Monday, 28 June 2010

Vancouver: Canadian City Or Chinese Colony?

Let's just admit this and get on with life. Vancouver is a colony of China and to a greater extent, all of Asia. The city is often described as North America's first Asian city which is remarkable since I don't think anyone would have considered saying so around 30 years ago.

In any case it should come as no surprise to learn that wealthy Chinese are house hunting in Vancouver.

Mainland Chinese interest in Metro Vancouver property is so strong that it's fuelling a market for real estate tourism, with groups of wealthy travellers scheduling visits to the city for the sole purpose of house hunting.

This is not uncharacteristic of the wealthy who buy property globally. But this isn't the story of a wealthy American buying land in the French countryside. This is about a considerable amount of land being purchased by people of a particular nationality, in this case China. According to the story it is common for 90% of interested buyers to be from mainland China. These are people who are not even Canadian citizens but have displayed an interest in Vancouver's high end real estate market.

I don't know why they are considering buying a second home in Vancouver when they are not even Canadian citizens yet I get the feeling that to these Chinese house hunters Canadian citizenship is a given.

Scarrow said he is aware of other such trips that have been arranged in the past, and when the Mainland Chinese visitors do not have their immigration status in Canada sorted out, they are more reluctant to buy homes.

The trips, he added, are more a chance to get a "lay of the land" for what Metro Vancouver's neighbourhoods are like and what types of homes are available before securing landed immigrant status.

To date, Scarrow said, the preference for Mainland Chinese emigrating to Canada have ranged from Coal Harbour condominiums to single-family homes in Vancouver's leafier enclaves of Shaughnessy, Dunbar and Point Grey.

Vincent Chen, a representative for the Chinese immigration consulting firm Visas Consulting Group, said Canada is presently the most popular destination for Mainland Chinese using his firm. They are attracted by its quality of education, quality of life, the safety and stability of Canadian society and its "attractive investor immigrant program."

The ""attractive investor immigrant program" is nothing but citizenship for sale. It's a sham introducing sham Canadians into the country. It works something like this. You promise to invest so much in the country, produce a least one job, and TA DA, instant Canadian.

Ever wonder why so many groceries and corner stores are owned and operated by Asians? Now you know. It's a joke really. These wealthy mainland Chinese can purchase a Tim Hortens franchise. Then they can sell their share in the business if they so wish, take a loss perhaps, but in the end they get Canadian citizenship on the cheap. And what a bargain. With it you get socialized medicine, a subsidized education for your children, and social services for your aged parents. Then you can go back to China to evade Canada's tax regime because Canada allows dual citizenship (whereas China does not).

Vancouver is a choice destination because un-assimilating Asian immigrants have turned it into a virtual Chinese colony. So are they really immigrating to Canada or to a Chinese colony on the North American continent?

This is a problem. They are creating a city that has more in common with Beijing then the rest of Canada and in turn can transform British Columbia into a Quebec of the west coast.

If Honk Kong immigrants taught us anything these wealthy mainland Chinese will be sham Canadians were they to immigrate to Canada. They should be discouraged from immigrating here. They are not interested in Canada or Canadians only in how they can capitalize off of Canadian society. They are already wealthy and they are not coming here in search of a better life. We don't need them or want them. Some reasonable solutions is to make residency requirements more demanding. The other is to tax overseas incomes of Canadians.


Anonymous said...

To answer your rhetorical headline question.... Vancouver 2010 is not yet a Chinese colony, but it will soon become an unofficial colony in a couple of decades, if the current number of immigrants flowing into Canada is not restricted.

...and 20 years of future time is not too far off. In the reverse time scale, this is like looking back at 1990!

Incidentally, that was about the time I became acutely aware of an ever increasing demographic change to my country by mass third-world immigration, and one with irreversible displacement values that I didn't ask for!

I may have contributed these figures before, but it never hurts to remind ourselves, that new Chinese births within that country since only 2005, are equal to Canada's entire current population... seen HERE.

Vancouver now has its first Chinese police chief, and when the city's first mayor of Chinese descent assumes office in a few years, there will be no returning back to today's "Pleasantville".

Anonymous said...

I would be ok with them if they tried to smile once in a while or speak english while in a group setting, so as not to exclude anyone. Their main theme is exclusion, they dont talk to anyone who is not chinese and they act like they are the ones who are allowing us to live here. They constantly make racist remarks, I even saw an assian girl wearing a nigger head tshit WTF. The biggest thing that pisses me off is that nowadays the main requirement in getting a job in vancouver is not english but cantonese or mandarin, I'm sorry I didnt know I was living in china. Jesus these people are irritating

Peter said...

You people are a bunch of racists. This is the same rhetoric that sent a ship of ailing Sikhs back to sea in the early 1900s. This is the same misguided fear that sent the Japanese to concentration camps in the second world war. This is the same warmongering that led to both the Korean and Vietnam wars.

I was born at St. Pauls hospital in Vancouver. Lived my whole life in BC except when out of country working.

I am pretty sure you will not post this but I have sent your site to a friend of mine who monitors this kind of thing.

PaxCanadiana said...

You people are a bunch of racists.


This is the same rhetoric that sent a ship of ailing Sikhs back to sea in the early 1900s. This is the same misguided fear that sent the Japanese to concentration camps in the second world war.

I don't question the racist motives behind the Japanese internment. Indeed it is a sad case in Canadian history since I consider Japanese integration into Canadian society a success story. Sadly I cannot say the same thing for Chinese immigration. Dare I say it has been an abysmal failure.

This has to do with the fact that Canada is bringing in too many Chinese immigrants at a time. This negatively affects integration. It's not that Chinese immigration is a problem. It's that too much is a problem. I'd be saying the same thing if they were Russian. In fact, Italians provide a European example. Canada imported so many Italians after the second world war that they still haven't fully integrated into Canadian society to this day choosing instead to cluster in areas like Woodbridge, ON and fly the Italian tri-colour with more gusto than the maple leaf.

Regarding the Komagata Maru, the ship was specifically chartered to challenge Canada's contiguous passage laws. Those aboard were not fleeing persecution or anything like it. They were engaging in a deliberate provocative act. At the time those aboard had no right to disembark and settle on Canadian soil. Canada was well within its legal right to send them back and enforce the integrity of its borders. Aside from moral grandstanding I don't see how you can argue that they had a right to disembark and what Canada did was wrong. It may have been embarrassingly excessive but not wrong. You might think it was racist but so what?

I am pretty sure you will not post this but I have sent your site to a friend of mine who monitors this kind of thing.

Of course I'm going to post your comment. I believe in freedom of speech. Obviously you don't and since freedom of speech is the ultimate Canadian value how can you call yourself a Canadian? Believe it or not I do screen posts and won't post anything that calls for violence or any criminal action against any identifiable group. And believe it or not I have not once received a comment like that or has come close to it.

I hope that satisfies you and I am asking for your permission to keep my blog running since apparently I need your approval. I will now not post anything until you screen it first. I will modify my thoughts so that they conform to yours. It's apparent I have committed a thought crime and have been committing thought crimes for quite a while. I have been harbouring ideas without state approval and am in desperate need of re-education. Big brother will be displeased. Please inform your friend at the Ministry of Truth that I am aware of my crimes and accept my fate awaiting me at any gulag.

I should be angry with you but I am actually thankful. It is good Big Brother has people like you keeping watch on people like me. I am glad you caught me before I can commit further crimes with my thoughts. My only regret is that you didn't catch me sooner. Praise Big Brother and go f**k yourself.

Anonymous said...

"You people are a bunch of racists."

Ah yes Racist...Any Westerner who doesn't desire to be overrun in their own countries by foreign people who don't share their culture is a racist.

Well, you are a Marxist piece of shit so FUCK YOU. See how that goes. Report all you want to your thought police friend.

Anonymous said...

The Great Chinese Land Grab of 2010/2011... is deeply depressing.
I am still in a state of shock that the fed Govt is actively encouraging the bogus citizenship of these self-segregating, arrogant bozos. Why doesn't the fed govt just hand Vancouver over to China and be done with it.

PaxCanadiana said...

The Great Chinese Land Grab of 2010/2011... is deeply depressing.
I am still in a state of shock that the fed Govt is actively encouraging the bogus citizenship of these self-segregating, arrogant bozos. Why doesn't the fed govt just hand Vancouver over to China and be done with it.

I have developed the opinion that too much Asian immigration, especially Chinese immigration, is not healthy for Canada.

My biggest fear is they will turn British Columbia into a Quebec of the west coast threatening secession and succeeding. I feel a large Chinese presence in Canada poses a potential threat to national security and sovereignty. Chinese organizations in Canada, in a move that smacks of racism inherent in the community, have encouraged Canada's Chinese population to vote in block for Chinese candidates in election across the country. If they were Canadians then why would that matter? CSIS is already concerned some politicians in B.C. are being influenced by Beijing.

Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines have witnessed anti-Chinese sentiments and rioting directed at the Chinese population each country hosts. Being exposed to the Chinese here in Canada I can see why and doubt the Chinese are without fault, having brought it upon themselves.

It seems whatever country they introduce themselves into they attract animosity and engender social tensions. There were anti-Asian riots in Vancouver in 1909. Recently in communities outside of Toronto Chinese fishermen were being disruptive and irked the locals who started to push them in the water in incidents known as "nippertipping". I am compelled to believe they brought it upon themselves. To me, Chinese only care about Canada so far as what they can get out of her. They are not Canadians because they really don't care to be which explains why they are one of the most poorly assimilated and poorly accepted immigrant groups in Canada. Again, this is their fault.

I am not opposed to Chinese, or even Asian, immigration. I am opposed to too much of it and the Asian population in Canada makes it clear why.

Anonymous said...

I have to comment even though I'm from the US. I just wrapped up a visit to Vancouver for the first time in 20 years and must say, even though it's just as beautiful as I remember, I was shocked by how expensive everything there was.

I live in Hawaii and the same thing with Chinese immigrants is happening there. Buy up the best real estate, outprice the locals, and have no interest or respect whatsoever in integrating with those who have been there for generations. I feel sad for Vancouver because I've seen what this type of immigration can do -- divide a community, dominate and exploit resources, degrade the environment, etc.

Hope you all work it out. Didn't know about the citizenship buying thing. That's crazy. You Canadians have a great city and province here in BC, please take care of it so I can enjoy it 20 years from now!!!

From an Asian American who loves hockey and Canada!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is a classic case of the new, and very frightening, liberal thought control that is turning Canada into a Orwellian state. Here is how it works: If you protest unlimited immigration you are a racist, a term which ends all debate and silences you, because no one in Canada wants to be called a racist. If you want your English or French cultural heritage to survive and for Canada to remain primarily white you are a racist. In fact if you propose any sort of defence of Western culture or Caucasians you are racist.

The term racist is a "silver bullet" a magical term that wins you all arguments. If you do not win the argument through logic, or use of the term "racist" then you can always fall back on the Human Rights Commission in your province, or someone else's, to silence the opposition.

This ridiculous violation of free speech and human rights has somehow been institutionalized by the Canadian government as part of a more "caring and open" Canada. Nothing could be further from the truth. Canada is becoming what I like to call a "Libro-Fascist" state. If you disagree with liberal majority / ethnic minority opinion you will be hunted down and silenced, in the future, perhaps even jailed.

We are not quite there yet, but we soon will be if we submit to this trend and do not fight back. The time to be pleasant is over. We Canadians have a hard time understanding this. Because we have always been a rather mild and civil population due to our English heritage we assume we should continue this way and we remain docile in the face of the threat of cultural and ethnic extinction.

Vancouver is a classic example. Based on my decade long experience living in Asia I can tell you that they are not interested in preserving Western heritage or allowing the continued existence of the white race. Nor are they interested in assimilating to Canada's original European culture. They are bent on turning as much of Canada as possible into a Chinese land. And it is not only true of them, but of many other non white groups entering Canada.

If ever there was something worth resisting this is it. So, start now don't weaken or capitulate and for heaven sakes fight back. It's time.

Anonymous said...

This so called universal health care is an epic fail. Fyi, canadian health care ranks lower than that of Russia or Ukraine. Do you even know how long the wait is for a mri? Lol

PaxCanadiana said...

This so called universal health care is an epic fail. Fyi, canadian health care ranks lower than that of Russia or Ukraine. Do you even know how long the wait is for a mri? Lol

And why do you think there are long wait times?

