Friday, 27 August 2010

Saying 'Refugee' Is The Failed Immigrant's Hail Mary Pass.

You may have heard the story about the transgendered woman who filed a refugee claim in Nova Scotia. If not you can read about it here.

A transgendered woman from Northern Ireland who has lived and worked in Nova Scotia since 2006 is fighting to stay in Canada.

Tanya Bloomfield, owner of a computer company in Chester, was denied temporary work and residency applications in the last year and could face deportation if immigration officials do not give her refugee status.

Her last temporary residence permit expired last August.

Bloomfield is now completing her refugee status claim and will know by the end of next week if her case will be approved.

If she is not granted refugee status, she will be deported immediately, her lawyer Lee Cohen said Friday.

Claiming refugee status is one of the tricks employed to delay removal from the country after all avenues have been exhausted. The last is to plea on humanitarian grounds. And it was done at the prompting of her lawyer but this should come as no surprise. Canada's asylum system has been fashioned by immigration lawyers for their benefit and not for humanitarian and compassionate reasons. As a consequence Canada has become the choice country for bogus asylum claims at great cost to Canadian taxpayers (and great rewards for the immigration industry).

It is dishonest but who cares? You're only conning the Canadian people out of self interest and at their expense. No big deal. Besides Canada isn't a real country anyways. It is just a postal code where no one who lives there has a right to decided who can and cannot permanently reside there.

The idea of a transgendered woman fleeing persecution from northern Ireland should invite laughter but here we take it seriously; well the Singh decision forces us to anyways. As long as that albatross hangs around Canada's neck there is little we can do to stop this kind of nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Although they are in the country on two-week tourist visas, the Tamils signed nine-month leases on the three rooms at just over $100 per room per month. Two of the three Sri Lankan passports used as documentation for the leases were issued this year. Baksubramaniam’s passport was issued in Colombo on July 15, barely three weeks before he was in Bangkok signing the lease.
-From Globe and Mail

Wow getting new passports huh? They must have been issued from the Immigration and Emigration Department in Sri Lanka. Not that hard to get an SL passport you just need to prove your citizenship.

And that is a cake walk.
To get an SL citizenship document you need a SL birth certificate (or marry an SL citizen/apply but that is of course for people not born in SL). Since many Tamils in the war zone/North and East have "lost" their documentation -including birth certificates- they are issued citizenship documents like pancakes and the icing of course is that in the North and East (so called “Tamil ONLY” areas, made so via ethnic cleansings) getting citizenship is done by simply asking for it from low level government officials i.e. local councils, i.e. TAMILS and how they ascertain the truth/credentials behind the person asking for new documentation is anyone’s guess. In fact it is how many Tamils from South India come to SL to use this trick to get citizenship then apply for passports from Colombo then scoot off to Canada or other Western countries. SL is basically a transit point (where they get the “documentation” and access to the shipping networks) on the way to an even better quality of life.

They also migrate to SL because conditions (even in the war zone) are a thousand times better in Sri Lanka than Tamil Nadu/South India. Yup you heard that right, our war zone has a higher quality of live than South India.

During the LTTEs’ rule of the Vanni/North (between 1999/2000-2009) 100,000 –150,000 Tamils migrated into Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu (for various reasons, such as being labourers or fighters and having their services paid for by the LTTE using food/medical care provided for free to them by the Sinhala tax payer. Other payments included land –stolen from Sinhalese they cleansed back in the 70s etc. Generally they also migrated over for the better health and education services). So we as a state and people had to look after a bunch of aliens who were not even born here and received a huge amounts of flak and propaganda against us for failing to deliver the goods i.e. “their” safety during the war when they played the human shield con to engineer a humanitarian catastrophe to justify protests (in the West) to create grounds for intervention to save the LTTE and pro-long war. So long as war existed in Sri Lanka (which the Tamils fund from the West) Sri Lanka is forever “unsafe” for them to go back to thus justifying their asylum cases. They fund war and destruction in Sri Lanka, bringing misery to everyone including their own people, (and tried to pro-long war by engineering a humanitarian catastrophe on their own people) so they can have a cosy life in the economically better off West. As Western countries are 1000x better than Sri Lanka.

Now coming back to passports etc, how on earth could a people being actively “persecuted” and “genocided” get brand new ones like pan cakes to use them to fly out of the only international airport in the country located in the capital city of the country that is actively “persecuting” and “genociding” them. Boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. You really nailed this one.

RadarGrrl said...

There's much more going on with respect to this story than the media is
reporting, including the very real threat of an IRA attack. Her family
has already been subject to an assassination attempt, and a transsexual
woman would make a perfect target for them.

As someone who arrived here as the spouse of a Canadian, she lost that
status when the relationship failed. She's built a life here, a career
and a successful business...and felt safe enough to deal with the
medical issue now known as Gender Incongruity and finally start
transitioning, which is something difficult enough with which to deal
without having all this attention.

There's every reason for our government to accept her into this country,
but all other avenues have failed, leaving this last one. With that
very real threat back in Ulster hanging over her head, I don't blame her
one bit for trying, and I suspect that, if not for her transition, this
wouldn't be an issue for anyone.

PaxCanadiana said...

Tell me RadarGrrl why Canada should grant refugee status to a citizen of the United Kingdom.

Seriously! Has Canadian hubris inflated our heads so much that even the United Kingdom should be considered a place where someone should be provided refuge from?

And why should Tanya Bloomfield have his/her asylum claim taken seriously when Brandon Huntley's refugee claim, a white South African male, be mocked in the press and challenged by the government? Are you willing to defend Brandon Huntley?

Claiming to be a refugee is a delaying strategy made possible by that stupid Singh decision. It allows failed immigrants to overstay their welcomes and lawyers to take taxpayers to the bank. It rarely benefits real refugees at all.

PaxCanadiana said...

Wow getting new passports huh? They must have been issued from the Immigration and Emigration Department in Sri Lanka. Not that hard to get an SL passport you just need to prove your citizenship.

Precisely. What does it say about those claiming persecution from a government who not only issues them citizenship papers and passports in their language but also allows them freedom of movement to leave the country.

I'm really getting tired of these people and if I were a leader of Canada's Sri Lankan Tamils I'd be canvassing public relations firms right now because they have a lot public anger to quell and a lot of explaining to do.