Monday, 25 October 2010

Putting The Final Nails In The Coffin Of A Sri Lankan Tamil Refugee Claim.

This news article out of the Toronto Star describes a Sri Lanka that is not rosy but not bad either. What is remarkable about this article is that the paper bothered to send a reporter to get a first hand account of what is going on instead of editorializing on second hand information from the comfort of the paper's offices at 1 Yonge Street. And if the negative conditions that the reporter chooses to focus on are the worst a Tamil in Sri Lanka can expect then compared to millions of other people in the world they have little to complain about.

The negative spin it is giving a healing nation is to be expected since it is pandering to a 250,000 strong reader base that it wants to sell to advertisers. This is in comparison to the the almost non-existent attention it has given to Toronto's 10,000 Sinhalese Sri Lankans. The only time the paper bothered to pay attention to the Sri Lankan Sinhalese living in Toronto is when it reported, in passing, of an act of vandalism against a Sinhalese owned restaurant in Brampton and a firebombing at a Sinhalese Buddhist temple, two events that occurred after the LTTE was defeated. I don't recall if the paper ever bothered to get a Sri Lankan Sinhalese perspective on the war instead spilling most ink to curry favour with the large Tamil diaspora in Toronto. From a business angle this makes sense. It is better to sacrifice 10,000 potential readers for the sake of 250,000. At the end of the day the paper is still a profit seeking, profit maximizing entity beholden to the concerns of shareholders.

Though the article attempts to make it appear that Sri Lanka's Tamils are still victims after the war there is nothing in the article that would justify an asylum claim. And how bad can things be when, as the Toronto Sun reminds us, many Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada return to Sri Lanka to holiday.

The final blow should be this CTV BC report where we learn that some who arrived on the MV Sun Sea had their asylum claims rejected by the U.K.

Speaking in Delta, B.C., in front of one of the two ships used to bring in migrants, Kenney told reporters the government has learned some of the migrants were already found not to need refugee protection in the United Kingdom.

In immigration and refugee circles this is what is called asylum shopping and by my understanding the UN Convention on Refugees, which the U.K. is a signatory nation, has provisions to prevent this kind of behaviour. So if the U.K. rejected these people then why should Canada accept them?

Like any pest if you see one then there is a whole bunch you are not seeing and this is true about Canada's refugee system.
Vancouver immigration lawyer Daniel McLeod has seen the situation several times.

"It may surprise someone like Mr. Kenney who hasn't been around the refugee field that long, but I've been working in the area for 20 years and it's not common, but it's not unusual for someone to come to Canada who's been refused in another jurisdiction."

Honest words from the parasite lawyer.

So it appears Canada is granting asylum to people no other nation would consider a refugee. Is this compassion or naive stupidity?

The arrival of the MV Sun Sea is generating information that delegitimizes the excessive presence of Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada. Looks like some repatriations are in order. We have been played for fools and rightly so because we are a nation of trusting fools. Acceptance for Sri Lankan refugee claims should drop dramatically and approach zero if any competency is to be found at the Immigration and Refugee Board. Sadly my confidence in the IRB is lacking so I expect the foolishness so continue.


Anonymous said...

The assertion that Canada will except a refugee claim that was denied in another jurisdiction it patently false. Although there may be some exceptions where solid evidence will alter another country's decision on a refugee claim, if another country has made a decision on someone's refugee claim, they are not likely to be accepted again.

PS The article in no way provides a full report that "proves" that there could not be Sri Lankan Tamil refugee claims. If a Sri Lankan Tamil can prove persecution, they will be accepted.

PaxCanadiana said...

The assertion that Canada will except a refugee claim that was denied in another jurisdiction it patently false. Although there may be some exceptions where solid evidence will alter another country's decision on a refugee claim, if another country has made a decision on someone's refugee claim, they are not likely to be accepted again.

Care to expand on that? How sure are you that it is "patently false" that "if another country has made a decision on someone's refugee claim, they are not likely to be accepted again"? Do you have data to support your assertion because all I am going by is the information provided by immigration insiders. If it is true then why are they not immediately deported? Since Canada has broader criteria of what it considers a refugee than most, I'd say all other, jurisdictions it very likely we are accepting refugee claims that were laughed at elsewhere.

PS The article in no way provides a full report that "proves" that there could not be Sri Lankan Tamil refugee claims.

No, but it is part and parcel of a collection or reports that when assembled create the impression that Sri Lanka's Tamils do not deserve asylum in Canada and should be turned away.

If a Sri Lankan Tamil can prove persecution, they will be accepted.

All right, tell me why, in 2010, Canada should accept a Sri Lankan Tamil asylum claim. What's going on in Sri Lanka that would justify such a mass exodus claiming persecution and genocide? Are there death squads? Concentration camps? Tamil political parties being oppressed? Do no Tamils hold a government position? What's going on?

I am willing to concede that perhaps one or two may be legitimate but a mass arrival like the one in B.C., or the mass presence of Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada, screams scam to me.

