Sunday, 30 January 2011

Nanny Abuse, Nanny Abuse!!!: Foreign Caregivers Exploiting Their Canadian Employers. Wait, What!?

I stated in this blog post the exploitation of the nanny program is a two way street. Amidst the many stories that circulated over the past year about the abuse vetted upon foreign caregivers by their Canadian employers this Toronto Sun article informs us that the nannies are just as prone to exploit their employers to satisfy their selfish designs.

Canada’s nanny program is being used as a loophole to get into the country, an industry group says.

“There is no obligation for nannies to work for the family,” said Manuela Gruber Hersch, president of the Association of Caregivers and Nanny Agencies Canada, a group that works with nannies and sponsors.

Gruber Hersch said she worked on a case three months ago in which a nanny called her sponsor in Grande Praire, Alta. after arriving at Calgary International Airport to tell them she wasn’t showing up for work.

“This family had spent a lot of money and had repainted a room for the nanny,” she said on Wednesday. “This happens a fair bit and it was totally devastating for the family involved.”

She said a family can spend up to $5,000 to bring a nanny to Canada since they have to pay for their medical examination and airfare. Once approved, a nanny is issued a three-year work permit and sponsors are responsible for providing them room and board as well as a weekly stipend.

A loophole to exploit the program was created after a April 2010 policy change stemming from a controversy in which two nannies, who were hired by Brampton Springdale MP Ruby Dhalla to care for her mother, complained their passports were seized and they were not paid, Gruber Hersch said.

She said 600 nannies have changed employers in the last year.

Some nannies engage in acts so they can be fired by their families.
Their visa is valid for them to work elsewhere, she said.

The nanny program is akin to the refugee system in that both are the steady inflow on unskilled immigrants who otherwise would be inadmissible to Canada. Since both are avenues to permanent residency and eventual citizenship they are essentially just alternate immigration routes and thus invites abuse. In an earlier post we learned that male Punjabis are the dominant applicants for the nanny program out of India even though in the chauvinistic Punjabi culture domestic duties are the realm of females.

The nanny program should not be an avenue for permanent residency. Nannies should be regarded for what they really are: temporary foreign workers. It is clear, and easily presumed, that those admitted as nannies have no intentions of continuing the work once they are eligible for permanent residency. The article tells us of one nanny who spent more time searching the internet for alternate work then doing her job by minding the kids. I'm sure this is quite common.

Of course, that majority of nannies are Filipinos and according to the article "more than 90% of those who arrive in Canada under the program apply for permanent residency after two years." We can then surmise that the nanny program is nothing more than the steady importation of unskilled female Filipinos who otherwise would be inadmissible to Canada. In turn they can then start importing the rest of their families after a mere two years of baby sitting.

Since these nannies flee this line of work so readily the labour market demand for nannies is never satisfied creating a permanent demand, and another gaping hole in the border, for others to take advantage of. So what we have in actuality is the perpetual importation of unskilled labour, primarily female Filipinos, flooding the Canadian job market who end up competing with Canadians for available jobs and school admissions (to upgrade their skills). Compounding this is the importation of family members who do not need pertinent job skills or language skills to enter the country as a sponsored relative. As a consequence they can have a negative effect on wages and salaries and pressure businesses to adopt employment equity standards designed to deny jobs to the majority host society. I fail to see how this is beneficial to Canada and Canadians. Indeed, it is yet another example of where the system benefits the immigrant more so.

Of course, Canadians can raise their own damn kids or is that asking to much?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Job Recovery Worse Than Previously Reported.

Looks like StasCan goofed about those job numbers and the severity of the recession.

Statistics Canada says the economy has not yet recouped all the jobs it lost during the recession, as the agency had previously reported.

In a revision of much-quoted statistics, the agency says the country lost more jobs than it thought during the recession and created fewer that it thought during the recovery so far.

The agency says Canada lost 428,000 jobs during the 2008-09 slump, about 11,000 more than previously reported.

