Friday, 16 July 2010

New Blog On The Block.

I'm glad to report that there is another blog out there that is critical of Canada's mass immigration system from a conservative and nationalistic view point. It is called Standing On Guard For Canada and from what I can surmise it has been in effect since June of this year.

It's good to see more people blogging about the issue because we really need to raise awareness about the direction mass immigration is taking our country and be critical of its claimed effectiveness. Elite opinion controls the debate and have left the majority of Canadians in the dark about the real costs of mass immigration mostly for self serving purposes. But when the issue of mass immigration, and inevitable multiculturalism, is raised it has been in my experience that many Canadians are uncomfortable with it, even oppose it. I dare go so far as to say that the majority of Canadians disagree with it but stay silent or say what they feel they are supposed to say for fear of being labeled a racist or a bigot when in reality they are anything but. It's a shame the debate, if one even exists, has come to this but I long ago abandoned the idea that mass immigration proponents are interested in playing fair. After all, their jobs and agendas are on the line and they are not going to surrendered them that easily.

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Nighted said...

It's good to see pro BNP Canadians. We need a Canadian National Party desperately.

There is nothing wrong with nationalism. It works. It works extremely well...too well for those who wish to make nations interdependent.

Those who have instilled multi-culturalism upon us and their actions are far from innocuous. It is malfeasance. They are all guilty of high treason.