Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Why Is Organized Labour Silent About Mass Immigration?

Thomas Walkom is proving to be the only writer worth reading at the Toronto Star. In this piece he takes organized labour to task over its failure to capitalize on the recession to marshal the people to its cause. Following on what he wrote I have this to ask: why is organized labour silent about the harmful effects of mass immigration on not only the wages and salaries of working Canadians but also on the standards of their work environment? Much of the gains made by the labour movement over the course of its history is being undermined by mass immigration. The steady importation of a desperate people willing to work for any wage under any conditions only undermines labour's negotiating power and relevance.

The unions that have suffered the most are private sector unions. This is not surprising given the mobility of capital and the option to outsource work beyond the reach of unionized labour. On top of that they too are subject to the ups and downs of the business cycle and sometimes are forced to make concessions so as to save their jobs.

On the other hand public sector unions live in a world of their own. Not only do they monopolize the services they deliver they are also not as affected by the business cycle as everyone else is. Their jobs, though not guaranteed, are relatively more secure than those in the private sector yet somehow have better benefits and incomes.

Public sector unions are now, pretty much, the labour movement as private sector unions are at their weakest. So why no show of solidarity and compassion for the working man by pressuring the government to reduce immigration quotas that effectively attack working Canadians?


Dominion of Canada said...

I just found your blog the other day. It's quite a good read. I have my own that deals with Canadian immigration as well. Here is a post that I recently authored about organized labour and their non-response to immigration.

PaxCanadiana said...

Good to see another "comrade in arms" so to speak. I'll be sure to announce your blog and post a link to it.