But the big change is to the number of jobs created since the recession ended in the summer of 2009.

The agency had previously reported that over 460,000 were created since July 2009 but now it says the number is actually 398,000, which leaves Canada 30,000 shy of the pre-recession peak.

Makes you wonder what good all that stimulus money did. More importantly, it makes you wonder what the hell we need 260,000 immigrants (and an equal number of temporary workers) for. Oh right, election around the corner. A Conservative majority is more important right now than your job is. But when they get it everything will be okay right?

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Assimilation Fail: Silly Chinese Superstitions v. Canadian Compassion.

A decision by the University of British Colombia to build a hospice next door to an upscale condo development situated on UBC property has rattled the predominately Asian residents who live there. Read it here.

Dozens of angry Asian residents of a posh, University of B.C., highrise building aim to stage a placard-waving protest rally to protest a 15-bed hospice being planned next door.

“We cannot have dying people in our backyard,” said rally organizer Janet Fan, Wednesday “It’s a cultural taboo to us and we cannot be close to so many dying people. It’s like you open your door and step into a graveyard.”

Fan lives on the 17th floor at Promontory, at 2688 West Mall, near Thunderbird Stadium.


Fan said 80 per cent of the residents of her 18-storey building are Asian and are strongly opposed.

Their concerns:

“Units here are worth $1 million,” she added. “We put our life savings into this.”

She said residents are worried the hospice will have a negative impact on their property values.

Asian residents living in other buildings in the upscale Hawthorn Place neighborhood have signed a 200-name petition, including 65 from Fan’s building.

So money is the issue. It is apparent that a return on their investment is more important to these Asians than the well being of a few terminally ill patients. I should also add that the hospice would also serve as an instrument for research and instruction for the university's Faculty of Medicine.

It should be noted that this isn't the first time the hospice has met opposition:

It met with complaints when it was originally planned for Marine Drive, close to Place Vanier student residences.

Joe Stott, director of Campus and Community Planning, said objections came from students who didn’t want to have to keep quiet at night and from Pacific Spirit Park and the Wreck Beach Preservation Society.

So should we hold the Chinese residents of 2688 West Mall to a different standard? The answer is yes. Were they assimilated immigrants who could properly call themselves Canadians, which they are not but more akin to Chinese colonialists abusing Canadian hospitality, then it wouldn't be an issue.

You see, the reason why it is an issue to Asians is because of the address of the building. It has the number 8 in it. Two of them in fact and in Chinese culture 8 is a lucky number. It also has a 2 and a 6 in the address and these are also condiered good numbers. This is primarily the reason why the condo units are fetching such a high price. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the developer was aware of the significance these numbers have to superstitious Chinese and constructed the building to Asian cultural sensibilities. Indeed, I wouldn't be surprised if the developer himself was Chinese. Whatever the case may be it explains why the building is occupied by 80% Asian residents who were likely the target market (who probably paid more than what the units are worth). In turn the residents intend to sell their properties at inflated prices to other Chinese buyers drawn to the residency by the numbers of the address ending in double 8s. So the building was constructed to sell over valued condo units to Chinese buyers because of the address numbers, who in turn intend to flip their properties at inflated prices to other Chinese buyers. Its Asians selling to Asians selling to Asians selling to Asians selling to Asians all because of a 2 and a 6 and a magical double 8.

The hospice threatens the money-grubbing ambitions of these Asian real estate speculators because it negates the magical powers of the condo's address. The hospice houses and treats the terminally ill. That means death will reside next door and as stated death is a "cultural taboo" to Asians. This is why they are protesting. It's about money, not compassion. It is to the shame of the student body whose objections are based on a need to party all night but it is equally shameful to the objecting Asians who concerns are buoyed by silly Asian superstitions.

