Saturday, 11 September 2010

Let's Just Close Our Consulate In Chandigarh, Punjab And Be Done With It!

This post is prompted by this Toronto Star article. It is about India's vow "to crack down on unscrupulous immigration agents".

I'm skeptical about how serious India is. It's overseas population provide export markets for Indian cultural goods and services as well as muscle to influence the political and economic direction of a country to favour India's interests. I don't see why it would want to curb it's unofficial colonial program by hampering it in any fashion.

In any case I'm using the article as an excuse to bring to anyone's attention Canada's fraud plagued consulate in Chandigarh, the Punjab state's capital.

The consulate was opened in 2004 by the Liberal Party of Canada at an operating cost of $25 million a year to reward Sikh voters for their support. Sikh's are a well organized voting bloc in Canada and all of Canada's political parties are aware of this. To one-up the competition the Liberal's opened the consulate while ignoring warnings that Punjab is a hotbed of documentation fraud and the consulate will only expose Canada to more of it. And that is just what happened and since votes are at stake the Conservatives have done nothing to shut it down.

Instead we are entreated to the intellectual bankruptcy of the likes of that nitwit Olivia Chow as well as Jason Kenney, Canada's current minister responsible for immigration, who is in ethnic vote pandering mode.

In seems to them that only high acceptance rates for visas and permanent residency applications are the only proofs needed to illustrate that Canada has a working and fair system. According to the article Olivia Chow, who is the NDP's immigration critic, "took to Twitter in Canada, writing that it’s 'unacceptable' that one out of two Indians who apply at the Canadian mission in Chandigarh for a visitor’s visa are refused. Chow also wrote that only 29 per cent of student visas are approved." In response, "Kenney fired back with his posts, writing 42 per cent of student visas are now approved in Chandigarh and that the overall approval rate there for visas is now 48 per cent."

The problem with their line is thinking hasn't escaped everyone.

Some Canadian diplomats have worried that using approval rates as benchmarks is dangerous territory.

“If the refusal rate is 90 per cent because our immigration agents have determined 90 per cent of applicants are at risk to overstay or present other risks, then that’s just what it should be,” said a former Canadian diplomat posted in India. “It’s not something that should be used as a metric for success.”

That is in response to belligerent Punjabi accusations that 90% of all applications made at the consulate in Chandigarh are rejected as if implying that Canada has no right to deny them entry to the country. I would deny them entry based on that attitude alone.

If 492 bogus "refugees" are enough to get Canadians riled up then I can only image how angry they will be if they knew how Punjabis try to defraud Canadians and their government on a daily basis at Canada's consulate in Chandigarh, Punjab. To me they are the same breed of people because they are using deceit to enter the country. If they have no qualms in doing that to us then why should we allow them into Canada in the first place?

But more to the point is to ask what is the point of a consulate in Chandigarh, Punjab, India if not for political reasons? It's not like Punjabis are India's A students so why the favourtism? Can they not make their applications in Mumbai like everyone else? Why not a consulate in Tamil Nadu as well?

The consulate is a waste of money. It is plagued by fraud and aids in the importation of a people who are of questionable benefit to the country. I see little need for its existence. It needs to be shut down!


Anonymous said...

Why are you so worried about just the Chandigarh office alone? You don't think there are fraudulent papers submitted in any other consulate office in India? Given your reasons to shut down the Chandigarh office, maybe Canada should close all of it's consulate offices in India because corruption and fraud is everywhere in that country.

Actually, there are immigrants from all over this world who try to come to Canada with fraudulent documentation, it's not just Punjabis (and by Punjabis I know you mean Sikhs). Maybe Canada should put an end to immigration all together and not let anyone in given your reasons?

There must be very good reasons why the gov't of Canada opened and maintains an office in Chandigarh. Why are you up in arms about it?

You say Punjabis are of "questionable benefit to the country"? Are you F*cking kidding or are you just dumb? Contributions of Punjabis to the Canadian society and economy far far outweigh the contributions of any other group of Indian immigrants here, especially you Hindus. It's not even close.

Punjabis are the largest population of Indian origin in Canada, they are hard working people and contribute a great deal to the Canadian economy. There are Punjabis working at every level of government in Canada. Because of their successes, they have also become a powerful group, hence the gov't of Canada had to grant them the wish of having a consulate office in Punjab, so that it is convenient for the people of Punjab and they wouldn't have to go through the hassle of going to New Delhi or anywhere else to submit their applications.

If you want an office in Tamil Nadu or another Indian state that doesn't have one, maybe the people of that state should get together and lobby for one. Or maybe you guys just don't have the numbers to be powerful enough or the gov't of Canada doesn't deem you important enough?

Don't forget, you are also an immigrant, or perhaps you're the child of immigrant parents. Are you sure there wasn't anything fraudulent with your papers or with your parents' papers?

This blog is borderline racist and is prejudice because you're targeting and discriminating against people from just one state, more specifically the Sikhs. You think the rest of the Indians are saints? Are South Indians corruption free? There is corruption all over India, give your head a shake!

I think the fact of the matter is, you're just a low life hater who is biased and discriminates against Punjabis because they have become so successful. You are nothing but a jealous hindu Ms. Kim Sharma, so keep hating! Punjabis came here way before you hindus and if you don't like us, move somewhere else!

PaxCanadiana said...

Why are you so worried about just the Chandigarh office alone? You don't think there are fraudulent papers submitted in any other consulate office in India?

The Canadian mission in Chandigarh has no reason to exist except to pander to Sikh voting blocs in Canada. That's why the Liberal Party of Canada opened it: to reward it's loyal Sikh voting base. Otherwise it has no reason exist.

Canada's Mumbai office can handle immigration concerns from Indians living in the Punjab state. Yes, India is a corrupt nation which is all the more reason to shut down Chandigarh. The fewer avenues in India to scam the Canadian immigration system the better.

But since Canada's immigration system is politicized it's being used to reward and pander to certain ethnic vote blocs like the Sikhs in the hopes that their swing votes will deliver key urban electoral ridings to one of Canada's major political parties.

I find this corrupt and unfair to the rest of us. It's putting the interests of favoured immigrants groups over the interests of Canada and Canadians. This is no way to run an immigration system.

The Chandigarh mission costs in excess of $25 million a year to run only to have it routinely subject to fraud and a high rejection rate of applicants. This is absurd. It seems it only exists to facilitate the importation of the aged and useless relatives of Sikhs in Canada into the country. We don't need this.

The Canadian mission in Chandigarh is unnecessary and a waste of money. It needs to be shut down.