Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Centre for Immigration Policy Reform Officially Launched.

Good news! The much anticipated (by me anyways) Centre for Immigration Policy Reform has officially launched.

Here is the web site.

The Toronto Sun reports on it here.

The Globe and Mail reports on it here.

This article is also worth the read.

If Canada wants to avoid the rise of extremist, anti-immigrant political movements, a new lobby group in Ottawa is saying we need to have a serious debate now.


According to Statistics Canada, the gap between the earnings of Canadian-born men and immigrant men grew dramatically between 1991 and 2006 - a period when immigration numbers increased dramatically.

Other studies have shown it now takes longer for immigrant families to catch up to Canadian-born families in terms of earnings.

Canada's immigration and refugee system allowed 634,509 people to enter the country in 2009. Of that group, 252,179 were permanent residents compared to 382,330 temporary residents who came as foreign workers or students.

I should also add that I leeched all the links from this thread at freedominion.ca.

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Jeremy said...

I am a fifth generation Canadian with a liberal, compassionate approach to society. However, our immigration has become so extreme that I feel the very nature of Canada is transforming beyond the original intent of Multiculteralism. This new Centre looks outstanding and I only wish it had come into being fifteen years ago! Having read the Centres's goals, I cannot believe how irrational the NDP criticisms of the organization are. It revelas just how undemocratic Canada's immigration policy really is. I hope we Canadians succeed in cutting the numbers of immigrants drastically.