When it comes to real estate, address numbers are of little concern to us Canadians. So are cemeteries. Indeed, a well kept cemetery can oftentimes be an attraction to people out for recreational purposes like walking or jogging or a place for quite contemplation. Mount Pleasant cemetery here in Toronto provides an excellent example. What's important to us is location, location, location and we are willing to pay good money for a decent location but we don't care to pay an inflated price just because the Asian seller thinks the address numbers are housing supernatural power. Only one who shares that same kind of magical thinking will entertain the asking price which invariably means another Asian.

This is an example of culture clash where unassimilated Asian, mostly Chinese, immigrants have failed to adopt the host culutre's sense of compassion. Nor have they come to appreciate how little we care about their nonsensical superstitious thinking and why it should be at the bottom of the list when it comes to cultural accommodation. And that is if, and I mean a big IF, we should bother to accommodate them at all. If they claim to be Canadian then perhaps they should show some of that compassion we Canadians are told we have. If they cannot do that then perhaps they should be shown the door because it's quite clear from their objections to the hospice that they have no intent on assimilating and are in fact in Canada for less flattering reasons.

For more read this bulletin.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Tamil Tigers 'May Be Using' Or 'Are Using' Canada As A Base?

Tamil Tigers using Canada as a foreign base? You think? In fact I assumed this was this case already with the Canadian Tamil Congress set-up to operate as a de-facto government in exile to wage, at least, a cold war with Colombo in the event of an LTTE defeat.

File this one under duhhhhhhh herp derp duhhhhhhh.

Security intelligence authorities are warning that exiled Tamil rebel leaders are re-establishing their violent Sri Lankan separatist movement in Canada.

“We don’t know how far advanced it is, but their intent is pretty clear — to set up a base-in-exile here for the leadership. Some leadership is already here” a well-placed federal government official told the Ottawa Citizen.

The warning accompanied a report late last week to senior government officials revealing that two southeast Asian smuggling syndicates are arranging the launch of two more shiploads of Tamil migrants to British Columbia in the coming weeks. The boats are expected to carry as many as 50 former Tamil Tiger rebel leaders and fighters, according to intelligence estimates.

“Why here? It doesn’t make any sense because it is much easier to go to Australia,” said the official. “This is the reason.”

Well there's that plus our internationally famous (or infamous) joke of an asylum system that is more about immigration than it is about asylum. Were it not for that then there wouldn't be much of a Sri Lankan Tamil population in Canada to write about; the largest in the world outside of Sri Lanka as well as the single largest Sri Lankan Tamil settlement in the world residing in Toronto.

To quell hysteria I will say there is little to worry about Canada's Sri Lankan Tamils as a whole. Most of them are just shameless opportunists who scammed a humanitarian program by using the civil war as a pretext to immigrate to "shopping mall Canada" even though their lives were never in danger (a lie is the truth to someone so long as that person believes it). I doubt the majority of them are even that politically involved.

The way to stop LTTE leadership from gaining entry to Canada is is to reject all asylum claims from Sri Lankans and send them back like we should have been doing years ago. With the civil war at an end and the U.N. itself helping to repatriate Sri Lankan Tamils there is little justification for being generous to any asylum claim from Sri Lanka. The ones arriving here now are likely high ranking LTTE officials trying to sneak into Canada amid asylum scammers who hope it is not too late to game Canada's refugee system. If not that then they are likely criminals trying to escape justice. Stopping them will be difficult so long as the Singh decision remains unchallenged. As long as the Singh decision stands, and the government has stated it refuses to revisit the disastrous ruling, there is little we can do to prevent this from happening.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Assumptions Of A Mass Labour Shortfall Due To Retiring Boomers Have Been Greatly Over Exaggerated.

Read it here.

More than two-thirds of Canadians plan to keep working after they officially retire, according to a survey by Scotiabank.

In Ontario, seven-in-10 plan to work during retirement the survey found with a little under half saying they would do so because they need the money. An even higher portion said they plan to work primarily because it keeps them mentally and socially active.