I'm sure immigration has nothing to do with the undermining of the quality or delivery of Canada's health care to its people. None whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian Government is just plain stupid (health care is bankrupt thanks for citizenships for sale, it is terribly compared to where I live now (Australia), where I have short waits and world class service because the government has strict restrictions on Medicare). I've left Vancouver and was glad I did. I feel sold out by the government and the property market in this city has become a speculators delight where the majority will get very badly hurt (including the Canadian tax payer where they have to clean up the mess from foreign hot money, since I heard that a lot of these wealthy chinese from a real estate insider are borrowing massive amounts of money from our canadian banks. If they make money WIN! If they lose money lose the 5% deposit and the mortgage insurance premium to the Canadian government and the Canadian tax payer is left holding the bag... Some of the Chinese say the Aussies are dumb but Canada takes it to another level). The city has lost it's identify. If you allow immigration slowly enough multiculturalism works (lots of people from all over the world instead of large amounts of a specific ethic group). If a group moves in too fast, they don't assimilate and it's a failure. Look at the UK or Germany as an example. Their leaders even call it a failure. There is racism against everyone now because there is no assimilation (I have heard of Caucasion children in school being bullied by other groups because of race, what a joke). If there was assimilation, people would identify with each other and not look for difference. I know many people from the UK are moving to parts of Australia to escape the failed multiculturalism in their country. They shouldn't be the ones feeling like they need to be displaced. I'm sure the liberal view in Canada will continue and be taken advantage of by non liberal places. If you lose your shirt when the Chinese real estate speculator bubble bursts, or your taxes go up considerably because the government needs to bail out the big canadian banks in a few years time, remember that this could have all been avoided by should government policy.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, Canada, America, and Mexico will all form a North American Union by 2100.

Anonymous said...

So you said you will monitor whatever we express here. You STUPID COMMUNIST!!! This is a free Country.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand all the fuckin Chinese in this city. They're stupid as fuck, don't understand how to operate in a western society. They leave their country just to create communities within Canada which are just as bad as the ones they left. They don't give a shit about Canada. They're just here for the money - which they send back to their families in China. How is that helping the Canadian economy? If the Chinese want to live here, they should be forced to work in the old fields, or shipped up to the islands of Nunavut so they can catch fish for us. It's still better than China, right?

Anonymous said...

And:they can take their lawnmowers,leaf blowers,power washers BMW's,Maserrati's lamborghinis, ferrarri's, sun visors,umbrellas,guard dogs,(grannies on medicare)with them, to where they came from.--What a lot of pathological money junkies they are.

Anonymous said...

I just spent that last 8 years working and living in China. I was constantly told to speak mandarin if i was to be in China, so i learned and agreed to accept their cultures good and bad. Now Im back in Van and having mixed feelings when i see 40% of the population are chinese and it doesnt feel the same as when i grew up here. My wife is chinese and we have a mixed baby. Most of the language schools in Vancouver have a very low chinese student enrollment ratio but the there are so many here. In China the govt. would never allow so many foriegners into the country to the point of whats happened in Vancouver. This is an invasion not immigration. What we did to the indians years ago is happening to us now. I will do my part to help the chinese see the value of learning english and canadas custome/culture.In the meantime we are not saying we dont want chinese people here, but the govt needs to wake up restrict numbers, its already out of control and the arguments on this blog already prove that intergration isnt happening, and standing up to say that this isnt healthy for any of us isnt racism, its a concern for wanting to live in a safe and equally harmonious society.

PaxCanadiana said...

This is an invasion not immigration.

You're right. I don't mince words any more and I call it for what it is: it's an invasion, it's colonization, not immigration.

Cobrajet said...

This Asian invasion has to stop. I live and grew up in the Coquitlam area of the Lower Mainland, and now they are taking over this community, like they did in Richmond many years ago. They are driving up the price of real estate like, "No tomorrow", as they are tearing down perfectly good family homes and building monster homes in place, with no respect to the rest of the neighborhood or community. I feel so helpless living in this community that I have enjoyed since 1973. What can be done and how do we get together in organized groups to stop this anti-social, communism invasion? We are the laughing stock of North America, and when I meet people that come to our fair city, they can't believe that we let it get this way, since there last visits here, some as recent, as a couple of years ago. I hope in the future that immigration and government will be held accountable
for what they have done to Canada, as they are all traitors to our constitution and country. Also let Big Brother watch us, as maybe they might learn a thing or two.

***Actual Canadian*** said...

Wow im sooooooo glad that there is other people who feel the same way as me....i lived in
vancouver my whole life i was born here....i am half native...the fuckin chinese who just move here have a better job then i ever willl....they have chinese in every govt good luck to any true canadians geting a good job .....its getting worse by the minute and sadly enough we as a society have all bent over backwards for tourism and now we have to pay the plan is to buy some property in the mountains and stay heavily armed for a time when there is a crisis in vancouver. im so glad i found this site I Love U All!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad other people feel this way, I am from Calgary and i work Downtown. The Chinese people are the most irritating and selfish of all the races. They completely use our society and don't bother to learn the language or assimilate into society. It surprises me how the Canadian Government continues to allow these individuals to immigrate and over populate this country.

Anonymous said...

After months of reading passing comments on this subject on the internet or even hearing it brought up at parties I am thrilled to see that someone has gone out of their way to start a blog dedicated to raising further awareness on the subject. I've already favourited your page and will continue to follow it periodically. For all people interested in immigration reform I would recommend that you check out,,, (Immigrants cost Canadians 23b a year)

Daniel said...

Completely agree, BC is now a Chinese / Asian Colony. Within the Metro Vancouver area, 54% of the population is comprised of person whoes first language is not english. Unfortunately as long as our Government see's immigrant Asians as revenue, this influx will not change. You would think that elected officials would see what immigration has done to France/England and put an immediate halt to any new immigrants.

My question is, are there no Caucasian people throught the world that want to move here?

The current unabated immigration has done nothing but create seperate societies, and does nothing to foster a sense of community.

For the most part, Chinese in particular are the most obtuse race of people on this planet. They have no concept of 'other people' and how their actions affect others. Thier language and the volume at which they speak it, is obtrusive to say the least.

I think it is high time that we the people, demand that our government invite persons to live here that hold similar moral values, and have cultural similarities.

Enough Chinese.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that political correctness has gone too far in that we are allowing people from in this case China to walk in, buy their citizenship without giving a s--t about or committing to Canada in the slightest. Vancouver is essentialy a Disneyland for rich Asians. Yes, money is good but what about when a Canadian-born and raised person can no longer afford a home in Vancouver? Almost certainly, many Canadian-born Chinese and other Asians also resent these rich mainland newcomers.

The Philippines is now Canada's biggest source of immigrants. Yet due to they being to a great degree Western culturally (if not racialy) and their english-speaking abilities, I hear very few complaints about them. They don't have that cultural chauvinism (if that is a term) that you see in the Chinese (and the less numerous Koreans). They don't flaunt their wealth and in my experience, most are quite friendly and approachable to those outside their ethnic group. Bring in more hard-working Filipinos and Latin Americans, fewer citizen-of-convenience Chinese. And to the above poster, the reason we don't bring in more whites is that most of them have it good and few have a reason to leave their countries. Plus, with the birthrates you see across Europe, they can ill afford to be cherry-picked of their citizens by Canada, the US, Australia, etc.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree!!!
Canada is a beautiful country but it's sad to see how it's been destroyed by Chinese and Muslims!!!
Stop the chinese immigration and the Muslim Immigration now!!!!
Thanks for your blog. Thanks for raising awareness on this issue

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am a Chinese immigrant who moved from Hong Kong to BC in 1990.

I would like to point out that people from Hong Kong are different than those come from China. We are educated under UK's system, we respect freedom and know the right of what citizen should do and contribute to the society.

What is happening in Vancouver now, is also happening in Hong Kong as well but in more worse case scenario. I agree on strictly accepting new immigrants from China, the condition in BC right now is getting way out of hand.

On the other hand, our government should put more resources on helping these people to understand what does immigrating really mean, it is about to move in and eventually become part of the society.

While you are pointing finger at them, we also should know how does the Chinese government treat its citizen. In short, the government wants everyone in the county to become a mindless, selfish, money making machine who care nothing but only the money. It is not hard to find evidence to see how cruel have these people have become. It is consider normal as someone driving run over a children and no one dare to walk upon to offer help. I suppose you could still search this video since it has made to the front page about a few months ago.

I do feel sad on what they have become; however, if there is one to be blamed, it should be the Chinese government. The newly Chinese immigrants need to be told and educate, if we are not offering at least a chance for them to become a better person, what are we going to become after all?

I do know how much you guys worry on this issue, I am with you on this.

Chris.T. said...

Not to sound absolutely absurd, or racist, but the growing number of asians in the vancouver area are putting the caucasian race as a minority. I believe that their needs to be much more strict regulations when it comes to the immigrant status of these people. The majority of them only come here for a care card then fly back home and come back and manipulate the system.

Another Concerned Citizen (For Now?) said...

Living in OZ now don't know if I'm coming back to Can. The Aussies didn't take this crap when it happened a few years back. They stood up, mobilized, and said Fuk Ya!

They still have issues but they're cutting immigrant numbers, only accepting bona-fide students, cracking down on bogus "visa factories" and saying to every employer who wants to have an immigrant employee, for everyone you want, you have to train one of ours. Most of the dodgy applicants were from south asia and guess where they went after the Aussies cracked down? You guessed it, Good-Natured, Welcoming Canada!

My wife also has a Chinese Ex-Pat? friend who married an aussie and eventually became a citizen and I asked her "Do you feel Aussie now?"
and she said, right in front of her poor husband, "It's just a passport."

For fuck sakes when the guy goes to China to see the in-laws, the bloody father-in-law won't even talk to him because he's of European descent!

It's all so sad, but I say unfortunately a restoration of Canada is in order.

Surely there are other loyal Canadians of different cultural or ethnic backgrounds who don't speak chinese who are pissed off that they've come and settled in Metro Vancouver and can't even get properly served in the official language. There have been some on this blog, but where are the rest? why aren't they speaking up?

Legislation to protect Canada's Official languages is in it's infancy and with your help we're going to make it a reality. I encourage everybody to stand up, tell their mates and family members, write/call to their parliamentarians. Just stand up and say enough!

Don't accept being called a racist. We will not be censored by that shitty word.

Finally I encourage all good Canadians to educate themselves about what's happening in Richmond,BC and lend your support to the cause.

Enough Talk, Act! said...

Why do we still have that family re-unification visa business? We want genuine, highly-skilled immigrants who will make an impact, not your old people or your cousins or brothers. It's just a recipe for cronyism and ripping off the system. If an immigrant is that highly skilled surely they're able to afford a seat on the plane to see them with their four weeks of holiday paid holidays (we still have them right, lol)?

elin rozen said...

hey guys.I was rally looking farward coming to vancouver(I'm originally from russia,an illustrator) it really makes me sad what I read here.. I don't like chineese as well. Its teribble. their have no human or animal rights what so ever. they are totally lack amphatics to other human beings or living creatures.But from all cities in Canada vancouver seemed to me the nicest..whoul'd it be bad Idea to come now? :'(

Anonymous said...

Peter you fucking traitorous, worthless piece of shit. People like you should be hung in the street you limp wristed moron. You'll bow to the parasite that comes here to pick this country apart rather than stand with people who built this place. You make me sick. I've seen programs in other countries where the chinese have openly said that they come here because canada offers the best benefits and programs.

Milking this country dry is their only purpose. The piss on our culture, our laws, our customs and way of life. In Richmond now, these fucking parasites are not even stopping for red lights anymore. Nevermind the fact that these fucking assholes can't drive to save their lives (though magically every one of these parasitic organism seems to drive a Mercedes or a BMW), but now, I've seen on many occasions these fucking peasants not wanting to wait for a greed light and just proceeded through a busy intersection while the opposing traffic has been moving for a few seconds causing everyone else to slam on their brakes.

Tell me Peter you fucking douchbag, when one of these worthless assholes hits a member of your family at an intersection because to them our laws are a joke, will you still feel that it's racist to keep them out of here?? You fucking idiot!

You're nothing more than a useful idiot. Hard working Canadians are having difficulty buying a house, keeping with day to day expenses while fucking 18yr chinese punks are driving Ferrari's bought by mommy and daddy and not even bothering to learn our language and laughing at us. And you DARE call us racists? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anyone started a protest infront of city hall? If we give these compelling non racist arguments maybe someone would listen! I would stand out there protestibg for weeks if that is what it took to get a fair society back!!

