Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Looks Like The Party's Over As Acceptance Rates For Sri Lankan Refugee Claims Plummets.

And it's about f**king time! The laughably high acceptance rate Canada lavished on Sri Lankan asylum claims has been an embarrassment to this country and a knock at the credibility of the Immigration and Refugee Board. It really was a con game and we Canadians were being played for saps. From the Vancouver Sun:

For each month from January 2009 to July 2010, the percentage of accepted refugee claims from Sri Lanka was typically greater than 80 or 90 per cent, the data show.

But in August, the month the Tamils arrived aboard the MV Sun Sea — sparking a heated debate about Canada's refugee system and vows by the Harper government to crack down on human smuggling — the percentage of accepted claims dropped to 75 per cent. It then plunged to 47 per cent in September.

Since it takes an average of 22 months for a refugee claim to be heard, none of the cases decided in September were connected to the migrants aboard the MV Sun Sea.

So it looks like Sri Lanka's Tamils are going to have to get in line and apply to immigrate to Canada just like everybody else instead of shamelessly scamming a humanitarian system.

If this is not an anomaly, as the Canadian Tamil Congress hopes it is, and is indicative of an ongoing trend that will witness further drops in acceptance rates then this will substantially hinder Sri Lankan immigration to Canada since Sri Lankans, especially the Tamils, have been primarily dependent on Canada's asylum system to immigrate here. Were it not for the most gullible and generous asylum system in the world, along with its partner in crime the family reunification act, there wouldn't be much of a Sri Lankan Tamil presence in Canada speak of let alone a Sri Lankan one.

I wouldn't be angered by this if I genuinely felt they were real refugees but my researching the matter tells me otherwise. I often wondered why Canada was the target of so many asylum claims from Sri Lanka yet witnessed very little from places like Darfur or Rwanda. The simple explanation is that real refugees do not have the relative safety to wait around at a specified spot in their home country for their government issued passport to arrive in the mail. Nor do they have the financial means to buy a plane ticket, or a spot on a smuggler's boat, to travel half way around the world to make an asylum claim, passing through safe third countries en route.

Real refugees are constantly on the move. That's why they are called displaced persons. The only time they are at a fixed address for a determinant amount of time is when they make it to a refugee camp. Yet, thanks to the Singh decision, these are the one's we ignore to favour the gate crashers. That's the whole irony of Canada's asylum system. By allegedly being made compassionate it is least compassionate to those in need of real sanctuary.

If one good thing can be said about the abuse of Canada's asylum system by Sri Lankans it is this: they have demonstrated to us the fiasco that is our refugee system and the need for the government to return to a process by which claims are vetted abroad. Inland claims should be turned away if they arrived by way of a safe third country. Failing that they should be detained until their status is determined and not released before that which is what we do now. Inland claims should be discouraged but since this is how lawyers and refugee advocacy groups get paid expect resistance by them at the cost of those who need our help the most.


Anonymous said...

LTTE atrocities unearthed
By Tissa Ravindra Perera

Investigations launched following the recent sensational discovery in Mullaitivu of a mass grave of at least 26 service personnel summarily executed by the LTTE is now unfolding another weird and gruesome massacre by them.
It has transpired during investigations that two of four hardcore terrorists in custody had been directly involved in the execution of the soldiers held prisoner by the LTTE.
One of these two terrorists had been one of the hitmen who shot the soldiers in cold blood.
The other terrorist had been involved in burning the bodies.
After burning the bodies, the ashes and the skeletal remains had been buried in an abandoned bunker and a trench close to it.