If that is the case then what will become of the immigrant labour Canada has been stockpiling over the years?

My prediction is that immigrant communities and racial minority groups will pressure the government more so for discriminatory labour laws that will work in their favour even though, as a group, they will consitute the majority in places like Toronto. For the cause of "diversyfying the workplace" and "employment equity" white males have been the acceptable target of discriminatory hiring practices but expect it to be expanded to encompass whites as a group irrespective of gender or ethnicity. Everyone favours discrimination in the workplace so long as it favours them. The fact that policies such as "employment equity" (or "affirmative action" as it is called in the U.S.) exist in the first place tells us that the labour market is tight already so there is little need for many and more immigrants.

Employment equity only applies to low level positions. It is not applied to the top tiers where meritocracy (and family name and connections, nepotism, money, proper schooling, and class loyalty) trumps political correctness. Thus, employment equity is a weapon against working class Canadians where immigration is an assault on working-class incomes and multiculturalism is an assault on working-class culture. It is class warfare.

Should we then be so surprised that many drawn to neo-nazi, white-supremacist groups are disaffected working class youths who find themselves sacrificing a future and a culture for the pet-hobbies/social experiments of their upper class betters who don't equally share that sacrifice? However, their anger is misdirected. It shouldn't be at immigrants. It should be at those who brought them here and who insist on maintaing a system of which they have estranged themselves from bearing any of the costs, dumping it instead on the lower class rabble.

But I digress. More to the topic at hand, it has been explained that due to the retiring baby boomer cohort Canada needs a mass immigration regime of ever increasing intake numbers to fill those vacant positions as well as fuel job growth. It seems the possibility that many boomers may still be working post-retirement in some capacity wasn't a consideration yet we face that reality. So it seems the youth and immigrants have more to be gloomy about.

Many of the so-called "gen-x" cohort found themselves struggling to get into the job market and get their careers off the ground due to the large presence of baby-boomers already in the workforce. This also made advancement in their careers difficult. Now, as they saddle the rising generations with higher taxes to pay for their pensions and health care costs, the boomers will keep them in a state of career arrested development as they stay in the workforce longer. Since they benefited so much from being born at the right place and time perhaps they should use their influence as a voting bloc to pressure the government for reduced immigrant intake targets as a way to give younger Canadians a fighting chance and a future to look forward to.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

If Youth And Immigrants Are Gloomy About The Future, What Do The Incoming 260,000 Have To Look Forward To?

Here is what may be a veiled plea by a Toronto Star columnist for a reduction in immigration targets.

A new year is usually cause for optimism. Yet a recent study in which I was involved surveyed the attitudes of 100 post-secondary students and recent immigrants living in Calgary who were found to be quite pessimistic about their prospects.


Everyone rejected the talk of recovery promoted by economists and politicians and repeated in the news media because they are not experiencing any such recovery. Participants have lost faith in experts, opinion-setters and major institutions in both the public and private sector.

University students don’t believe administrators or politicians act in their best interests.
Anyone looking for work believes the system is stacked against ordinary job-seekers and in favour of well-paid CEOs. Many immigrants believe the federal government doesn’t know what it is doing when it comes to immigration policy.


Immigrants with university degrees and other credentials are encouraged to come to Alberta because the economy is stronger here than in other parts of the country. But if they come expecting to find work in their field they are too often disappointed. Like students, they end up taking minimum-wage jobs because there are so few professional opportunities available to them.

Some recent immigrants in the focus groups were so frustrated they talked about going back to their home country. One immigrant from China said: “Employers and the government — they have to see the potential of the immigrants. They are very qualified but they are wasting their talent.”

I doubt it was the writer's intention but she unwittingly invites the reader to question Canada's immigration system. Why wouldn't they? According to the article "many immigrants believe the federal government doesn’t know what it is doing when it comes to immigration policy". They are right to believe that.

