our entire Toronto neighbourhoods....well, I knew it was time to abandon a "sinking ship".

....and, three-thousand million dollars squandered on uninvited strangers in one year!?


Thanks for pointing out this story.... I may have missed it.

PaxCanadiana said...

Canada has been importing a lower quality of immigrant for many years now and still does to this day. I hesitate to say that because it characterizes people as commodities and robs them of their humanity. But I say it nonetheless to point out that Canada does not import the best and the brightest let alone the useful. Far from it. We are importing people simply for its own sake and to keep people employed in the immigration industry (and to placate ethnic vote banks to favour the party in power).

At one time immigration boosters made the then correct statement that immigrants tended to be better educated on average than Canadians and that immigrants' economic performance equaled or surpassed, on average, Canadians upon arrival. This is how a healthy immigration system should function. However, these statements have been purged from the discussion because it is simply no longer true.

The Canadian host society is experiencing "diminishing marginal returns" with each new annual wave of immigrants to the point were almost all benefits are swallowed up by the system itself making it negligible and costly. With that said Canada's current immigration system is more of an extension of the foreign aid program than it has to do with nation building.

Anonymous said...

Canada imports idiots and savages!
Look at the East side of Toronto and see the degredation of streets. Multiculturalism is a failed experiment which will create a hostile enviornment: Race vs Race, Old feuds from the host countries will intensify, and the spread of gangs not to mention ethnic segregation.

R.I.P Canada (I'm planning to leave this sinking ship!)

Anonymous said...

By savage I mean the uneducated of course!

Anonymous said...

I've always considered myself pretty easy going. A normal flatlander enjoying working until who knows when I can retire.

As I've aged and memories grow I remember requesting a loan to go to school to further my education. Sorry Mr. So and so you don't qualify because you earned too much last year. Of course, three part time jobs to pay rent, gotta love it. As I said thank you courteously as Dad always said to do here's what I overheard. No problem Mr (no idea how to spell it), welcome to Canada, let me know what courses and school and well help you.

Many years later after growing animosity towards street drunkards, people who have decided that the Canadian back yard can mimic the pages of National Geographic and the endless frustration of new accents foreign in every way and watching women being treated like garbage because that's my culture (really?)I can honestly say this.

I will always be a proud Canadian
My family fought in every war
My family has always worked and always will (almost all self-employed)
My girls will be raised that women deserve respect
My girls will be raised that hard work do pay off
And unfortunately, myself and my family now see that people with no self or public respect will get everything they want. Our crime rate went up, immigrant gangs now sell drugs in our school yards, education costs for my children have gone up while two doors down the entrance requirements have been reduced and costs and fees are nominal if anything at all.

I realize this does not encompass everybody however; if you do not respect this place, area, county, city for what it is or what it can be then leave.

I'm Canadian and I've had enough with people who cannot spell or speak it sharing something they obviously do not value. For those of you cheating the system, stealing, drug dealing and wasting my tax dollars pray that our government and laws stay as frail as rotten wood in an old creek. You deserve to be sent back.

And bye the bye, 2 years of backbreaking taxi driving and overcharging doesn't make you Canadian for the 5 year actual term It makes you lazy. I know lots of great ladies and gents worldwide who have made Canada home, here's the difference. Wonder why we have houses? We worked honestly.

For the liars, cheaters, thieves and miscreants you should probably read between these lines. As Canadians were normally quiet, and as fables go it's the quiet one you want to avoid. Only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to move from the US to Nova Scotia a few years back. I bought property there, visited a few times, and set about making plans for the future.

It was like running into a stone wall right from the start. An immigration lawyer in Halifax basically told me to forget it. It seems to come down to having that precious college degree.

30+ year work history, good health, no criminal past, money enough to live on for three years, land owner, looking to settle in a Province that's been losing population for 25 years...but I don't have the pre-qualifying score to even apply for Perm Residency. Sad

Now, had I been applying from some Third World country, and had no money or work history....well then they throw out the welcome mat.

Anonymous said...

Why does it take a week to add comments?

PaxCanadiana said...

Why does it take a week to add comments?

It doesn't, I've become lazy about it.

Right now I've some 60+ comments to go through.