Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Contributing Or Exploiting?

This is from the Toronto Sun.

There are those who see nothing wrong with Canada absorbing more newcomers per capita than any other country — about 250,000 people annually.

Perhaps they haven’t noticed that our largest cities, particularly Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, are bursting at the seams with immigrants and refugees. The federal government lets these tens of thousands of people in and then pretty much washes its hands of them.

Cash-strapped municipalities are left with the difficult task of integrating the new arrivals, many of whom can barely speak English or French. As experts have warned, newer cohorts of immigrants are not faring as well economically as previous generations of people who arrived on our shores.

This is what Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Ford was getting at and what his critics don't fully appreciate. Ottawa sets immigration quotas yet it is those who live in Canada's largest municipalities, especially Toronto, who suffer the costs.

“That’s an awful lot of people who come here who are not qualified. How does that help the country?” asks Julie Taub, an Ottawa immigration lawyer who’s on the board of the new think-tank.

Taub, who does regular duty counsel work at a legal aid immigration clinic, says she was astounded to see immigrants who were supposed to be self-supporting come in for free legal assistance.

These were skilled workers who were accepted into Canada on the condition that they had enough money to live for a year. Yet, several months after arriving, they were on welfare. “If Immigration Canada says they have to bring enough money to live for a year, shouldn’t they be letting the provinces … know that they’re not entitled to go on social services for a year?” says Taub. “There’s a sense of entitlement that is unbelievable.”

One way Punjabi immigrants scam the immigration system, I recently learned, was to hire an immigration consultant who deposits a considerable amount of money into a bank account. That or take out a loan. Either way is meant to create the false impression that the potential immigrant is financially sound when the opposite is the case. This seems to be what is at work here. Immigrants are providing false financial statements to pad their applications and once accepted into Canada are then able to collect social assistance as well as benefit from other social services.

So, are immigrants "contributing" to Canada or exploiting her? And what is meant by "contributing to society" in the first place? How is acting out of self interest contributing when doing so is selfish in behaviour?


dollycanadian said...

Here's the real problem...immigrants are smarter and more racist than Canadians. And our "nice to the point of stupid" attitude preceeds us. How are Canadians supposed to adjust to cultures that are so counter hateful? Our own government is immigrants should hold any political position because they know they can do whatever they want and they will just cry RACISM if we oppose them. Ruby Dhalla wants to give immigrants full pensions after 3 years, are we ever going to put a stop to this? I am on disability and the government will not give me funds for a special diet that 2 doctors have said I need, yet immigrants are getting pension money to spend in their homeland and cheating our government for anything that isn't nailed down. Davinder Shorey...MLA Calgary...NAMED IN BANK AND MORTGAGE FRAUD. There should be NO IMMIGRANTS on the Standing Committee for Immigration. The terrorist who got bail and was re-arrested for uttering threats should never have been given bail...if you are suspected of terrorism you should be sent out of the country...IMMEDIATELY! But instead you get some muslim MORON telling other other muslim MORONS to stay calm...WHAT? Muslims bring this crap on themselves...yet they act like Canadians are barbaric...we built a civilized country. And Mr. Blogger, you made a comment on my comment, when I said Canadians don't want immigration, they don't want anymore immigration because these immigrants are the most ungrateful dangerous and arrogant bunch on the planet...they plan on dominating the world, so what is wrong with us...Do Canadians have a mental illness? Muslims are a disgrace to Canada and I am ashamed that my great country is represented by muslims...I am sick of hearing about them and all their belly aching...There is NO JOY in Canada anymore. Mosques are nothing but TROJAN HORSES and the dress of the muslims reminds of the GRIM REAPER. This group as a whole brings disgrace to Canada...individually I have met some nice immigrants and I wish good things for hard working immigrants but as a whole, the powerful and aggressive immigrants are not "Canada friendly". I am tired of giving up everything I know and love about my country and WE AS CANADIANS need to send a message, a clear message, before we wake up one day and will find ourselves under Sharia law. Then what...NICE WON'T CUT IT THEN! And just as an after thought...Why do you never see a Canadian...a true Canadian, given air time on the Canadian news stations or space in the newspapers to say how we feel? WHY ARE MUSLIMS THE ONLY "GROUP" ALLOWED TO SPEAK!?

Anonymous said...

Another good comment Pax,
Consider me a friend and all

Izzy said...

Yes ... Chances are one morning you will wake up under Sharia laws! What are you going to do then?