Anonymous said...

I am tired of slamming on my breaks for someone crossing the street without looking, theirs rules here please obey.I am sickened that I don't get a job because I don't speak Chinese. I feel alienated in my own home city. I get dirty looks and no service for wanting to eat somewhere. I didn't mind it for a long time, but now I am getting tired of being polite when I get rudeness back I am not racist, am actually Asian my self, there's a problem when your own people want you to stop coming. Please stop raping the country. If you come here for education use it to better the country that fostered you and respect the culture that is already present instead of changing it.

PG85 said...

*This is a 2 part comment

Here in the Netherlands we've seen a wave of liberalism and multi-culturism in the last few decades, which has lead to a lot of immigration (of most noticably Muslims). In retrospect we can see that the integration of a lot of these minorities into our society has failed (we were far too optimistic with our ideals of multi-culturalism). These people are now isolated and tend to stick together in their own neighbourhoods.

A reason for this is that many of the immigrants who've come here in the last few decades were from the (poor) countryside, not the big city and many were poorly educated. Also, folks from the countryside tend to be more old-fashioned and tend to stick to their religion and religious community, especially when they're a minority in a strange society. Their (old-fashioned) religious values and our modern laws and morals are at odds sometimes (particularly when concerning women) which leads to animosity from both sides and puts them in a difficult position (they have to choose between their community or ours). Because of all this these folks have had great difficulty learning our language and our customs, getting a job and integrating into society. And yes, ofcourse there's also some plain old racism by the Dutch and on the other side some opportunism/parasitism from the immigrants.

I.m.h.o., what our leaders hadn't taken into account is that different cultures don't just "mix", no matter how optimistic and tolerant you try to be. There has to be a dialogue and perhaps even a (non-violent) clash between cultures and beliefs before we can expect them to integrate with one another. Some parts of our cultures will mix, others simply won't. Also, certain cultures will mix quickly and easily, others have greater differences and will take more time, probably even generations.

I.m.h.o. through the years we've let too many people in too fast, too easily and some for the wrong reasons (purely economical). Not allowing and stimulating them to adjust to our society and vice versa. We've let them in without having the capacity within our society to accomodate and assimilate them. By stimulating the concentration of minority groups we've only encouraged them to stick to their own culture and religion.

PG85 said...

Part 2

Now we've got isolated communities where the parents (the original immigrants) often do not speak our language or share the values of our society. These folks have to depend on their chilren to be able to do anything, their contact with non-muslims is very limited. Their children are in an even more difficult situation, on one hand they are modern Dutch citizens, on the other hand they are traditional (most often Turkish or Moroccan) muslims, but they aren't really accepted into either group. They're also their parents' only link to the outside world. When you think about it these kids are really the biggest victims of our integration policies. I believe it will take at least another generation before these folks will be integrated into our society and able to enjoy their rights, freedoms and citizenship just as we can.

You might ask how this is relevant to the discussion, well first of all I just wanted to share a (somewhat related) story from accross the pond :). And second I read a comment here about Hong Kong Chinese being different from non-Hong Kong Chinese. These non-HK-Chinese remind me a lot of our immigrants from the country-side. Ofcourse we've also had a lot of highly-educated immigrants, but they tend to integrate very well and don't buy up all the land and houses etc., so I guess I can't compare them to HK-Chinese in Vancouver.

Last thing: One of the commenters here seems to blame "all liberals" for this. I consider myself a liberal but not so extreme that I find any objection to multi-culturalism racist. So let's leave the sweeping generalizations and political polarisation to the Yanks shall we, that kinda seems to be their thing ;)*. Let's us Cloggies and Canucks just keep it real :)

*Yes I know this is hypocritical, but it was a joke!

PG85 said...

Slight edit in my last comment:
"One of the commenters here seems to blame "all liberals" for this."

should be:

"One of the commenters seem to think that all liberals think it's racism when someone speaks against immigration."

And sorry for the long comment Admin ;).

PaxCanadiana said...

Fundamentally I have no problem with immigration, even immigration from non-traditional sources (i.e. any non-European nation) but I do have a problem when immigration threatens to radically change the character of the country.

Muslims in the Netherlands is an example. Now they are a minority but given birth rates and immigration patterns they do challenge the native Dutch population for social dominance. When they become the majority can we still call it the Netherlands in the sense as we understand the Netherlands today? What will it mean to integrate in a Muslim dominated Netherlands?

The same questions can be asked of Canada. Canada is a Euro-American nation of which that identity is being challenged by waves on non-European immigration. When Asians become the dominant group in Vancouver, what will it mean then to integrate in that city? And how will a south Asian dominated southern Ontario relate to an Asian dominated British Columbia?

Despite the differences of the ethnic groups that settled and built Canada in its early years what they held in common was they were all Europeans in ancestry and this, I argue, was instrumental in eventually unifying the country. The same cannot said now of current immigration trends and I think that, in the long term, will tear asunder what Europeans brought together.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found this site! I have been feeling this way for years. My current job takes me around to many different elementary schools in Vancouver and I am shocked at how few Caucasian children are present in the classrooms. One class I was in recently had 1 Caucasian child out of 30.
It also really bothers me that none of these immigrants care about learning English at all! I was born and raised in Vancouver and am truly beginning to feel like an intruder in my own city.

Newbie said...

I'm a newbie to Canada from the UK, I've been job hunting for over 6 months, and am seriously depressed at how practically every single job advert for jobs in Richmond state you MUST speak Mandarin or Cantonese. Even if the job doesn't say that, I have a feeling the job would go to a Chinese speaker over an English speaker. I find it incredible that this is allowed to happen....I thought the official languages of Canada were English and French?? Both of which I speak quite well as it happens. I'm now job hunting further afield as I've given up ever getting a job in this Chinese owned town. I too feel like an alien here, the Chinese in Richmond don't even try to learn or speak English, and don't seem to respect this country's rules or customs, I guess they think they are above doing that, driving around in their BMWs, Mercedes and Ferraris. Very depressing.

PaxCanadiana said...

I'm a newbie to Canada from the UK, I've been job hunting for over 6 months, and am seriously depressed at how practically every single job advert for jobs in Richmond state you MUST speak Mandarin or Cantonese.

I suspect they are doing that as a means to turn to the temporary foreign worker program and import what will essentially be indentured servants from China.

They will bring in Chinese nationals and make them pay the expense of importing them, and make a profit off of it as well while paying them less, with the lure that they can get permanent residency.

Last time they did this we imposed a head tax. I think we need to do it again.

I thought the official languages of Canada were English and French?

If certain ethnic groups get their way Mandarin and Punjabi will become official languages as well.

I too feel like an alien here, the Chinese in Richmond don't even try to learn or speak English, and don't seem to respect this country's rules or customs...

And they scratch their heads wondering why everywhere they go they invite negative attention.

I guess they think they are above doing that, driving around in their BMWs, Mercedes and Ferraris. Very depressing.

While being the least charitable group in Canada. They seem to have money to buy a second Lexus SUV but none to donate to the needy. And we're supposed to believe them when they say they want to contribute to Canada. Any contribution they make to Canada is an unintended side-effect to their pursuit of money as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Re: While being the least charitable group in Canada.

This is true. Walk around the cities of Toronto and on the streets it is 60 - 75 % minorities now depending what part of the city. Yet, what is really bizarre is that when you attend some kind of charitable fund-raising event (for the poor, sick, etc.) the crowd is 95 - 100% white? How is that? Isn't the government propaganda we read that immigration will benefit us by bringing in people to pay taxes, etc.? Yet, if they are doing so well, why can't they contribute to charity? Even the Star (strongly pro-immigrant) had a report about how Asian people needing stem cell or blood donations run into problems because of the low amount of Asian donors, totally at odds with the high per cent of Asians in Toronto. Of course that paper phrased it as sympathetically to the Asians as they could, claiming that blood donations is not a longstanding Chinese tradition, and so on, and they will work on it. However, I think any kind of charity to all citizens of Canada is often a problem with our latest set of immigrants (past 25 years). They don't mind charity to people of their own ethnic group, but not everyone, yet Canadians of European background are donating to causes that help everyone living here, not just one ethnic group. It is a bad sign for the future, and it is a shame how our media plays anything negative about the newest imports down.

Anonymous said...

This is a 2 part comment...

but WOW, I never thought I'd stumble across a site where other people are voicing the exact same concerns I have had for the past while. I agree with everything that is being said in here and all of us need to somehow find a way to stop this madness, whether it's through petitions, writing to our government, protests, ANYTHING! Our country is getting run over and it'll soon be colonized by Chinese.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, and still currently live here - I am in my 20s and currently study at UBC - my parents immigrated here from Europe in the 80s and they established themselves as Canadians, perfecting their English, and learning and respecting Canadian culture and tradition, as well as contributing to our society in several ways.

Being the child of immigrants, I must say that I have NO problems with immigration as long as the immigrants integrate themselves into Canadian society and learn English/French properly, and positively contribute to Canadian life.

As a person who grew up in Vancouver, I have seen the city develop rapidly over the years, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at how beautiful it is. But then it strikes me that I'll NEVER be able to afford a decent life in my OWN city, a city I was born and raised in and know the ins and outs of. I consider myself a Vancouverite and I'm very proud of it, but saddened that I'll definitely have to leave this city because of what we see happening here.

I've been working in customer-service related jobs (coffee shops and retail) over the past few years to pay for tuition, like most typical Canadian post-secondary students. Working both downtown and Richmond, I've gotten a good taste of Chinese customers and of course there are the nice, humble ones who were raised (even born) here and then there are the ones that all of us have a problem with - rude, disrespectful, CHEAP, no respect for non-Chinese people, loud, the list goes on, these Canada's new "immigrants", and it terrifies me. On a constant basis, I deal with Chinese who flaunt Louis Vuitton bags and anything with a luxury name printed on it only to ask about the cheapest option or buying a large drink and asking for 5 extra cups, only to watch them split it with their family (oh my god, I can't even count on my fingers and toes how many times this has happened). Or the ones that come up to me and ask if there are any Chinese associates to help them. Or some of them even go as far as asking if I speak Mandarin or Cantonese (I'm always tempted to be an asshole and ask them if they speak English). I'm not even going to get started on how they're the loudest people ever when talking, having no respect for others or other things. Disrespectful, constantly messing up displays at every retail job I've worked at, also coming in at closing time expecting to be served or helped, or thinking they can take their sweet time (this ALWAYS HAPPENS!).
I'm not even going to get started at what I see at UBC - 18 year old kids who pull up in Ferraris and other luxury cars with a bright green 'N' (new driver) magnet on the back. This drives me absolutely crazy, knowing that mommy and daddy bought them their sweet ride and most likely paid for their Coal Harbour apartment and UBC tuition as well.
A girl I used to work with even told me how she's here for school, but her parents send her money every month, on top of sending her luxury gifts (she would have a new designer handbag every month), as well as paying for her brand new Downtown apartment and tuition.

Anonymous said...

(or I guess this will be a 3 part comment!)

The worst part is that these Chinese, young or old, strive against adapting to Canadian norms, and especially strive against meeting and assimilating with people of other cultures, particularly Canadians! It's crazy but I always see it - asian kids hanging out together speaking Chinese, being loud, while if one of them is forced to communicate with *gasp* a non-Chinese person, they become awkward and quiet even if they can speak OK english. It drives me crazy - especially people who claim to be here to study English only to speak Chinese the whole time and hang out with people of their own kind. If I were in a foreign country, I'd try my best to meet other people and assimilate - of course if there were other Canadians, I'd speak with them, but if I'm in another country to learn a different language, I'll put a wholehearted effort into it.
All the experiences others I know, as well as that I've had are bringing me to a breaking point as well - going into a Chinese restaurant or mall (ahem, Crystal Mall) and EVERYTHING is in Chinese. I've been to a restaurant asking about what a certain dish is since there was no English, and who I assumed was the owner straight up told me that I wouldn't understand what it is anyways - of course I walked out.
I won't even get started on what I'm starting to see at malls and supermarkets - Chinese signage everywhere. I went into Holt Renfrew a while ago and there were signs to the bathroom written in Chinese! Same goes for certain CANADIAN grocery stores that have the aisle signage written in Chinese.
Oh yeah, and remember about a few months ago, about a dozen idiots were racing down the highway in Richmond in luxury cars? Well all those kids were new Chinese 17-23 year olds with N stickers on the back and though their cars were seized, several of them had another luxury car or had daddy purchase a new one for them! It's unbelievable but someone I know actually knew a couple of them and told me this. It's disgusting.
And how about the U-Pass frauds? Where fake U-Passes were being printed? As well as fake drivers licenses? All by these foreigners.