Fourteen of the victims have been identified by these hardcore terrorists from photographs shown to them.
They include three lieutenant commanders of the Navy
This massacre, according to evidence that has surfaced, had been carried out on January 17, 2009.
One of the victims is believed to be Lieutenant Commander Ratnayake, who went missing when Dvora fast attack craft P 413 came under LTTE heavy gunfire on seas off Delft.
Another victim Lt Cmdr Edirisinghe had been captured by the Tigers after his craft Dvora P416 was attacked and sunk off Vettilaikerni while it was escorting troop carrier ‘Pearl Cruiser’ on May 11, 2006
The four terrorists in custody have revealed that the 26 security forces personnel were held in a torture chamber on the orders of Ratnam Master when the troops began their march towards the LTTE fortress in Pudukudiiruppu after taking the LTTE Kilinochchi base.
The terrorists had poured diesel and kerosene oil and emptied two bags of sugar on the firewood piled up on the dead bodies before setting fire to the `pyre’.
The mass grave was exhumed under the supervision of forensic experts and the Chief City JMO too was present.
There were several spent bullet casings among the ashes and other remains collected from the grave and stuffed into 24 gunny bags.
Ratnam Master was killed by the troops when he was making an escape bid along with Prabhakaran’s son Charles Anthony during the final battle at Wellamullaivaikal.
A close confidant of LTTE Prabhakaran, Ratnam Master was the brain behind the LTTE attack on Anuradhapura air base and Vavuniya army headquarters.
Troops had come across a number of torture chambers where captured security personnel were held captive during the humanitarian operation in Vanni.
However, they had not come across any evidence pointing to the fate that befell those held in those cells until the discovery of the Mullaitivu mass grave.
It is believed that the investigators will shortly discover more mass graves which would account for most armed forces personnel who went missing in action.

Anonymous said...

This is how the Tamils so called “war crimes” videos were made. They captured our soldiers (or those who surrendered to them), tortured them, used them for slave labour, stripped them of their uniforms then executed them filming and photographing the whole thing. These films are then used for the viewing pleasure of the Tamils in Western countries who fund and revel in this racist war of theirs (which they started when they launched their “armed struggle” and which they believed they could win hence why they spat and broke every peace process) through their “donations” –how they acquire such money is another question i.e. benefit fraud, credit card scam, drugs etc- basically their money at work.

You’ll be surprised how Tamil shops, functions, and gatherings in Western countries sell and screen these brutal tapes of massacres against Sinhalese (civilians and military personal) some times the most brutal such as those against Sinhala farming villages where children were tossed into frying pans, breast feeding mothers hacked to pieces, entire villages given “bullet rains”, or villages surrounded, the inhabitants round up all lined up in their families, the children taken by the marauding Tamils, picked up by their feet and then had their heads bashed against trees and walls all the while forcing their parents to watch before murdering half and letting the other half “escape” so they can live in the misery, shock, fear and sadness over the cruelness the Tamils subjected them to and also ensure the fear was spread to Sinhalese elsewhere, which in deed it did.

These videos sell like pancakes in the West.

Anonymous said...

The most disgusting video is of the capture of the Mulativa Military base in 1996. There were 2,000 soldiers trapped in the facility (it fell because a Tamil Major in the Army changed sides in mid battle, of course he was an LTTE operative, and he basically gave away the bases defences and comically Tamils scream and moan about “discrimination” and “Sinhala only army”, when such blatant security risks exist). 500 died in the initially attack and another 1,500 trusted this scum and surrendered. All were executed, and they were not even shot, they were hacked to pieces. There is video footage of female LTTE cadres hacking to pieces with machetes Soldiers who surrendered or begging for mercy as they are being hacked. It is some brutal footage because you can hear their screams and the chopping noises as the blades slice into their bodies.
It is something today Tamils hide and pretend do not exist when they wail about “genocide”. They are ONLY complaining with lies and deceit (using Sinhalese they executed as “evidence” of war crimes against Tamils perpetrated by Sinhalese) because THEY LOST. Despite the depths of barbarism they went to win from child soldiers to creating a humanitarian catastrophe OUT OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE they LOST. And they are MAD and FURIOUS about that.

Whenever there were bomb blasts and buses torn to shreds in Colombo, Tamils in the West would REVEL and party. They smile from ear to ear. And such attacks were done by the LTTE to make the Tamils in the West happy, especially as they were done as revenge to make up for loses in the battlefield. Massacring civilians was a way of boosting the morale of Tamils in the West to make up for defeats. They could not face our Army on the battle field despite their loud mouth bravado so they would kill civilians, now since they cannot do that they are defaming our country and Military using their footage of massacres committed against us by them. With the added advantage of providing them an avenue to get into Western countries which will for decades be superior in terms of economy and quality of life.

Anonymous said...

Oh and you might find this story interesting Pax.

