Friday, 27 August 2010

What Does the U.K. and Germany Know About Sri Lanka That Canada Doesn't?

I came across this CTV Edmonton story featuring Martin Collacott. In it he compares Canada's acceptance rate for Sri Lankan Tamil refugee claims to the U.K. and Germany.

"We accept about 50 per cent of people who manage to reach our soil and make refugee claims. The average for other countries is around 15 per cent, so your chances of getting accepted in Canada are much greater," Collacott told CTV's Canada AM from Vancouver on Thursday morning.

"And even if you're turned down, the chances are we won't be able to remove you. We remove a few, but we've had people who have been turned down 20 years ago, but are still appealing."

Refugees are given state-funded lawyers, welfare and health care, which leaves the Canadian system as "the Rolls Royce of claiming refugee status," Collacott said.

For Tamil people, Canada is an especially desirable destination because of its large Tamil population and the high-rate of success for Tamil migrants over the years.

"We took 37,000 refugee claimants from Sri Lanka over one 15-year period, more than from any other country in the world," Collacott said.

"Our acceptance rates were much higher. In 2003, for example, Britain accepted 2 per cent of claims from Sri Lankan Tamils; Germany, 4 per cent; Canada, 76 per cent. So, if you can get to Canada to make your claim, it's like winning the lottery."

It still boggles my mind why Sri Lankan Tamil refugee claims are given so much credence and enjoy a scandalously high acceptance rate in this country in comparison to others. What does the U.K. and Germany know about Sri Lanka that they are comfortable with only accepting 2 per cent and 4 per cent of asylum claims from that country respectively? Is racism to blame or is Canadian hubris making us stupid and susceptible to con artists?

Hat tip to Canadian Immigration Report.


Anonymous said...

Unlike gullible Canadian politicians/bureaucrats, the Australians appear to be clamping down on these gate-crashing Tamil invaders who hail from the other side of the world ...article seen HERE.

One extracted comment of many, taken from the above story link, highlights a serious problem, IMO, when placing NON-white immigrants in positions of trust and/or authority.

These are not Black Americans who carry a "chip on their shoulder", but foreign immigrants who came to OUR COUNTRY and treat us Canadians with an arrogant disdain when given the least bit of authority.... all thanks to the merit-less employment equity program.

I've often heard, seen and personally experienced similar examples of this haughty behaviour described below....and they call us racist!!

From Gary -- August 29th 2010, 7:51am

"Ezra, I live near Bloor and Dundas W. and I have a short-term issue where my Doctor understood my issue with the Employer and Insurance Co. that are now fighting out over my workplace injury.

The Dr. suggested applying for Workfare with a minor Exempt clause from my 3 Medical conditions.

I went to the 1900 Dundas St. office just a short walk from me. The smug immigrant worker with a heavy accent denied my Services just from my Postal Code.

The place was filled with non-English speaking families awaiting the hand-outs. I was told I had to go to Kipling & Queensway Office.

I filed via Internet, got an even worse contempt and disdain to prove I needed a Home-Visit interview. The arrogant worker never came for the 2:00pm visit or called me.

I had a severance issue coming in and only need about 4 months rent support or get evicted. I offered to pay the money back, but the list of ID and Bank records was amazing and I made the mistake to TICK the Box "Born in Canada".

How insulting that 4 of the 5 Social workers were females with Caribbean accents that mete out the Welfare checks based on their own racist views that I'm somehow guilty for slavery because my English skills and Nationality seem to void my 3 Medical issues.

I've worked since age 14 and never had a gun or sold drugs.

Ontario has lowered that bar to assume that non-white/female/immigrant are lazy and stupid to deserved welfare and housing because of slavery.

Meanwhile, 500 Tamils with no ID sponge off my taxes".

...and, here's another supreme example of Black arrogance that caused some ripples in Burlington, Ontario.

PaxCanadiana said...

Thanks. I know James Bissett announced the launch of a web site and I've been looking for it. I believe that's it.