Anonymous said...

The fact that this is the future of Vancouver frightens me - every single place I go to, I am a minority and I feel like this isn't even home anymore. I get STARED at by old Chinese people because I probably look foreign to them and it's a strange occurrence to see a caucasian person.
I walk through neighbourhoods I've grown up in and they are being torn down and redeveloped into those disgusting looking generic "mansions" and fancy new condos that will only be bought out by Chinese investors.

I hate voicing my concerns over things like this because people instantly jump to conclusions and assume that I am a racist - this is not the case. I have so many fantastic friends who are of different cultures - European, all kinds of Asian, First Nations, etc etc and I respect them all equally. The only problem I have is with MASS amounts of Chinese people who come here, abuse the system and getting our healthcare, education, and benefits that we as Canadian citizens put our taxes into, and bring in THEIR culture, disrespecting or not caring about other cultures, particularly CANADIAN culture, looking down upon everyone else, buying out all of our real estate, jacking up the prices on housing in Vancouver and leaving the rest of us citizens high and dry, causing many of us to struggle and live paycheck to pay check while living in a crummy, old building in the suburbs.

It's driving me to a point where I am about to snap. I am really considering moving to Europe, because the future of Vancouver is looking bleak. I feel like I'm somewhere in China, and I can't stand the behaviour of these new immigrants any longer. The fact that I'm already a very singled out minority scares me. Our governments need to get their act together because no Canadians are able to afford anything in their OWN home, and Canadians themselves are being singled out by these people. Immigration reform NOW.

Anonymous said...

Some people keep complaining that Chinese immigrants don't adopt Western or European lifestyles and cultures. They totally miss the point. The crucial question is not whether immigrants should incorporate Western cultures, but whether they should accept liberal and democratic values. If they do endorse those values, but remain committed to Chinese culture in their personal life, no problem. The society should be liberal in the public sense and pluralistic in the private sense.

PaxCanadiana said...

The crucial question is not whether immigrants should incorporate Western cultures, but whether they should accept liberal and democratic values.

Christians all believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ but that hasn't stopped them from disagreeing with each other on his teachings nor persecuting each other over differing interpretations of doctrine. Same can be said of Muslims and Jews, etc.

The idea that all a people need to do is share a belief in some basic concepts in order to be united is simplistic and naive.

aranhil said...

I find it ironic that your title implies Vancouver is a "Canadian city" by origin and is turning into a Chinese colony, when in fact Vancouver was a British colony. This is a land where no one originally spoke English at all. It became "Canadian" due to the massive influx of British colonists, who displaced the Coast Salish people of Vancouver. Now Chinese people are going to displace English-speaking people, except they are not bring the military here to slash and burn.

The idea of Cascadian succession has been going around in British Columbia much earlier than the recent Chinese immigration waves. The only thing keeping us from becoming a Quebec of the west coast is the large English-speaking population and a fear of the United States. We live on the periphery of the continent so it's only natural that successionist movements are developing. If you are still uncomfortable with this in a globalised world, perhaps it's better to relocate to a more "central' part of Canada.

PaxCanadiana said...

It became "Canadian" due to the massive influx of British colonists, who displaced the Coast Salish people of Vancouver. Now Chinese people are going to displace English-speaking people...

Oh, so since the British displaced an indigenous people and colonized their lands it's therefore right and justified for the Chinese to do it to Canadians.

So I guess colonialism is actually a good thing given the right circumstances. Is that what you're saying; that two wrongs make a right?

Considering China's history with European and Japanese colonialism and it's current treatment of Tibet it's hypocritical for them to take offence when the accusing finger is pointed at them, wouldn't you agree?

It's like I've said many times before: colonialism's great if you're the one doing it and since the Chinese are doing it to Canada, and elsewhere, it turns out that it's not such a bad thing after all.

The idea of Cascadian succession has been going around in British Columbia much earlier than the recent Chinese immigration waves.

Oh please! If anyone's going to pull it off it'll be when the Chinese colonials in B.C. outnumber the Canadians.

The Cascadian secession movement is a fringe movement of a handful of pipe dreaming idealists not unlike the secessionists of Texas. They aren't the potential threat to Canadian sovereignty. The smart money's on the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

I went to Vancouver for a vacation and noticed its not the same as Seattle or Edmonton, Canada. It's a more-multicultural city ala Shanghai or HK. Great place to stay for 3 days/3 nights.....Love the Stanley Park though..

Anonymous said...

my mom has many friends of different nationalities (who doesn't in Canada?). She comes to visit me from alberta often, and is always surprised by the amount of asians in van. Most recently was on the seabus, and everyone in our field of view spanning 4 to 5 rows was asian, except 3 or 4 whiteys.
If the majority culture and ethnicity is fast becoming chinese, what does it mean to 'assimilate' or fit in?
When i use the bank machine, it greets me in chinese. I have saw (western) restaurants and stores close down, only to see a sushi or asian place crop up after it.
At the end of the day, we can complain about this forever, but it wont change anything. White women arent having kids anymore -- they're focused on their empty careers. Don't expect white english speaking kids to come out chinese people.
The problem is the bankers, property developers, business/financial elite need an indebted growing poulation to enrich themselves, so they need to keep increasing the population. If white women arent going to have kids, they just chalk up more immigrants to fill the void. Whether we want it or not, our population will increase because the bankers want it that way.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Chinese who choose not to integrate into Canadian society and become Canadian citizens should be barred from buying residential real estate in Canada. I also believe that those who are simply permanent residents should have their property taxes raised on their existing homes by 50% that way the money can be redistributed through the Canadian economy to help hard work canadians with access to better education, healthcare, and the ability to afford their first home regardless of location.
The chinese are like fleas, they rape and pillage where they go and when they arent happy with a certain place they leave it rot and empty and expect the market to carry the price higher. How does that help the local economy. All they do is force locals to sell their properties because they push up the property taxes so they cant afford to live in their neighborhoods.
How can this country continue to allow this.
I also think we should slash immigration by 75%, provide access to better education and training to assist with filling much needed jobs in order to offset the need for skilled immigrants. I also think it would be beneficial to have a national subsidized childcare program in place to help working families. It would also encourage women to have more children and keep our population from declining. I believe if we incorporate those policies we will save money on importing immigrants who are simply taking advantage of our social democracy and leaving us with the tax bill to clean up.

Anonymous said...

Vancouver having an ethnic Chinese mayor does not make it a Chinese colony. San Francisco has a Chinese mayor and it is not a Chinese colony as have many other cities

PaxCanadiana said...

Vancouver having an ethnic Chinese mayor does not make it a Chinese colony.

For starters I don't think Vancouver has an ethnic Chinese mayor unless George Robertson is an ethnic Chinese name.

In any case San Francisco, like Vancouver, is about 30% Asian albeit with a smaller city population (it's around 800,000+ versus Vancouver's 2.3 million). So maybe we should say both are Chinese colonies.

Unknown said...

Canada, and in particular Vancouver, has an immigration problem, not a real estate problem. The issue is Business, or Investor, Class immigration. The reason you don't hear this complaint often about Filipinos, or Latin Americans is that they are basically not as rich as recent mainland Chinese immigrants.

In Vancouver there is a relatively new term called HAM (Hot Asian Money) that describes 90% of problems working people (including myself) experience here. There isn't a day that I don't see a couple of $200,000 car drive by where I walk to work.

The reason is that government of Canada has allowed rich Asians to immigrate to Canada under the pretext of 'investment'. There is no real investment. Instead, this has turned Canadian real estate into a Ponzi scheme that has guaranteed its demise.

Also, these immigrants don't pay the income taxes that I pay, which in their income bracket it would be around 40%. Their children wouldn't have the drive to seek employment in Canada because simply they don't need to. They're very rich.

Anonymous said...

Why exactly you think a "rich" Asian guy who can buy a good house all cash will be interested in Canada's health care system? He can just use the best facilities all over the world "because he is reach" .How many of these Asians are sending their kids to private schools and therefore not using the public education system funds?? I bet a lot of them.
And at the end aren't they paying their taxes "based on their income" when they are here and using the public services?

PaxCanadiana said...

Why exactly you think a "rich" Asian guy who can buy a good house all cash will be interested in Canada's health care system?

Why pay for your health care when you can get someone else to pay for it? Doing so let's you keep more money for yourself to spend it on vanities like another luxury vehicle.

How many of these Asians are sending their kids to private schools and therefore not using the public education system funds??

Canada has some of the top rank universities in the world. Why pay for you kid's education when you can have someone else subsidize it?

And at the end aren't they paying their taxes "based on their income" when they are here and using the public services?

"Based on their income" means what they tell and don't tell the taxman. Many Asians own and operate cash businesses like corner stores, laundromats and cleaners, grocers, restaurants, and hair and nail salons as well as sell pirated goods like DVDs and CDs. They can, and do, under-report their incomes by hiding the cash transactions and report low profit margins and incomes with the intent of being placed in a lower tax bracket they otherwise wouldn't be in were they honest. Don't try and tell me they don't do this.

Asians with Canadian citizenship working overseas under-report their overseas incomes since reporting them to Canada revenue is mostly an honour system.

The question you should be asking is why are a people who are averse to paying taxes to begin with are so eager to move to a country that imposes high taxes?

They are ripping us off but who are we to blame them for it when we allow it? The blame lies with us.

Anonymous said...

This weekend I noticed that the CIBC instant teller was offering Chinese as a language choice, but I was not in a Chinese neighbourhood. Is Chinese now an official language? For that matter there are other ethnic groups in similar numbers?

Where does it end? It bothers me to see CIBC pander to immigrants. At the very least shouldn't the plan be that the Chinese assimilate? If you are going to offer them banking in the Chinese language, then they will never have the time to practice English, or the incentive. Or, maybe the plan for them is not to assimilate. Maybe in parts of BC they just drop in, take what they need, go back and forth.

PaxCanadiana said...

This weekend I noticed that the CIBC instant teller was offering Chinese as a language choice, but I was not in a Chinese neighbourhood. Is Chinese now an official language?

It seems to be turning out that way. The Toronto Public Library System's self-checkout computers greet patrons in English, French, and Mandarin (or is it Cantonese?).

The "Big Six" banks make sense because it was due to their lobbying that Canada is being overwhelmed by useless immigration. Well, useless to the majority of Canadians but very profitable to Canada's big six robber-barons.

Anonymous said...

I apologize, in my frustration I should have said Mandarin or Cantonese language. I meant pandering to the Chinese.

And you are correct, the big banks, big business (the Macdonalds, Walmarts) etc., like the new customers. It doesn't hinder their business if some of these customers take resources funded by Canadian taxpayers (welfare, etc.) as they still will have to buy certain products. So one owner can keep ever expanding his franchise of stores and making a lot of money for himself. I'd rather see a few less Walmarts and chain stores, than importing in hundreds of thousands of people to shop there. The whole thing is a Ponzi scheme relying on endless growth.

Anonymous said...

and now this will be law in 18 days thanks to what harper signed

TiredOfIt said...

I moved from Calgary to Toronto 2 1/2 years ago big mistake. This city has been taken over by non-European immigrants. According to the latest Census 54% do not speak English or French as a first language. Everytime I go Vancouver, I admire the beauty but feel it is a lost city, same with Toronto. I have friends of many cultures, sexual orientations, etc. but they tend to be 2nd generation Canadians (my Dad was a Scottish immigrant so I have dual Canadian-UK citizenship). I keep that option open as I feel increasingly uncomfortable in my birth country, like I no longer belong for being Caucasian.

I hoped Jason Kenney would tighten the screws on bogus immigrants, just read we are not decreasing our numbers even though unemployment is still running high, particularly with our youth. If Harper's government can't do it no one will. All parties are scared of a backlash from New Canadians who tend to vote for whoever will let all their family in, even grandma who will collect OAS and CPP, suck the health system dry while never contribute to the fund.

Recently I've met some young Irish people trying to make a new start here. They fit in, can speak English and love being here. If we filled the 300K quota with Irish I would support it 110% but not the selfish, people who refuse to integrate into our society.

Anonymous said...