‘Top Tiger’ nabbed at hotel
By Tissa Ravindra Perera

A top operative of the international LTTE network who had returned to the country in the guise of an investor was nabbed last week by the State Intelligence Service (SIS) from a leading hotel in Colombo.
The sleuths had been on the trail of this Tiger operative for sometime, informed sources said.
It has been revealed that this Tiger operative, known as Kiran was among the Tiger leaders who had been handling the financial transactions relating to the LTTE’s illegal armament purchases via Thailand. He had been functioning as the leader of the LTTE fund-raising wing in Australia and Switzerland. He had also been engaged in human trafficking by sea.
Kiran, who had been on the ‘most wanted’ list of the national intelligence services since 1999, had returned here under an assumed name purportedly to start a foreign exchange centre. He is also said to own a tea estate in Deniyaya.
It has now come to light that about 50 former LTTE operatives and sympathisers who had skipped the country and found refuge in certain European countries have returned to Jaffna recently posing as investors.

Anonymous said...

This disappointing Toronto Sun article is written in a tone of a "done deal" and implies (IMO) this recent boatload of uninvited, illegal foreign gate-crashers have become something of a cause célèbre, instead of condemning them for breaking into our country.

Giving these Sri Lankan interlopers any choice in the matter of "settling" in either Vancouver or Toronto is tantamount to saying:

"Welcome to our gullible country for stupidly allowing you through our back door in the first place, and please make yourself comfortable at our charitable expense. Kick me again, will you?"

Also, note their latest propagandizing buzzword of "newcomers". I suppose the PTB at Journalistic Headquarters have deemed "illegal immigrants" to be too unwelcoming, and even that description is too charitable. The writer of this Toronto Sun article is clearly biased and in favour of the Sri Lankans illegal presence in Canada.

"Some Toronto residents had complained the Tamils will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in welfare and services."

Not "some", but "many", and who wouldn't complain unless they're Sri Lankans themselves who're already reaping the benefits Canada's welfare system and welcoming in more of their ethnics.

".....more than 90 kids who arrived....."

OK, Ok.....tears are welling up in my eyes, please stop with the tearjerker phrases.

The Tamil is quoted as saying "Many are fleeing persecution with only the clothes on their back."

I suppose the illegals have got this far in their lying, cheating ways, so what's one more tall tale. "Stupid Canadians will swallow anything we throw at them".

".......Tamils plan to work as soon as they can obtain the required permit."

What jobs? What skills? What education? English language skills? How about criminal background checks? What communicable diseases do they bring? I feel much better knowing they're willing to self-support themselves by competing with hundreds of thousand of UNemployed skilled Canadians and not collect even $1.00 of welfare benefits. Ha!

".....some critics alleging they were queue jumpers."

"some"?? How about 3/4 of our entire country?!

"alleging"?? Are we to "allege" these foreign intruders are standing on Canadian soil, too, or do my lying eyes deceive me?

We must become adept a learning to read between the lines because journalists are not to be trusted with facts.

PaxCanadiana said...

This is how the Tamils so called “war crimes” videos were made.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if that is the case. During the final days of the war the LTTE were purposely hiding among the civilian population and using them as human shields. The LTTE fired upon any civilians trying to escape behind government lines to flee from the impending shelling and gunfire. This information was a passing comment made in a Toronto Star article.

I am convinced that were the LTTE successful in securing a separate homeland within Sri Lanka they would have turned their new nation into a totalitarian state with routine executions of any who oppose their iron fisted rule. They are street thugs who exploited ethnic grievances for wealth and power causing the loss of lives for tens of thousands of people. They deserved defeat and I am ashamed Canada has foolishly given sanctuary to many of them and their supporters.

PaxCanadiana said...

Giving these Sri Lankan interlopers any choice in the matter of "settling" in either Vancouver...

I wouldn't be surprised if they are being advised to stay in Vancouver, where the Sri Lankan Tamil population is small compared to Toronto, as a way to give their bogus claims a fighting chance. Sri Lankan Tamils have given themselves such a bad reputation here in Toronto (they have made themselves into something of a bad joke) it would be in their interest to hire a public relations firm.

The rules have changed and so have their tactics if they wish to continue to scam Canada's asylum system for immigration purposes. It's all a charade, it's all theatre; wanting their faces covered with umbrellas because they fear repercussions towards family members back in Sri Lanka or so they allege; abuse of the words genocide, persecution, insulting those who really do and did suffer those things; alleging to own nothing but "the clothes on their back"; and on, and on, and on. When you are trying to scam someone you have to put on your game face.

Yet their actions may be for nought. According to the Vancouver Sun article the rejection rate preceded the arrival of the Sun Sea. If it holds many of those aboard the Sun Sea, hopefully all, will be deported but not without costing us taxpayers a pretty penny. I hope the media follow this story to see how many Sun Sea arrivals, among other Sri Lankan Tamils, get refugee status.