Sunday, 22 August 2010

You Tell 'em Rob Ford.

Rob Ford made a political "no no" by questioning the immigration system. From the National Post we read:

Mr. Ford is under fire for comments he made during a debate after candidates were asked how Toronto should welcome Tamil migrants.

"Right now we can't even deal with the 2.5 million people in this city. I think it is more important to take care of people now before we start bringing in more people," Mr. Ford responded. "There's going to be a million more people, according to the official plan, which I did not support, over the next 10 years coming into the city.

"We can't even deal with the 2.5 million people. How are we going to welcome another million people in? It is going to be chaotic.... I think we have to say enough's enough."

He's right but as is typical of all politicians dependent on urban ethnic bloc votes his opponents attacked him over those comments.

What Rob Ford's opponents do not grasp is that he said what everyone outside of elitist circles is thinking. When is enough, enough? How many more immigrants does Toronto need? How many more can we accommodate? Rob Ford has stated that Toronto is $3 billion in debt. Where will the money come from to build the infrastructure to meet the needs of the growing population? Where will the money come from to provide services to satisfy immigrant needs?

Instead of answering these questions Rob Ford's opponents chose to attack him over his comments as if no one who runs for public office is allowed to question Canada's immigration system. What is irksome about this is that it implies that because of Canada's immigrant history Canadians are not allowed to question the immigration system today nor its alleged benefits and necessity. Nor are we allowed to question the demographic future it fates us to. We are, by default, mass immigration cheerleaders damn the consequences. Failure to be so condemns one as anti-immigrant and therefore anti-Canadian.

Such a way of thinking is anti-democratic and anti-intellectual. There are negative consequences to mass immigration and Toronto is experiencing them on several levels. As a resident of the city it is your right to oppose the changes mass immigration brings since you must bear the effects of what is essentially a cultural elitist hobby. It is also your right as a Canadian.

When will we stop being a nation of immigrants and start being a nation? If we go back further in time then we are all Africans. So when did we stop being Africans?

Right now Rob Ford is a front runner and that has many on the elitist left scared so a smear campaign is in effect. It will be interesting to see if he wins and what he does in office.

What is remarkable is that an urban politician openly questioned Canada's immigration system while campaigning for office. This is about as rare as the arrival of Haley's comet. So beholden are politicians to ethnic urban bloc votes that they dare not say anything that might remotely offend them for the sake of their political careers. This illustrates how intellectually bankrupt Canada's political classes are about Canada's immigration policy and how insincere they are about governing since they will say or agree to anything so long as they get votes. As for Rob Ford if he has enough courage to question the emperor and his new clothes then perhaps he deserves to be mayor.


CanadianSense said...

Excellent post.

The CPC 24 debate and the Liberal media attacks have exposed the intolerant left in tackling the real issues about taxes and costs.

They are trying to make it personal and suggest anyone who questions the experts or immigration must be a racist.

The problem is outside the Ivory tower and media circles the regular voter across party lines agree with Rob Ford.

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Anonymous said...

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I rode the Toronto subway for years. My niece rides that subway today. I'd certainly prefer that the terrorists hit those crooked, anti-democratic top-level SOBs. And as an added bonus, the top-level SOBs would then finally stop Muslim immigration to Canada during this World War Against Muslim Terror.