Glad I stumbled across this blog. I have been feeling the same way as most of you feel about what is happening to Vancouver.
I was born and raised here too. Vancouver is being taken over indirectly. Ever since the 90s were done I felt more like a foreigner to my own city/country. I have some Chinese friends, one of them I went to high school with. He would tell me how he didn't like the typical Chinese staring down on none-Chinese for nothing, maybe it's for dominance or something. But it sucks how they inflict their way of thinking into Canadian society and not trying to integrate and respect our culture.
If you've ever seen Red Dawn, it's almost similar to that but in an indirect way.
I hope that the government will open their eyes to clamp down on this over immigration scheme. It's really disappointing. And costing us tax payers too much money, especially for investing in property.
Oh, and don't forget the Heritage of Vancouver is dwindling away as well, look at the old Expo site. The Plaza Of Nations has been reduced to 2 buildings and the developer wants to put in some high rises blocking the view of the stadium. The Architect is Chinese and probably supports this change. Like I said it's really disappointing and we are losing what was left of Vancouver.
I hope we can send a message to Parliament on this matter of immigration.

Anonymous said...

Anoy' said

"Peter you fucking traitorous, worthless piece of shit. People like you should be hung in the street you limp wristed moron. You'll bow to the parasite that comes here to pick this country apart rather than stand with people who built this place. You make me sick. I've seen programs in other countries where the chinese have openly said that they come here because canada offers the best benefits and programs.

Milking this country dry is their only purpose. The piss on our culture, our laws, our customs and way of life. In Richmond now, these fucking parasites are not even stopping for red lights anymore. Nevermind the fact that these fucking assholes can't drive to save their lives (though magically every one of these parasitic organism seems to drive a Mercedes or a BMW), but now, I've seen on many occasions these fucking peasants not wanting to wait for a greed light and just proceeded through a busy intersection while the opposing traffic has been moving for a few seconds causing everyone else to slam on their brakes.

Tell me Peter you fucking douchbag, when one of these worthless assholes hits a member of your family at an intersection because to them our laws are a joke, will you still feel that it's racist to keep them out of here?? You fucking idiot!

You're nothing more than a useful idiot. Hard working Canadians are having difficulty buying a house, keeping with day to day expenses while fucking 18yr chinese punks are driving Ferrari's bought by mommy and daddy and not even bothering to learn our language and laughing at us. And you DARE call us racists? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!"

+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It really should be this simple, quid pro quo.
Others can buy here if we can buy in their country. If we pay taxes in their country they pay taxes in ours. Don't comply, we make you leave. Same with business, if I need a local partner in their country, they need a local partner in ours. Basically it is about respect and reciprocity. If we catch you flaunting our laws you leave. If you come to Canada respect our way of life and live by it, if you don't then don't come here. The true north strong and free

Anonymous said...

My wife and I live near Toronto but never go there because it's like going to a smelly foreign country. Soon, we'll probably need a passport to enter it. We drive, believe it or not, to Buffalo instead and where we feel more at home.

Anonymous said...

You are a racist group.

... Zzzzzz ... snore zzzzzz ... ... <- I AGREE, GO WITH YOUR ADDRESS hypocritical and AUTO-victimization ELSEWHERE OR BUY CHINESE STORIES HERE MAY RETURN TO PARADISE = China (contaminated, where there are only slaves free workers)
Recalls the slaughter of Tiananmen Square massacre 1989-The Cultural Revolution and its millions of dead _ Who ordered that? many of you ungrateful Chinese hayaron freedom-prosperity-and a decent life in Canada, not in China country authoritarian governance and culture, are known worldwide aggressive and expansionist policies of Red China, the general ruffians boast about it in their parades, soulless robots (Chinese Army) and people indoctrinated Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Immigration is for one reason only -- economics.

Bankers, business and financial Elite all want to make more money. Capitalism is based on a flawed economic model that requires a constantly growing population in order for it to work properly. Whites in all countries aren't having any more kids. Therefore the bankers told their lapdog politicians to open the borders up -- to artificially increase the population via immigration. This is happening in all formerly white Western countries -- u.s., Canada, Australia, Europe, u.k., etc. And the bankers couldn't care less who these warm immigrant bodies are or what language they speak -- as long as they lower wages, take out loans and mortgages and indebt themselves to bankers. Look at how many banks are around your neighborhood. It will tell you they are there for a reason.

This is what's really going on. I used to feel animosity towards immigrants, but now I realize its the financial elite and bankers that are at the root of the problem. All they care about is profits. If it means Canada is someday 99% immigrant Chinese, they won't care, as long as they are the 1% getting the profits.

I don't really have any good news or predictions based on these trends. Perhaps decades or centuries from now, capitalism will finally collapse. Perhaps robots will be able to completely replace human workers -- at which point the idea of working for a wage will collapse. Not until this happens, will there be a change. Until then, expect the amount of English speaking whites to keep shrinking into a minority, and Chinese/Asians to keep exploding in numbers.

Anonymous said...

The rudest country on earth comes to the most polite country on earth.........this could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

China has a long history of isolating itself off from others. This has led them to become xenophobic and explains their racist views. Unlike civilized peoples, they do not understand the concept of common courtesy, and teaching values to them has become our burden.
When I get offended by bad their behavior, I remind myself that they are like two year old children who need to be taught. The question is just how long is this going to take? When are they going to get it?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about anybody else but the logical thing to do is move to China, it must be empty by now.

Anonymous said...


New Orleans said...

They are generally rude and filthy people, the ones who save us SARS, bird flu, etc. I am American, but I feel your pain; your city is unbelievably beautiful, but you are being taken over by people who spit on the street, crap in holes and use no toilet paper. Next time you meet one, put out your left hand for them to shake!

Anonymous said...

I am from auckland, nz and my own city is a around half chinese and it's is now filled with corruption

Anonymous said...

My uncle have been in Vancouver, and he tell me that Vancouver not are a
"white" city any more. It have been an asian city. It is sad for Canada.
Before 1980s Vancouver was a white city. Now you feel you are in Chine are something. Why Canada accept all this immigration? 40 years in the future pure whites well be exotic and rare in Vancouver. Race mixing between whites and asian have already started. There are alreday many asian white couples there. A soft genocide of whites. And asian females are actuellymost active in
this "white" genocide.

Roger W said...

It is refreshing to see that I am not the only Canadian that is disgusted, frustrated and disappointed to what has happened to the beautiful city of Vancouver. It is beyond belief that Canadians tolerate and welcome this kind of ethic takeover. It is one thing to offer a home in this country to a legitimate refugee, someone who has been persecuted in their homeland, but is a complete travesty to open the flood gates to a culture that is aggressive, ruthless, deceptive and have no respect for its citizens.

To see what awaits Vancouver in the near future, take a short drive to the city of Richmond, near the airport. I used to live there and remember when there was only one Chinese restaurant in town, and mostly white families.

It is sad that as a people we are so passive-aggressive, we complain but do nothing to remedy a situation. So maybe because of our politically right attitude, we are bound to be absorbed by the Asians, making us a minority in our own country, in the not so distant future.

It is true that Asian females actively pursue white males to have mixed babies. Most of them do not like their own race. A mixed baby is a great Honor to them, even if they don't love the boyfriend. Finding a job not knowing mandarin is a very difficult ordeal.

I am greateful to have found a job in a different city, and will be leaving Hongcouver soon. my sympathys to those left behind.

cruz4500 said...

Its true this chinese invasion is outta hand and these stupid shits dont give a fuck about canada and the rules we have...Someone above mentioned when they go to a charity event its 90-95percent whites there well hate to burst your bubble but white people are the only idiots left thinking that charity money is gonna go to the people who need it and not the morons holding the you need to pipe down white man the whole reason were in this mess is because of your dumb ass system which is all about money.....Remember white folks the PEOPLE running this COUNTRY ARE WHITE and the only color they see is GREEN...So go after the root of the problem you idiots the government that allowing this invasion..They are white and greedy typical lambs to the slaughter not a fucking clue on whats happening...these chinks didnt get accepted to this country by other chinks its by your WHITE GOVT.....stupid idiots....what a joke blame it on the chinks hey if there allowed cuz we are cowards and cant stand up and tell our govt whats up well then so be it....

Anonymous said...

So when is someone going to do something about all these Chinese?

Anonymous said...

Hello all, recently me and my wife were planning to migrate to your lovely country after visiting several times. Firstly nature is heavenly and weather is acceptable. Your locals are the most gentle group of people that i have ever seen. I have been working as an advisor for a korean company for 5 years and due to this i visited china , korea , philipines many times and i lived in china for 2 years. Let me tell you from experience chinese people really hate white people, actually they hate anyone who is not chinese.
Now here comes the culture shock
Me and my wife are white caucasians and my wife is blond. I have never imagined that we would have faced racism in canada. During our immigration works some of the officers were chinese and many times i overheard them saying white f**ks... and believe me this was the best part. They thought i did not know chinese and they said many chinese are on the list and firstly they should be finalised not some white scum. During our stay my pregnant wife got pushed in front of moving cars by chinese women and we heard many racist comments mainly in chinese, and when i stand up to them even locals accused me being racist even one young idiot local told me "how can a chinese be racist , you are the racist", police warned me for trying to protect my wife ( yes the police was chinese) . This is why we gave up immigrating. I am sorry but your country is not canada it is china and if you stay silent you will be living in a living hell very soon.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...In my line of work, I do 70% government work ( cana. etc.)I Thought you needed to speak fluent english and french to work for our government.. NOT TRUE!! I have done work for the Citizens and immigration and a huge amount of people that work in these offices can not even speak english..they speak chinese or punjab etc.. for me dealing with a representive of our country that can't speak english drives me fucking crazy! i spent a 1/2 hr. in there waiting area 1 day waiting for my non english speaking client to arrive and watched an endless line of people waiting to pick up a check to pay for school.. this is how it went ,hi I am here to apply for funding for school the person behind the desk asked which class .the person replies x course, and they were told shure come by tomorrow to pick up the check, have a nice day. Now to be clear this is not confined to citezen and immigration, it seems to be every government building i've encoutered.where english seems to be a problem. I myself was born and raised in canada i can not afford to pay for school and had to resort to student loans(which I will be paying for a long time to come) found it a bit odd that someone new to this country has it so good. One comment that was made. it is us canadians that are handing away our county, in my experience this is not the the case, It is in fact other immigrants makeing these kinds of decisions.this is just a guesstiment, but it appears that @ least 60% of people working in goverment offices are new to canada. just saying.other comments i have read are so true.every minority group has a coalition of some sort. eg..chinese , korean etc.. you get the picture. if white people ever tried to form such a thing we would be branded a racist group up to no good. Another term that has been thrown around is P.C.This has been nothing more than vessel groups have used to further there own agenda.And I am shure most of us have experienced this most annoying feeling of being pushed aside by some 5ft. midget trying to enter the skytrain or a bus. Yes i have used this blog to rant a little bit, but the fact remains there is an invasion happening, and up until today, i thought it was rite underneath everyone's nose.Thank GOD .opps not pc. fuck it lets wake up and get up and do something before it is to late.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Vancouver. When I was growing up Vancouver was a very different city. In elementary school things started to change. And in secondary school the language in the halls went from English to Chinese. I remember being in an English class and the teacher having to tell the Chinese kids to speak English. When confronted by the teacher she was met with anger and looks of disgust.

My problem is not with immigration, as my grandparents were immigrants. My problem is with integration. The immigrants these days, especially the Chinese and East Indians don't seem to integrate. Why is it I get turned away from jobs I am qualified for when I don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese? There is no rhyme or reason why in software development I should need to speak in either language. I am not in sales (selling to the Chinese population) and the company is in Canada.

Racism can come from both sides. I have been an immigrant myself, but in Europe. I went knowing that I would have to learn the language and culture. That was my duty for the privilege to be able to spend four lovely years in a beautiful country. Why should we not have rules that force integration and language on newcomers?

If people are educated, motivated and want to be a productive member of society (integration and all), then I say let them come and contribute. If you can't do that, then find somewhere else to go. But as someone pointed out, our government has been too quick to open the gate without the proper checks and balances. I only hope all Canadians, get out there and put a stop to easy immigration. Let's get in people who can be a contribution, not a drain on our wonderful country.

Anonymous said...

I too was born in Vancouver. This place has turned into the most unfriendly city I've ever encountered. Sense of community? What community? It appears I've moved to China and had no say in it.

