Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thou Shalt Not Offend Immigrant Vote Banks: Immigration Levels To Remain Steady During Uncertain Economic Times.

If anyone needs convincing that Canada's federal MPs care more about their jobs than those of the people they allegedly represent than look no further than the latest announcement concerning immigration levels. Barely crawling out of a deep recessionary period that created an unemployment level above 8% (unofficially it is probably above 10%); coupled with an OECD report that projects an unimpressive rate of growth for Canada averaging at 1.6% until 2017; these amid predictions of a jobless recovery; Jason Kenney, minister responsible for immigration, has the nerve to tell us that the governemt intends to keep immigration levels steady between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents next year.

If that isn't bad enough he also announced that the government intends to decrease the number of economic class immigrants by 5,000 while increasing the number of spouses and children and refugees. In other words they want fewer skilled immigrants to settle in the country while increasing the number of unskilled immigrants because "Canada's post-recession economy demands a high level of legal immigration to keep our workforce strong”. Does that make sense to you? Can anyone with a rational mind wrap their brian around that and explain how lowering skilled immigration and raising unskilled immigration will "keep the workforce strong"?

Whether Jason Kenney is conscious of it or not he appears to have given a veiled pessimistic view of Canada's economy in the years to come. Why would you want immigrants with high expectations over those whose expectations are lower in comparison if the jobs Canada will be churning out are low paying, low skilled, dead end occupations? He seems to be aware of this and that's why he wants fewer skilled immigrants to come to Canada.

Ultimately this is an ill-advised decision made to save political careers. The Conservatives do not want to jeopardize their bid for a majority in the next election by potentially offending immigrant and ethnic vote banks in Canada's voter rich urban centers. They know that were they to do the right thing and reduce immigration levels at this time their political opponents will jump on them and denounce them as anti-immigrant in the hopes that such baseless accusations will score them political points with ethnic urban voting blocs. Sadly none of them seem to appreciate the possibility that immigrants want less immigration too.

What other reason could it be? We are told that we need to maintain a mass immigration regime to "keep the workforce strong" as the economy crawls along at the lightning speed of 1.6% growth a year. When we were in the midst of the recession we were told we needed to maintain a mass immigration regime to (get this) "prepare for the recovery". When the economy was healthy and booming we not only needed to maintain a mass immigration regime, we were told, to keep pace but we needed more immigration.

So the question is what economic conditions will necessitate less immigration? The Trudeau Liberals thought the recession of the early 1980s was enough to reduce immigration targets and that's what they did. Now it seems we need a depression and then, maybe.


Anonymous said...

Henry George explains it here.

Anonymous said...

"......and explain how lowering skilled immigration and raising unskilled immigration will 'keep the workforce strong'?"

That's classic Orwellian double-speak that we're expected to consume without question.

Canada's "border" used to have some meaning attached to it, but those borders no longer belong to us Canadians. The old excuses of leaving the immigrant flood-gates wide open to "stimulate our economy" or "prevent a population decline" or "help with our aging population" are all disingenuous at best.

Britain is also a target of the elites when their puppet politicians were revealed to have a "deliberate and SECRET policy of national cultural sabotage".

Other European borders are also under attack when the elites order the importation of 50,000,000 Africans to Europe.

That sinister plan would cast insurmountable problems on the whole European continent. But that's the master plan, is it not? divide and rule.

Here's a revealing video worth viewing before youtube pulls it from the internet because somebody "let the cat out of the bag".

PaxCanadiana said...

That's classic Orwellian double-speak that we're expected to consume without question.

Canadians were being sold a destructive immigration policy on the argument that a healthy economy demands it. That being the case then in turn when the economy goes south then immigration numbers should follow but that isn't what happened. Instead we are told we need to maintain the numbers to stockpile surplus labour to prepare for the recovery. It's straight out of Orwell and I am aghast no one in the media has exposed the ridiculous logic buoying Jason Kenney's words. When this happens in a book of political satire cultural elites laugh but in reality they all cheer along.

I can't take the woman in the video seriously if she thinks that the rise in anti-semitism in Europe is not co-related with the rise of Europe's Muslim population. European immigration reform will reap results instead of a bunch of over-educated Jews intellectualizing on the state of European multiculturalism. They will accomplish nothing since what is fueling rising anti-semitism in Europe, which is Muslim immigration, won't be addressed. They're fools.