Sunday, 8 August 2010

Yeah, About Those Job Gains...

From the Globe and Mail.

After recouping almost all of the jobs lost during the recession in less than a year, Canada’s employment machine has hit a wall.

Employers slashed 139,000 full-time jobs in July while adding almost 130,000 part-time positions, Statistics Canada said Friday, and the unemployment rate edged back up to 8 per cent. The unexpected net loss of 9,300 jobs marks the labour market’s first decline this year and comes after increases of more than 93,000 jobs in the previous month and a record 109,000 jobs two months earlier. The jobless rate rose unexpectedly from 7.9 per cent in June, when it had dipped below 8 per cent for the first time since early 2009.

A couple of things to take away from this. First, note how 139,000 full-time jobs were lost while 130,000 part-time jobs were added. When calculating job figures part-time, contract, temporary, and seasonal jobs contribute to those numbers however they are less stable, almost bereft of benefits, and in most cases pay less. Even a job posting for a single day of employment is counted as a job gain. Are these kinds of jobs fueling the Canadian labour market? Are we importing 250,000+ immigrants to staff Tim Hortans franchises? How about not opening the franchise in the first place? How many de we even need?

Secondly, note how the rise in unemployment rose to 8% "unexpectedly". This means that the so-called "experts" who make their living offering projections by compiling and analyzing data are nothing more than the academic equivalent of a Las Vegas odds maker. They really do not know what the future holds and therefore make educated guesses. This guess work is what many, if not all, mass immigration proponents base their arguments on. Assumptions form the foundation of Canada's mass immigration policy, fronted to distract the skeptical from discovering what Canada's mass immigration policy is really all about: cheap labour and votes.

If Canada's labour market is increasingly becoming characterized with what labour activists call "precarious work", how attractive is that to the world's "best and brightest"? It isn't and this should tell us what kind of immigrants Canada is attracting. We do not attract the best and the brightest. The majority of immigrants who enter Canada as principal applicants can be described as average, or middle of the road, even subpar and in many, many cases do not meet Canadian labour standards, an inconvenient truth mass immigration advocates do not want to admit.

The majority of immigrants to Canada are unskilled gaining entry either by family, by asylum, or as a temporary worker or live in care giver or through the investor class (which is just citizenship for sale). Or by outright fraud. The streets of Toronto attest to this.

Some are the aged parents of immigrants imported to take advantage of the social and financial benefits that can be awarded to them via the welfare state while contributing nothing to its support. There is an estimated 100,000 seniors in queue waiting to come to Canada (how many do you think are from the Punjab?). Why are we allowing them to immigrate here when immigration is supposed to combat Canada's aging population? Outside of political necessity is doesn't make economic sense since they will most likely be a drain on services and shut out many Canadians of senior age from the health care system that they have paid into all their working lives. Mass immigration's effect on Canada's health care system needs consideration.

For those who do come to Canada as professionals, particularly south Asians, they do so foolishly often surrendering the "better life" in their native country to live in banality in Canada for as silly a reason that western citizenship is fashionable.

Is this the way to build a country?

However all is not bad (or so we are led to believe).

In Canada, the full-time job losses included drops of more than 65,000 at schools, plus about 30,000 in finance, insurance, real estate and leasing, in part because the housing market is cooling across the country. On Thursday, the Toronto Real Estate Board said home sales in July were 34 per cent lower than the same month a year earlier, and data from Vancouver and Calgary this week showed even sharper decreases in those cities.

Still, since July of 2009, Canada’s economy has created 393,700 jobs, Statscan said. Manufacturing, one of the hardest-hit industries when exports to the U.S. plunged in late 2008, saw a monthly gain of about 29,000 jobs – the biggest increase in two years and an indication that sales abroad aren’t being hurt yet.

So I guess we need, what? A million immigrants this year to meet labour market demand? Two million? How much is too many? How little is to little?


ViVeSo said...

""Is this the way to build a country?""
Hastings St. in Vancouver is the Canadian future without

PaxCanadiana said...

And the Jane-Finch corridor in Toronto is the Canadian future with immigrants, a problem area that has expanded westward past Islington to Kipling and beyond, and eastward toward Keele. If you live in Toronto then you'll know what I'm talking about.

We can trade barbs like this all you like but it doesn't get us anywhere. How about formulating a real argument next time?

Anonymous said...

Upon checking the ViVeSo website written in Spanish... may I assume he's a Mexican? Definitely NOT Canadian, with or without a passport.

Further, could I assume he favours leaving our immigrant floodgates wide open, so as to continue drowning white Canadians out of their own country, just to deteriorate into a third-world nation similar to his own?

Yes, Pax, his short post was bereft of any substance other than leaving a drive-by, hit & run message implying he really does have Canada's "best interest at heart" (violins, please)... and, without more immigrants/refugees like himself, Canada would fall apart.

Yes, "fall apart" at the seams laughing at his ridiculous assertion that Vancouver's "skid row" known as Hastings St., is our Canadian future without the presence of himself and his immigrant "saviors".

I've made a few personal assumptions here, but am willing to be corrected if wrong.

Anonymous said...

you racist bastards.....there will come a our life time....