In Canada, thanks to meddling lawyers and advocacy groups, the burden of proof rests on Canada, not the claimant. Canada has to prove why one is inadmissible. All the claimant has to do is make a persecution story sound convincing. So you're wrong. A Sri Lankan Tamil doesn't have to prove the he or she is facing persecution. They just have to say so. We have to prove that they are lying.

Anonymous said...

Just a few inconvenient facts:

1) Rajapakse never promised more “devolution” to the provincial councils, but rather to take power away from them as they are seen, rightly, by the people and Government as a giant failure. Since their forceful introduction to Sri Lanka by India in 1987 they have only brought corruption and increased inefficiency. They have solved nothing other than making problems worse and created new problems where none existed.
2) Rajapakse is incredibly popular because he won the war and has proven to be a capable leader with a backbone standing up to defend the nations interests rather than giving into pressure from the West as has been the case of previous leaders who have always been Western sycophants not interested in the people but themselves and shopping sprees in New York (which means being “good boys” of the West). This is why the people are in love with him and he is incredibly popular, for 60 years since Independence we have never had such a strong leader who fights for the common man and does not surrender the nation to the West (not that I have anything personal against the people of the West, but in terms of history and domination, this is something our people have always wanted and have at last).
3) The media station which was “burnt down” was an inside job. They pulled a massive insurance scam. The station was a massive failure and I did not even know it was still broadcasting till it burnt itself down.
4) Development since Independence has always been limited to Colombo/Western province and wait for it: the Tamil Jaffna District. Up to 1980 Colombo and Jaffna were equal in terms of development, economy and wealth, while the rest of the country was wallowing in backwardness, poverty and destitution, especially the Sinhala south. Jaffna alone was filthy rich and contributed 10% to Sri Lanka’s GDP. It was in fact this high level of development and economy that pushed Tamils towards an “armed struggle”. The thinking of the racist Tamil leaders at the time was: “we have schools, hospitals, roads, infrastructure, and a good economy, why not a separate state”? Well we all know what happened there after.
This is the first time since Independence that there has been massive development in the South (that of course is the fault of previous Sinhala leaders –most of whom came from the “elites” created by the British to Govern Sri Lanka aka the “brown sahibs” or “black whites”, who are mentally enslaved to the West and were essentially given power to continue British rule by proxy and maintain Sri Lanka (and other former colonies) as vassal states. These morons only developed Colombo (for themselves as they live in it) and Jaffna for the Tamils as many of these “elite” were alsot Tamil or had Tamil roots/it is how the British wanted things as per divide and conquer.
Even today Sinhala people in the south have no proper access to drinking water and have to travel miles to get it, where as Tamils in IDP camps had 3 meals a day, air-conditioned rooms, medical care, education, clothing, everything they needed for free. Compared to the rest of the country and what they Tamils had during the war, they were living in luxury.
And it is not only the South which is being developed. The East is a giant construction site, having visited it recently I was stunned at the mega development projects and the pace of development. Surprised this clown reporter “missed” it. Also other provinces are being developed and invested in. This is always ignored conveniently by “free media”. Considering war just finished in the North, development takes time so to bitch nothing is being done for Jaffna is a despicable manipulation.

Anonymous said...

Finally this clown of a report quotes Jehan Perera and other racists in the Colombian elite NGO circuit. These people are hired hacks paid to trash the country incidentally by the West (hence the “recommendation” to get their opinion). They are not experts on Sri Lanka and every one of their “expert” analyses have been proven flawed. In fact it is not hard to expose these people as dumb liars. I did it myself at a seminar at the BMICH in Colombo where this Jehan moron was left mumbling like an idiotic fool when he could not answer some basica question(s) I asked –in fact I was quoting his earlier work- and exposed him as a liar and a racist (subsequently I was not allowed to attend the second half).

Must also say to compare Sri Lanka to Western countries (in terms of development, freedoms, media, governance) and attack the country is ridiculous. All the insults, defamation and whining against Sri Lanka can apply to any third world country and India as well. Sri Lanka’s crime is “defying” the West and the common masses are thus “wrong” for voting into power with landslides victories such a government and leader who does such. Thus we need to be ridiculed, insulted, attacked, defamed and punished via Western media and institutions.

Anonymous said...

PaxCanadiana said...

You do realize that the youtube video has a credibility problem. In fact so does most photo journalism.

Are you familiar with the famous "Saigon Execution" photo shot by Eddie Adams?

Context is important and photos can by manipulated to support one's agenda.

But aside from photos of casualties of war do you have any compelling evidence that government death squads are roaming the streets of Colombo hunting down Tamils? Do you expect us to believe that the end of a gun awaits every deported Tamil even though an internal Canadian government report claims otherwise?

I'm really getting tired of these sleight of hand tricks that are being played. You show photos of war dead and allege they prove "genocide" yet Tamils hold positions in the Sri Lankan national government and routinely return to Sri Lanka while awaiting the outcomes of their asylum claims. It seems to me one is being used to distract us from the other. Please stop lying to us.

Spirit Wolf said...

I really fail to see why we, as Canadians, should care a whit about what goes on in Sri Lanka. If none of them were here, we wouldn't have to.