I rent, and have Chinese, above, below and on both sides. I'm tired of trying to say Good morning or any greeting to any of them. It's met with sneers. I just came back from Tim Hortons, the place was full, myself and my friend were the only ones that weren't Chinese and there was zero English being spoken. I'm forced to feel like a foreigner in my home country. I live in Coquitlam.

This isn't immigration, it's an invasion. Many of my Caucasian friends have left Vancouver for the same reason....all stating we have all the fall out of a war, without the war. We all talk about it in the privacy of our living rooms, in fear of being deemed racist, however, it's the Chinese that are racist. I too am fed up with job seeking where Cantonese or Mandarin are required. We're just handing our country, values and culture over to them and they are laughing at us for it and not even discreetly.

There is no doubt for the people that were born here, that this IS a Chinese colony. I've come to hate this city and feel as though I'm being chased out too. This is a daily conversation with my friends. Why, are we allowing this to happen? As someone else posted, why are we not standing in front of city hall protesting? Sure, they bring their money and create jobs, but only for themselves. My Stepmother was an ESL teacher, she told me 20 years ago, that 40% of our school budget goes to teaching the Chinese English. I can't imagine what percentage that would be now, yet I don't hear them speaking it.

I realize I've not said anything new here, I just wanted a place to express my feelings. Thank you for this blog and allowing me to vent. outcast in my home country.

Anonymous said...

I'm sickened and disgusted that this invasion is allowed to continue. The Chinese are a bunch of rude, obnoxious ingrates. The East Indians are right behind them. My ex works as a Contractor and his sole job is to repair all the code violations by the East Indians in new developments. Look at what happened to our taxi industry...a bunch of broken down wrecks that I wouldn't risk my life in until recently. The trucking industry another one. Why are we just silently sitting at our computers complaining and not taking it to the streets? It disgusts me to see Crusty Clark and Harper dressed in Chinese gear for Chinese New Year and Sikh gear for their holidays. WTF? It's already too late.

As a Vancouver born Caucasian, I'm already a minority in my hometown and country. The Chinese have a history of killing off many species, complete lack of human rights, absolutely no respect for anything and they've brought that garbage from their 3rd world country to what was ours. Speak English for Christ sakes!! I have to laugh a all the indignity in Quebec back in the 70's regarding a refusal of English signage.

Just down the street from me in Burnaby, there's a huge Asian strip mall that doesn't have ANY English signage. Clearly as a Canadian born white person, I'm not welcome there. It's all over the lower mainland. The Chinese have had Richmond for decades, The East Indians, Surrey, The Muslims the North Shore, yet there isn't a predominately white neighbourhood to be found. They've infiltrated every where! As a woman, I'm afraid to go the corner store at any time of day because there's always a group of Chinese males blocking the entrance and staring me down as though I'm an unworthy piece of shit!! This was my country!! I emphasize "was" because even if we have immigration reform now, it's too damned late. I don't feel safe walking the streets of Vancouver anymore. They've succeeded in taking over, I don't want to be here anymore. I'll never be able to afford to own property, I'm single and not the slightest bit interested in dating an East Indian or any Asian and that's all that's available in Vancouver. I don't understand anything being spoken in public anymore. I'm not racist, or intolerant and I'm sick of our politicians trying to brainwash me into believing if I speak out as a patriot, that I am. I have friends of all sexual orientations, and many different races. Is it too much to ask that they speak our language??

Craigslists rants and raves used be tips on where there was traffic congestions, what stores may be dishonest, etc., now it's just a bunch of Asians speaking of white genocide and telling us it's their country now. Really??? Go!! the F**k home you filthy ingrates!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Latin America and moved to Montréal in 2010. Last year I decide to come to Vancouver, expecting to finally settle down and start my new life. This has been probably the worst mistake of my life. Most expensive city in North America (Dont know why? "ocean"? "mountains"?. But the most weird experience I had in this soon-to-be chinese colony was that I was discriminated by a Chinese guy for being "mixed race" which for them its synonym of "not smart"and "inferior". Seems that Canada will become Chinada

PaxCanadiana said...

Most expensive city in North America (Dont know why? "ocean"? "mountains"?

You have to wonder?

It's full of Chinese. Toronto has the same problem too.

The Chinese don't don't create jobs, they speculate in real estate.

One has to wonder what contribution they have made as a community to make continued Chinese immigration - all Asian immigration for that matter - of any worth to us Canadians. I simply don't see it and indeed if any benefit is to be had it is by the Chinese themselves.

I think Chinese immigration is allowed at such high numbers considering the low return on their importation is that the banks love them because of their addiction to gambling in real estate speculation. That plus our political parties are afraid to offend them - since we imported so many already - and lose their bloc votes. It's for pathetic reasons, really.

Anonymous said...

native indian lands or white colonies?

PaxCanadiana said...

native indian lands or white colonies?

How about a Chinese colony built over an existing city founded by Europeans and established on native land?

Does that work for ya?

The Chinese aren't indigenous to Canada and are not a founding people.

They're colonizers no matter how you look at it.

Anonymous said...

how about white colonys arriving to KA-NA-TA now get out we don't want white trash in our land!white people are illegal in north glad you are being sent to death in fema camps

Anonymous said...

north America was not FOUNDED by Europeans it was colonized and STOLEN by white people. you are not welcome on OUR land GET OUT!and by the way there are aboriginals in india as well over 500tribes and I can name two adavasi and dalits so really shut up!

Anonymous said...


PaxCanadiana said...

Hmmm. It appears not only is Vancouver being invaded by Chinese colonizers it's being overrun by trolls as well.

Nice city while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Canasian Day in Richmond, BC. Less and less visible non-Asians in Steveston this Canada Day. What's more, Asian families of many family members outnumber non-Asians. The whole family walks together horizontally on the sidewalks and couples or singles are forced to move out of the way. Wonder if they realize how damn lucky they are to be here - doubt it!

Jason W said...

As an asian canadian (born here in Canada) I am extremely offended by many of these racist and culturally insensitive comments. It's funny because I thought that we had moved on to an era in which racism was nearly non-existent, but reading the comments in this blog showed me how wrong I was and the efforts that need to be taken in order to eradicate racism.

In one of the comments earlier, someone stated

"Recently in communities outside of Toronto Chinese fishermen were being disruptive and irked the locals who started to push them in the water in incidents known as "nippertipping". I am compelled to believe they brought it upon themselves. "

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? are you actually attempting to justify this kind of behavior and hate crime? the chinese fisherman brought this upon themselves? do you even have ANY idea the context in which these incidents occured? please do a bit of research and reading before you make these kind of comments. It's funny how pervasive racism is in canada...

Secondly, with regards to the issue that many chinese immmigrants are speaking in their own language? well what the HECK did you expect? they are immigrants who came from an immigrant country with a whole different language and differnet culture. AND they are making EVERY effort to learn the english language and culture, but it takes TIME. For someone who was born in a foreign country and came to a english speaking country where english wasnt their native language DO YOU REALLY EXPECT to learn all the cultural values and the english language in the span of a day???? And also remember that many of these immigrants are well in their 50s and you really expect a senior to learn english? BUT the same cannot be said for first and second generaton asians. Have you ever met a CHINESE BORN in canada who wasnt speaking in english and who didnt respect the cultural values of canada? I was born in girlfriend is white, many of my friends are white, and I cannot believe that many racist individuals in this blog have the audacity to make the claim that we are not ATTEMPTING to fit into white society...not to mention that this is Canada...Canada is not a white country, it is a multicultural country.

Thirdly, I find it hilarious that a lot of people are stating that asian immigration is not benefiting our country. Do you realize that OF ALL THE RACES, we are the most highly skilled workers? I am in medical school right now, and in a couple of years I will be a doctor. And guess what? about half of the students in my med school class (and I got to uoft, but the same can be said for most med school students in canada) are of asian descent. So your argument that asian immigration is not benefiting this country is racist and has absolutely no grounds when the majority of us are working our asses off trying to save lives. Have a bit of fact, the BEST cardiologist in Toronto (working at the toronto western hospital) is from shanghai. So please...asians are benefiting this country more than white people ever will.

I did not realize how well-alive racism was until today.
As a race, we commit the least amount of crime, we work the hardest, we are the most respectful, yet we have to deal with culturally intolerant individuals such as yourselves everyday.

Of course, I am going to assume that you (as well as many of the people posting on this blog) are probably in your 40s or 50s.

We are here whether you like it or not so deal with it. And I live in Toronto, and YES I will be voting for Olivia Chow for mayor in the upcoming election because she is asian.

I am going to assume that you will censor this post, or maybe even omit it from the blog because of the one-sided/biased nature of this blog.

John W said...

"How about a Chinese colony built over an existing city founded by Europeans and established on native land?

Does that work for ya?

The Chinese aren't indigenous to Canada and are not a founding people.

They're colonizers no matter how you look at it"

Umm, no. Colonization occurs when a group of indivduals employs invasive and violent methods/tactics to overtake the property and/or land of another group of individuals.

The Chinese are law-abiding citizens who immigrated to canada legally. The europeans were colonizers because they came to Canada (known as the New World back then), raped, killed and eradicated the indigenous population, then FORCED the remaining survivors to assimilate to western culture (you can read up on the whole Aboriginal residential school controversy if you arent familiar with this). Now THAT is colonization. SO please get your facts straight before making such outlandish claims.

Anonymous said...

We don't see Migration as a real problem. Migration ofele has taken place since recorded history. The problem we see is the number pf Chinese who are becoming Citizens of Canada.
When my Fathers Father imigated from Japan in 1880's he had to be able to speak and understan a certain amount of English. Today all one has to do is ride the Sky Train and see how many of these new Canadians (Chinese) can speak English? Not too many!
Why do many of the Canadians continue to buy Goods made in China? The poor souls that are making these items could never aford to come to Canada. These are the ones that should be allowed to immigrate. But the Government only allows the ones that have been ripping off their own citizens by having them work in factories that are not suited for dogs.
But, nothing will change intil this Canadian Government changes their Immgation policies.

Anonymous said...

I'm so shock to see all these disturbing comment from all these racist supremacy, do you all come out from your mother cunt,I bet not, because as a decent human being we don't say and do hatred things, what kind of fucking screw up animal are you all, go to hell!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Pickering (aka one of few affordable suburbs of Toronto) where we have great majority of Caucasians. We recently moved in in the area and my immediate neighbor happened to be a couple of Asian descent in their early 70s. My experience was pleasant so far. They maintain their house in a state of good repair and lawn is meticulously maintained. They seem quiet and polite, and welcomed us upon first encounter.

My problem lies with assimilation in numbers greater than any other group. Take a look at any one of 13 china towns in TO. It’s very unpleasant, dirty and rude place to be. English is non-existent and arrogance through the roof. This however is not unique to Chinese community only. It is also evident in other communities that separate themselves through establishing exclusive enclaves based on their origin. Ignorance to local ways and English in particular is also present in Russian, Italian, Jewish and many others. I wish Feds imposed regional limits preventing such enclaves from forming and prospering. We cannot blame Chinese, if it was not them it would've been other race. We need to promoting integration and discouraging discrimination. If this means bans on immigration so be it, but what happened in Vancouver is truly a shame and has to spot before the rest of Canada becomes a foreign owned state.

PaxCanadiana said...

Jason W

For someone in med school you write like a twelve year old girl updating her Facebook page. I don't expect perfect grammar and spelling but is proper use of punctuation and capital letters too much to ask? And CAPLOCKS. Really!

But after hearing one so called doctor talk in inflections as if every statement was meant to be understood as a question I've come to the conclusion being in med school does not make one smart. Repetition, rote memorization, and regurgitation go a long way in academia and these are tedious tasks Asians excel at.

The "nippertipping" incidents are not as black and white as you need it to be. Asians are not angels. Nothing condones violence but if you keep poking someone in the eye while incessantly asking them "What's in your eye?" don't be shocked when his fist meets your face.

Secondly, with regards to the issue that many chinese immmigrants are speaking in their own language? well what the HECK did you expect?

Speak English. It's only respectful.

...audacity to make the claim that we are not ATTEMPTING to fit into white society...Canada is not a white country, it is a multicultural country.

How great for you.

Habitually shopping at the mall doesn’t mean they’re fitting in. Asians do that back in Asia. Modern Asian culture is one of social climbing and shameless materialism. It encourages a behaviour that gives the appearance of assimilating in a consumer society such as Canada’s.

