Monday, 4 October 2010

From The "What Else Is New?" Files: Foreign Doctors Not Passing Canada's Certification Exams.

You want to know the real reason why foreign trained medical professionals are driving cabs and delivering pizza? Then read this National Post article.

With Canada’s doctor shortage still dire, medical authorities are under constant pressure to let more foreign-trained medical graduates work here as physicians. But two new studies point to a significant roadblock: close to half of those who make it past rigorous screening and into family-medicine post-graduate training fail to pass their certification exams.


Researchers and officials stress that the findings do not suggest Canada should turn its back on foreign-trained MDs who settle here — especially since they save taxpayers the substantial cost of medical school education — but that more needs to be done to help them become full-fledged Canadian physicians.

Although the two studies, just published in the journal Canadian Family Physician, are the first to expose the problem widely, the phenomenon has been well-known within the medical community, doctors say.

The article mentions that one of the solutions to the problem is to only accept graduates from internationally accredited universities. Sounds like a good idea.

I have some solutions of my own. How about building more medical schools (and close a few law schools in the process) to train Canadians to meet the nation's needs instead of poaching the developing world of its much needed medical staff; which is what we are doing right now.

A much more practical and achievable solution is to cut immigration numbers and cut off the importation or aged parents and other sickly relatives. What has not been fully investigated is the effects mass immigration has had on wait times and on an increasing patient to doctor ratio. Nor do we fully understand the financial strain mass immigration is having on Canada's public health care system. Given recent immigrants diminishing economic performance immigration may very well be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I don't think Canadians want to sacrifice their health care system for the superficial novelties of a multiculturalism policy dependent on mass immigration.


Anonymous said...

Our health care system is being polluted by immigrant doctors. Their attitudes and culture are counter Canadian and if you look at the website of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Alberta, the only doctors taking new patients are middle eastern. They have a set up of "profiling patients". They have you come in for a "meet and greet", no treatment, and then they decide if they want to be your doctor. They are billing Alberta Health for this "meet and greet" and more than half the time...they will not call and allow you to be their patient. They treat women according to their cultural belief...I have first hand experience on more than one occasion and since I am a curious person, I talk to people in the doctor's waiting rooms and I am not the only one experiencing this new form of health care. The article states that we need to help them be better doctors...WHY DO WE HAVE TO? How about putting Canada back to the way it was so that my health and the health of those who built this country is not compromised any more. Damn be to those who come to Canada and at the same time hate Canada and the way we do things.

Anonymous said...

If foreign doctors are "profiling patients" based on race and/or gender, a complaint should be launched with the provincial watchdog or ombudsman of your province.

There's nothing like a public "outing" of these un-ethical doctors who can be summoned to appear before their peers and possibly lose their license to practice medicine in Canada.

Also, Rate Medical Doctors is another web-based tool to name and shame (or praise) doctors.