Sunday, 19 September 2010

You Cannot Trust CBC News When It Comes To Immigration Issues.

Here is an interesting read. It is illustrative of the biased (dare I say deceitful?) reporting of our public broadcaster in the service of its pet hobbies; multiculturalism and its yang, mass immigration.

From the Winnipeg Sun we read:

My sources tell me Mohamed Jama is sitting comfortably in a hotel in Bosaso, Somalia right now. No extremists holding him up at gunpoint at the inn, nor in a government-chartered plane on the tarmac of the local airport.

That despite what the CBC was reporting all week.

I notice our public broadcaster hasn’t issued a retraction or a correction on their story, after being duped by Jama that he was under siege by gun-toting extremists.

The Canada Border Services Agency has confirmed repeatedly that the deportation was carried out as planned and without incident and that there were no gun-toting extremists firing at a plane Jama was in, as the CBC reported.

Instead, the CBC perpetuates the story that somehow the Government of Canada did the wrong thing by deporting Jama to a dangerous, war-torn country and they rely on a phony story cooked up by Jama to prop up their editorial position. Pretty pathetic.

At this point, whatever happens to Jama is no longer our problem. He was a repeat, violent offender who showed no signs whatsoever of changing his ways. CBSA had an obligation — for the safety of Canadians — to deport the refugee, notwithstanding any dangers he might face back home.

The position that we should compromise the safety of Canadians in favour of Jama’s safety back home is misguided. I think the people who hold that position would change their tune very quickly if they or their families became Jama’s next victims had we not deported him.

Canadian Immigration Report juxtaposes the above story with the CBC one here.

It is a given that the sources of news reporting have a political slant that they are trying to front under the guise of journalism. Objectivity has been discarded long ago if it ever existed at all.

But these media outlets are typically private enterprises. They can report on what they want in the way they want.

I am aware of the implications of such a system on a democratic society and on the notion of informed consent which is why alternative media sources are invaluable.

However, the CBC is a publicly financed institution therefore it doesn't enjoy the liberties of a privately owned company. It is constrained by its obligation to the taxpayers to whom it owes its continued existence; to the tax dollars Canadians are forced to pay by law. It should function as objectively as possible so as not to show favouritism and thus be in the service of Canadians who are of all ideological persuasions.

It is clear that this is not the case. The CBC has become co-opted by left leaning cultural elites who use it as their soap box for propaganda purposes. And on you dime whether you like it or not! This is a key difference that separates the CBC and its news wing from the private sector. If you don't like the slant of a particular newspaper then you don't have to buy it or read it. If you don't like the slant of a particular news channel then you don't have to watch it or subscribe to it. Canadians through their tax dollars support the CBC whether they want to or not. That being the case then how about some conservative content?

CBC news routinely delivers select stories spun to support their world view and presented as if objective fact. In this sense they behave like Fox news. Since multiculturalism and its partner in crime, mass immigration, are favourites of the left then can we expect anything other than systemic cheerleading of both? No wonder Canadians are so misinformed about either issue.


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