BTW, Canada can be 100% white and still be multicultural. You don't understand the meaning of the word (nor the proper use of ellipsis). What you mean to say is Canada is a multiracial society as if multiracial societies are good things. China and Japan don't seem to think so. And neither do I for that matter.

… a lot of people are stating that asian immigration is not benefiting our country. Do you realize that OF ALL THE RACES, we are the most highly skilled workers?

You have the convenience stores, nail salons, dry cleaners and laundromats to prove it.

Just because the Canadian born children of Asian immigrants go to medical school or find work in the socially parasitic FIRE sector is not an argument for how beneficial Asian immigration is for Canada. It's a red herring. The issue is whether their immigrant parents should have been let into the country in the first place. Mass Asian immigration has not benefited Canada as seen in Canada's out of control, bubble housing market and the socially divisive colonizing effects it’s manifesting in our large cities.

… the majority of us are working our asses off trying to save lives.

LOL. Med students make me laugh! Sure pal! Save lives! It has nothing to do with social prestige, upward mobility, and potential future income growth. Please! Spare me the sanctimonious grand standing BS.

the BEST cardiologist in Toronto (working at the toronto western hospital) is from shanghai.

Why isn't he in Shanghai helping his fellow citizens and the country that gave him his career?

As a race, we commit the least amount of crime,…

Not when it come to fraud and drugs

we work the hardest

Ahhh, everyone says that but so what.

we are the most respectful


Careful, your Sino-supremacism is showing.

We are here whether you like it or not so deal with it.

That's about the size of it. "I'm going to force myself into your country because I want your money and if you don't like it well tough, go off and die somewhere before I call the cops." I love the new Canada.

I should be clear. There’s nothing wrong with Asian immigration. There is something wrong with too much of it. We are getting too much immigration especially too much from too few, mostly Asian, sources.

PaxCanadiana said...

Colonization occurs when a group of indivduals employs invasive and violent methods/tactics to overtake the property and/or land of another group of individuals.

Like what's happening in Tibet right now? Right?

The Chinese are law-abiding citizens who immigrated to canada legally.

Some of them anyway.

I also understand some are law-abiding too. They would never, ever, ever open a cash business like a corner store and under report earnings by choosing to not to ring in sales so they can cheat on their taxes.

The europeans were colonizers because they came to Canada (known as the New World back then), raped, killed and eradicated the indigenous population, then FORCED the remaining survivors to assimilate to western culture (you can read up on the whole Aboriginal residential school controversy if you arent familiar with this). Now THAT is colonization. SO please get your facts straight before making such outlandish claims.

Yet here the Chinese are seeking to personally gain from those historical crimes.

And if you are outraged by those crimes why are you here in Canada and not in China?

Doesn't profiting from the activities of a crime make one an accessory to that crime?

The Chinese are colonizers like everybody else who isn't a native. Accept it!

Remember, colonialism great as long as you're benefiting from it.

PaxCanadiana said...

My problem lies with assimilation in numbers greater than any other group.

When numbers are small assimilation happens.

When numbers are great colonization happens.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Lower Mainland is definitely a Chinese Colony now. I also agree that the Chinese people are the real racists; I was subjected to so much racism in high school because I wasn't white, and most of the racist remarks came from them. I was born and raised in this Country, yet was the one being treated like an outcast. They are ingrates and useless members of this society and have turned Vancouver into a third rate city. It will serve them right when their first generation children are subjected to the same thing I was. They should at least learn how to speak English, pieces of filth.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in the city of Toronto in Ontario.

I once visited Vancouver as a proud Canadian student living on her own,working her way through university, and who worked summers in Lake Louise (1992-93).

Today I couldn't afford to put myself through school living alone, much less work for 2 summers in Lake Louise so I could honour Canada's vast wilderness and mountains.

I've always been a loyal and proud Canadian but I feel so very displaced for many reasons mentioned in this blog and no I'm not a racist -far from it.

So pardon me if I sound bold saying that Torasia in Ontasia is fast approaching the numbers of over represented new comers who simply don't have to assimilate since they create over night regionalism to the likes of Vanasia.

Welcome to CAnasia,unless you're just a lowly Canadian who is under employed and under paid but feel ashamed not to be richer, when after all shouldn't we have all the trappings of success, such as the environment destroying ostentatious mushrooming McMansions that are so easily acquired without ever being a modest hewer of wood, drawer of water or earning membership to the past dying myriad of middle class workers that built Canada one brother and sister at a time?

Anonymous said...

to say the Chinese along with Muslims are ruining Richmond is like comparing apples and oranges. It's the chinese that buy your white trash homes only to rebuilt mansions and sell for "biggo money", it's the chinese that drive like they are blind and walk around like a lobotomy patient slowly and unaware. It's the chinese that will bang into a pregnant woman and not care, knock over a child just to get a "goodo deal" and stare until their eyes fall out of their head at anyone non asian. Get an edumacation you red neck.

Anonymous said...

I will tell you why the Chinese, and indeed most POC, do not respect you racist white canadians. You smell like a group of extremely jealous, deeply malicious and delusionally self-important white supremacists. Indeed, you racist white canadians are losers. Sure, keep devaluing the Chinese and other POC and keep dreaming someone would respect you. Nobody will respect you.

Anonymous said...

Are we benefiting from massive third world immigration? Ontario is now a have not province from massive immigration to a province that has lost almost its entire manufacturing base due to free trade. Thousands of jobs have been automated due to technology. Call centres leave canada to india. There are 3 million more OHIP health cards than residents of Ontario, 1 million are americans and the other 2 million are so called canadians who dont even live in canada, they live overseas but get the free healthcare, which by the way costs the taxpayer 400000 a year per person. Also OAS which immigrants over 65 are entitled to after only one year in canada (it used to be 10) its 1800 a month for each partner and most live in their childrens basements. I heard there are people in vancouver making 4 dollars an hour, when the minimum wage is 11. Another problem is 500000 tfws coming a year to canada taking all the jobs that the unemployed and or youth can do. Therefore canada now has the highest youth unemployment in the G7 nations. In the 1970s there was no youth unemployment. Anyone coming to canada now unless they are rich, most end up on welfare as there are few jobs (after their money runs dry). Free houses, free medical, free taxi chits, free baby strollers, free certifications, free education, free language classes, almost free daycare is what is making us broke. Canada no longer needs a set of hands to build something-that was the immigrant we needed 100 years ago. Machines do most of our work.

Anonymous said...

Problems like this, that some people recognize as problems (as opposed to those who see them as solutions), are a product of the genetic breakdown of our species. It didn't take long did it! We can observe the degeneration as it manifests in erosion of national sovereignty etc, but we cannot repair enough of our DNA to establish a critical mass of people that have the vigour and discernment to stand up for whats right. Best to just accept we are a fallen species and find hope in something other than the future of humanity. We are so far past done its embarrassing to even have memories that are pre-911...

Anonymous said...

I am a white woman who is 16th generation from the east. Vancouver is the reason my relationship brokeup as I was depressed from being treated as a second class citizen because I am a woman. I did not know that living there I would be living in 1880. I left 14 years ago but my ex lives in richmond. He ended up marrying a chinese woman- think he is having issues now and wants out of vancouver! Hes is not a selfish man and that does not match the asian culture. East indian culture is not much better.

Anonymous said...

I asked over 300 people for a $2 donation to food bank today at a supermarket checkout. Over 60% of my customers were Asian... know how many donated? Only Caucasians donated.
Know how many Asian customers complained because we were asking? Six. Very rude people, young and old want to negotiate the price of tomatoes day after day and can't/won't consider anyone but themselves, their time and their pennies. Better not forget to reimburse them a penny for bringing their own bag, will be berated and shamed.

Anonymous said...

I was born in Vancouver in 1970. I am of Punjabi ancestry. Faced racism throughout my life in Richmond. Boo-hoo. Became the first ever brown Firefighter in Richmond Red Neck Fire Rescue. 9-11 terrorist attacks occur, 343 white New York Firefighters murdered. I being brown am labelled as a terrorist by fellow "Brother" firefighters. Start receiving the death threats and "accidents" at emergency calls where I almost get killed. I leave Richmond Fire Rescue. I am not a muslim and the white boys threaten and try to kill me while on duty. Now, I am unemployed and can't find a job in China/Richmond. I had a great future in my part of Canada, nobody lowered standards for me to enter the force, I had to exceed them. Yes, I was a member of Canadian Armed Forces, yes I have a degree. Yes, now I and my kids can't compete with rich China man. I got screwed for assimilating into mainstream European Canadian Culture and now getting screwed by China. Thanks for the experience everyone. Just know I will never put my life on the line for any of you regardless what type of human being you are. Only my immediate family gets that luxury now. Thanks. Don't worry I will figure a way out of this mess. Take care my fellow Canadians.

laoshare said...

When dominant races or cultures meet, they naturally clash. This happen thru out all human civilizations; nothing new.

Anonymous said...

We need to unite together and safeguard our land and homes from this invasion of Chinese. Otherwise we will suffer the same fate as the first nations people. Generations of caucasians have dominated and transformed this country and made it better because it reflects our European heritage. Weakness of resolve and complacency will result in chinese foreigners displacing us from all that we hold dear. Canada was dominated by those of Caucasian descent. We created our laws, determine the culture and what is and is not acceptable in this country. Those who are coming to our country and want to call themselves Canadians must embrace our values and way of living.

Anonymous said...

Canada- native indian aboriginal land???? or white colony of illegal invaders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

first off none and I mean NONE of you white people are Canadians so shut up and get out because this is NOT fkn Europe. AS FOR THIS PAX CANADIANA JACK OFF YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO SHUT THE FK UP BEFORE WE GET TOGETHER FIND YOU AND RECTIFY THE SITUATION OF YOU EVEN BEING ON OUR LAND! YOU AINT ABORIGINAL YOU NEED TO PACK YOUR FKN BAGS AND GET THE FK LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am indian by the way.we don't like white trash like you here for starters. quit calling yourself Canadian you are not Canadian you are a leech which is on OUR territory!whites never assimilated nor integrated to our people and british are illegal since 1775 its time to go back to England for you or wherever the fk you came from.

Carol said...

Vancouver was a beautiful city at one time but what a MESS now, LOL. I cannot believe that for the sake of a BIT of money and GREED the MESS that city council in Vancouver allowed to happen. You DESTROYED the most beautiful Canadian city for what? I always thought that so called New Canadians were required by LAW to learn and use one of the two official languages but obviously the CHINESE do NOT have to live by those laws and nor do they care anymore. Disgraceful and sad what was allowed to happen to this city. All I can say is I'm glad that I got my family OUT when we did and started a New life elsewhere. GOOD luck to the rest of you that have stuck it out and have to deal with that MESS.

cga said...

I am Chinese and I hate the Chinese from mainland China. They are a wealthy but no class. I am ashamed as they have given Chinese people a bad name. I really have enough of them!

Anonymous said...

Might as well start learning chinese language and customs because the canadian govt. has officially sold Canada out. At the rate the chinese population is growing and buying up real estate, there won't be much of the old canadian customs and language left. The problem is they are coming in at too rapid a rate, where they cannot properly assimilate into canadian culture. Therefore not properly learning the language and customs. It is even more dangerous that they are so wealthy, so they think their money can give them the right to disregard canadian law and customs.But hey! Who needs those when such huge wads of money are being thrown around?! I am afraid it is too late and there is no turning back now. It is evident in the ridiculous housing market and the demand for chinese language and signs everywhere. Good luck to us all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't know about anybody else but the logical thing to do is move to China, it must be empty by now.

April 1, 2013 at 1:25:00 AM EDT

Would anyone really want to now that they have converted it to a completely polluted and uninhabitable waste land? No wonder they are leaving it behind...Canada is next!

kerry fowler said...

I'm a white woman and I had to go to Europe to find a man who likes white women and who wanted kids. Canadian guys like to fool around until they are 37 and then who wants to wait that long? Not to mention all the stds and baggage. We're going back to Europe so our kids won't be raised in smelly Vancouver. It's expensive flying back and forth visiting family.

Anonymous said...

