Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Tamil Tigers Keep Bringing The Headaches.

After being ordered out of Canada six years ago Jothiravi Sittampalam has finally been deported.
The leader of a violent Toronto street gang has been deported to Sri Lanka, six years after he was first ordered out of Canada for his crimes. Canada Border Services Agency officers escorted Jothiravi Sittampalam, pictured, back to his homeland on June 10 but federal officials only confirmed the removal yesterday.The convicted drug dealer was the boss of AK Kannan, an ethnic Tamil gang whose estimated 300 members waged a wild turf war against the rival VVT gang. At least three bystanders were killed in drive-by shootings and other violent acts by the gangs. Sittampalam began trafficking heroin shortly after arriving in Canada in 1990 as a refugee from the Sri Lankan Conflict.

Note how he entered Canada as a "refugee". If Canada caught on early that most Sri Lankan Tamils filing refugee claims were bogus this gangster may never have set foot on Canadian soil. Now Toronto has a Sri Lankan Tamil street gang problem thanks to our gullibility.

In other news an internal government report asserts that at least 25 of the 76 men who entered B.C. aboard the Ocean Lady are Tamil Tiger terrorists.

At least 25 of the 76 men who arrived in B.C. aboard the Ocean Lady migrant ship last October were members of the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist group outlawed in Canada, according to an internal government report obtained by The Vancouver Sun.

Indeed, the Canada Border Services Agency report, marked “secret,” raises the possibility the ship’s entire journey to Canada might have been financed and organized by the Tigers to help settle surviving militants abroad following its crushing military defeat by the Sri Lankan government last year.

Just 25? How about all 76? Furthermore:

“Movement of a large number of high-value combatants and intelligence officers aboard the Ocean Lady may be part of an effort by surviving members of the group to reconstitute from a base of operations overseas in order to renew resistance to ... Sri Lanka,” states the report, obtained by The Sun through the Access to Information Act.[...]

“If these men chose to work in unison they could easily form a formidable LTTE presence in Canada,” it states. “If the overseas wing’s intention is to regroup what is left of its Sri Lanka-based operation in Canada ... these men clearly have the requisite abilities and experience required to move that process along."[...]

“Free passage to a refugee receiving country is exactly the kind of material benefit the group extended to its fighters in return for unquestioning loyalty to the movement,” the report states.

It appears the LTTE want to make Canada the home base of their government in exile.

Though it is most probable that the 76 men are all LTTE militants, possibly high ranking officials, I doubt they will be deported even though they should be. I doubt any of them will be productive members of Canadian society and will likely engage in gang activity and narco-trafficking. After all, traces of cocaine and heroine were found on the clothes of some of the men.

The LTTE is an organization of street thugs that exploited ethnic grievances to seize power. They brought a civil war to Sri Lanka that resulted in the death of tens of thousands of people because violence is the only way they know how to resolve differences. And it looks like Canada wants to reward them with refuge and citizenship even though none of them deserve it.

Also, a Sri Lankan Tamil man living in Maple, Ontario became the first person to be convicted of fundraising for a terrorist organization in Canada.

Prapaharan Thambithurai, 46, is the first person convicted under Canada's anti-terrorism legislation for knowingly raising money to benefit a terrorist group.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Powers said Thambithurai would be able to serve the sentence in Ontario.

The Maple, Ont., resident was arrested in New Westminster, B.C., in March 2008 and charged with providing money, property or services to a terrorist group, in this case the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a banned organization under Canadian law.

The aspirin to these incessant headaches is to stop accepting anyone from Sri Lanka as a refugee. Enough is enough! The war is over, their lives are not in any immediate danger if they ever were.


Anonymous said...

"The war is over, their lives are not in any immediate danger if they ever were."

I don't think this goes quite far enough. I completely reject the notion that we are in any way obligated to act as a safety valve for the hardships of complete strangers on the other side of the world, whose value to us is questionable at best. Our intake of foreigners should have one guiding principle, and one only: our selfish national interest, meaning that we should pick and choose those whom we can reasonably expect will be of value to us, and deny entry to those for whom we have no economic or other vital need. Unless it has undergone serious changes recently, Japan's policy on refugees would be an excellent model to follow.

The idea that we have an obligation to attend to the insuperable dysfunctions of the Third World is an assault on our status as a sovereign nation. Unilateral withdrawal from all treatises that so oblige us should be foremost on our government's agenda. In an earlier age -- times unpolluted by radical leftist transnationalism -- it wouldn't even be necessary to make this argument.

Nighted said...

Six years to get rid of this scum?

Now if it were someone like Henrik Hollapa speaking out about how non european immigration is destroying his country, specifically the introduction of gang rape of Finish women by blacks, he'd be swiftly rounded up and imprisoned without bail until sentencing...then propped up before a kangaroo court.

"Multiculturalism" and its communist agenda is nothing but anti-White racism.

There is no benefit from the lies of the traitors. How is it where you live? Are our people waking up?