All I see is a lot of really bitter jealous looser bitches. Don't like it? Leave! Oh but it's my home, or oh but I'm a white immigrant and how dare a different group be so dominant and rich...well booooooo....freakin hoooo....I even read a kid complaining about how some of his Asian Classmates pull up at UBC in Ferraris which their parents paid for....jealous much? Non of your god damn business what other kids drive, and this guy was yapping about how he is Canadian and born in Vancouver but his parents immigrated from Europe in the late 80s and some how his parents are Canadian but the Asian guy who's parents immigrated in the 80s are asian! assimilating to Canadian life does not mean be an alchy best ur wife play hockey and complain and blame your smithy life on anyone who not white....some Caucasians are clearly retarded. Sure beats the living crap out of coming armed to the teeth and killing ppl and raping their boys and women and forcing their kids to assimilate to them? European Caucasians have zero moral legs to stand on...non I hear the same complaints from Caucasians about Indians, Persians in North and West Van who are so bad owning mansions and thing....non of ur god damn business canadian does not mean white ya idiots.

Anonymous said...

This is invasions not an emigration , we don't like Chinese people here ! You're not welcome here ! This is not racism , what about the rest countries from Asia ? what a shame for government of canada selling citizenship, Chinese people they never give anything they just take it , and they dont give any shit about Canada.
Good job the government of Canada.

Anonymous said...

Don't you now realize why BC ferries has high ferry fares. TOO KEEP THEM OFF OF VANCOUVER ISLAND. This is a sanctuary and want to keep it that way!! High ferry fares keep the Chinese away and that's how it has to be!!

Anonymous said...


We Asian are not hired or even not calling for interview if Chinese are controlling that department. These Chinese are bias for their people (only Chinese). Canadian government should take proper action immediately (like in USA)to stop this behavior. Look at ICBC Vancouver.

Kel777 said...

I have witnessed this immigrant Chinese takeover in White Rock-a small town-city near the border. You cannot walk on the main street without seeing a considerable number of chinese people-speaking their language--walking about.

Many store fronts are being taken over. Some of the store owners are polite, courteous, and do attempt to communicate with you despite limited language. However, some others dont appear to want non-Chinese in their stores. One store had "must speak cantonese-mandarin" in the store display ad for workers.

What is irritating about this is it is clearly saying "fuck you" to the local population. You know the expression, when in Rome, do as the Romans do? This does not apply to this immigrant community.

It also encourages other immigrants to do the same-I passed a family of whites today and they were speaking swedish to each other!

Now, some will think they are clever by pointing out that there were tribal communities here that were decimated by European colonization. So true-but those people were not living in cities with their cultural imprint stamped all over the place.
In this case the new arrivals know perfectly well they are shunning the local community.

Also, it must be pointed out that Taiwan had its own tribal societies that were not made up of the Han Chinese ethnicity--how are they doing? These immigrants dont give a damn about tribal communities.
They are the ones closer in attitude to those who first came to North America to exploit the environment.

I am also concerned that this massive immigration will see problems with maintaining western moral development. I.e. shark fin soup. Chinese business interests have resisted efforts to ban shark fin soup. Cockfighting rings and wildlife organ selling has also been reported here.

My brother married into one of these wealthy obnoxious asian families--we witnessed the obnoxious attitude first hand--using the Canadian school system to raise nephews from Taiwan while the father stays in Asia. The wife of my brother worked as a tutor for immigrant students now sells real estate to them.

It is most irritating when we phone a pharmacy and the pharmacist doesnt speak english. Isnt that dangerous?

Also--why exactly did I-on the West Coast-learn French in school for several years if cantonese is now the official second language?

BTW--one little point about the first human settlers of North America. They also had slavery and racism and injustice. Please dont think Europe invented it.

Gene said...

I'm so glad I could find this blog and read that many people see this problem and feel about it in the same way I do... I think someone in 2010 wrote 40% of Vancouver's population is Asian, I'm adding my comment in 2015 and it's already about 60%. Neither federal, nor provincial governments has been doing anything to deal with the issue...

Two months ago, Chinese-only posters of some property sellers were vandalized in Nanaimo, and its mayor had called it a "hate crime" on CTV calling on the RCMP investigation... Only a few people on social media had accused that mayor in turning Nanaimo into another Richmond, but still I don't see any sign from a larger BC's population to engage and deal with the Chinese invasion. What must happen for people to start seeing they're being consistently and systematically displaced and marginalized?

There's more to this problem now. At UBC, I've heard a historian of Chinese decent who's teaching from pulpit that "Chinese have built this country"... So Chinese do not just buy property here, they already manipulate Canadians with some bogus ideology that their ethnic group now qualify for a more superior status and wider privileges, more than Native Canadians or Caucasians or any other group...


The anti-Chinese sentiment is growing with every single day and we need to start acting upon it and push our government to work within the capacity of the Canadian law and restrict Chinese immigration and property purchase, something that Australia started doing by imposing new laws on non-Australian property owners last week.

Justin Munce said...

Hello, are you still writing on this issue?

Anonymous said...

Vancouver and Toronto aren't the same, as some may have suggested. Toronto's a considerably large and extremely multicultural city with substantial populations of many different ethnic groups which takes the pressure off of everyone by not having just two or three groups striving for control. Outside in Toronto's greater area it's a different story where you have medium sized cities that are predominantly made up of just two or three ethnic groups, including Chinese and Indian or just Chinese, Italian, Jewish, and in the case of Toronto's inter suburbs African Canadian, then there's the remnant of what's left of the original Caucasian population. This creates racial problems because there's a control struggle between the remnant of the original Caucasian population and the flood of the new ethnic population. Like some of these cities Vancouver's experiencing an overwhelming flood of Chinese, however in Vancouver it's more like a tsunami tidal wave and it's truly unfair to Vancouver's original Caucasian population, especially since they're treated with such little respect by what definitely constitutes as a Chinese invasion. This lack of dignity and respect is why I left Vancouver. I sometimes think of going back to Vancouver but every time here in Toronto that I meet excessively rude pushy obnoxious entitled Chinese Vancouverite students, I come to my senses and stay put. They remind me of deranged pushy English hating Montrealers, it's the same nasty racist mentality. For all Canadians of every ethnicity we need to ask ourselves who's really profiting by driving a wedge between ethnic linguistic and religious groups? I say fallow the big money to the so called one percent, not their front men and women but the one percent that hold all the cards! To the deranged person that wrote something like they'll enjoy seeing Caucasians put in FEMA concentration camps, I ask you and anyone like you do you really think this will only happen to Caucasians? Do you really think you're part of the so called one percent? If such a monstrous thing happens you'll most likely be discarded just like everyone else. You're not special because of the privilege that may have been given to you. You're being used and when you're no longer needed your perceived privilege will dry up and blow away. Enjoy it well it lasts because it's only temporary. You don't think that the Chinese will pay for their greed? Sooner or later everyone pays!

Anonymous said...

Sick of living in this city. They're decimating any culture we had in Vancouver. Feels like a city in Asia. Disgusted.

Unknown said...

people and people are different.this is a lifestyle this is how Chinese people live because Chinese people are in a different country so they have to stick together if you have a chance to go to china you could see it's the same thing with everyone. In China out comers from different countries also stick together with their own people. And about the t shirt maybe she doesn't even know what it says on her shirt. There's annoying people in every country but there's also nice people don't reject a whole population just because you seen some bad ones.

Anonymous said...

I am Caucasian and my wife is from Taiwan. I have always been interested in asian culture, and admire many qualities common to Asians ins general.

I stumbled upon this blog and felt compelled to write. The Coquitlam community that I have made my home for the past 40 years is undergoing the most dramatic and unsettling change I have ever seen. What has always been a middle to upper middle class neighborhood is most definitely being colonized. More and more homeowners can't refuse the insane amounts of money being offered for their 50 year old homes. The excavators are busy tearing down homes on just about every block in my neighborhood. The one million dollar monster houses quickly became 2 million dollars monster homes and they are popping up in an accelerated fashion.
Chinese bought the house two doors away. Chinese bought the 1.95 million dollar house across the street. The 50 year old house several doors down sold to a Indian builder who has a Feng shui consultant. My neighbor who bought his somewhat crappy house last year for $750,000 had a builder just offer him 1.4 million. He is taking the money and I know what is coming 6 months down the road,

Chinese students are peppered around this neighborhood home-staying. Chinese people walk the streets that don't say hi or make eye contact.I just don't understand that way of living in a community. I have stopped going to get togethers at my wife's friends houses because the more money they have the less likely they are to bother learning a word of English. All too often was I surrounded by people that could speak English yet wouldn't. How would you feel as an outsider in your own country?

I see my new neighbor has a gardener cutting his lawn and there is irony in the fact that he is white.

Yes, we are being colonized. It saddens me. I am not political and not the type to protest but I feel compelled to share this observation. I see it downtown on a commercial level as well, whole towers in the heart of downtown.

I am witnessing my great country being given away. Property by property, bit by bit.

J OneLife said...

Actually Ontario hospitals are in the red and Ottawa laid off 700 hospital workers in 6 yrs. Ontario has over half a million e tra ohip cards than residents of Ontario, they are foreign people living outside Canada getting free healthcare that we pay for....

J OneLife said...

There are other groups very similar like Indians and nuslims

J OneLife said...

I'm white in Ottawa and have native friends and whites are aligning with natives who are disgusted with how our country is turning. Just a few months ths ago Trudeau wanted to dump 5000 Syrian refugees into Cornwall and they refused. Cornwall is native and white and a very nice place and they know it will be ruined so they were banned. It was all over the radio stations. Also I herd if Chinese or I ndians takeover Canada natives will be cutoff they don't give a damn for any other race but their own. So whites really are natives best friends. Also when I walk Rideau I only see whites hekpi g natives, no other race bothers..

J OneLife said...

Phillipinos are putting g white women out of work in some sectors..

J OneLife said...

I'm in Ottawa and broke NE arm and was at a crossi g light and went to walk and a Chinese woman almost hit me she swung a left illegal turn. I also heard Vancouver has the highest pedistruwn killings because they won't stop at crosswalks and we whites follow the law and expect when it says to walk, you can walk...

J OneLife said...

Same for me left my town 7 times now in Ottawa 6 yrs they won't hire a white woman who speaks English

J OneLife said...

BC u need to speak Chinese; Quebec you need to speak french, Ottawa if your white and born here and speak english your the last to be hired, in the east coast everyone speaks English but there are no jobs, Toronto won't hirecaby whites no matter what your education is. So minorities with poor English are hired over whites born here

J OneLife said...

Most immigrants only care about their people and some immigrants charity does not exist in their nations, I know it doesn't in China...

J OneLife said...

Sane for food banks run by white Christian s we gave to accept all races yet Muslims only serve Muslims. .

J OneLife said...

I was there for 3 days could not wait to leave

J OneLife said...

Whites are not having kids is a lie...

J OneLife said...

I was a very nice city 20 yrs ago

J OneLife said...

By the way there is no need for massive immigration, Norway has the best standard of living in the world they gavev5 million people, its how a country is managed

J OneLife said...

I have dealt with foreign people in govt depts who are very nasty. It's usually the women who are harder to deal with, also with Rogers ..but I recently had my taxes done by a man from India whose only in Canada 7 yrs. They are very rude, usually from India and I can't understand what they say, sane for my appts with the hospital I can't even make out the phone number ..and with my pharmacist he has to repeat things twice as he's chibesecabd takjs too fast...

J OneLife said...

Well I guess whites are the nicest people in Canada

J OneLife said...

Then how do you explain immigrants coming to study in our universities in English and they constantly speak their foregn language. It's very insuking for us to hear other languages when our languages are french and English

J OneLife said...

We know who is left behind, engkish speaking whites

Anonymous said...

I moved from Markham Ontario a few years ago, I used to think that was the largest chinese city in canada. I used to laugh when I heard the phrase honcouver, I thought how much worse could it be than Markham? Then I moved to Richmond, BC where I currently live and cannot believe what I am seeing. The Canadian government should have at least set up a program that immigrants must partake in when moving here that would teach them our culture and how they should act when in a western society.

These groups segregate themselves, dump garbage anywhere they please, push and shove to get ahead of others, shoot snot rockets from their noses, are constantly loudly hoarking phlegm, and I even got rear ended by one who claimed I reversed into them in stopped traffic (only english word she knew was the word liar). That's how they contribute.

Think your upset and fed up? Half of us Canadians haven't experienced a trip to China for themselves as I have to see how disgusting of a country it is and to witness how horribly they treat visitors. Cabs wouldn't stop for me, no one would help me with directions, vendors ripping you off every step of the way and even being spat on the ground next to me. It disgusts me to see how well they are treated here, shame on our government for being so money hungry! Ugggghhhhhh!!

And p.s. don't give me that shit about how these are the people that built our railroads because non of these millionaire immigrants ancestors contributed to that. Go ahead and ask any one of them.