Another group they are equally skeptical of, as they should be, are the so-called "experts". The "experts" are overpaid, overeducated, Vegas oddsmakers with advanced degrees in the soft science called Economics who occupy offices in the downtown towers of major Canadian cities and look at numbers and graphs all day. They then go on camera or in print to try and convince everyone to believe that they know what they are talking about when in reality they couldn't predict the exact moment the clock strikes twelve. Their view of reality are numbers on a computer screen. What do they know?

I once read the "experts" have a hard time predicting the past so why should we believe them about the future? This appears to be the case here. The "experts" tell us the Canadian economy is recovering and that jobs abound however lived experience may tell us otherwise. It may be true that jobs are plenty but those jobs may be part-time, seasonal, contract, or for one day paying a low wage, demanding few (if any) skills, with almost no opportunity for advancement. Is this why we need 260,000 immigrants year after year? If you are unemployed or underemployed will importing 260,000 more permanent residents into the country make your life better? Has it ever?

Canada already has the highest educated workforce amongst all the G8 nations. We already have an underutilized workforce ready and willing to be trained and retrained to satisfy labour market needs. No reasonable excuse exists to maintain a high immigration regime in this economic climate. What Canada needs now is a highly selective immigration system at greatly reduced intake figures. Maintaining the status quo will not make things easier for immigrants and recent graduates. It may worsen the situation and create a long-term, compounding problem by continuously injecting superfluous labour into a flooded job market, as we have been doing for the past several years. The Canadian population may have grown and economic activity may have increased but many futures have been derailed or stalled if not ruined in the process, all for the sake of a ruinous, out-of-control, nonsensical immigration system and the careers of those it supports.

Monday, 10 January 2011

African Refugees Are Israel's S.S. St. Louis.

Here is an interesting story in the Toronto Star about African Refugees in Israel.

In recent years, tens of thousands of Africans like Abdul-Rasul have entered the country through its long desert border with Egypt, turning Israel, like parts of Europe, into a magnet for asylum seekers, and even more, for migrants desperate for jobs in the industrialized world.

Their arrivals are hardly being welcomed. Facing a public furor, the government is scrambling to erect a fence along the 220-kilometre Egyptian border and a massive detention centre in the remote southern desert.

With Israel, however, come special complications: Founded six decades ago in the wake of the Nazi Holocaust, its society is torn between a sense of duty toward the persecuted and fears that the influx might make the country less Jewish.

In a speech to parliament this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of a “flood” of illegal migrants. “It is threatening the jobs of Israelis, and it is threatening the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel,” he said.

The government says that all but a select few are economic migrants and not eligible for refugee status. But critics charge the government is turning away bona fide refugees fleeing persecution.

“The state is lying, it knows it is lying and it purposely refuses to check the refugees’ status because that will prove that it is lying,” said Sigal Rozen of the Hotline for Migrant Workers advocacy group.

The article reminds me of the S.S. St. Louis only in reverse. When the Jewish state of Israel is confronted with an S.S. St. Louis of her own she acts in kind by erecting a wall to hinder safe passage of would be asylum seekers as well as constructing a detention centre in the Negev desert to house those who make it to Israeli soil. That, plus a legal framework to keep asylum seekers in "legal limbo" as measures to dissuade others from following.

In 2008, for example, France recognised 9,648 refugees. In the same year, Israel recognised only four, despite the fact that several hundred asylum seekers enter the country every month.

According to Tally Kritzman, an assistant professor at the College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan and an expert on immigrant and refugee law, not one application has been approved since July 2009 when the interior ministry set up a new office to deal specifically with asylum requests.

"Basically what the government is afraid of is the pull factor,"
Kritzman explains.

"If the asylum seekers get status here, that has rights attached. They are supposed to get temporary residency, national health care, and social security."

The state fears that this will encourage more to come.

"The Israeli government is experiencing this as a mass influx and is trying to control it," Kritzman adds. "The main tool of control is to keep people in a legal limbo."

The words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are clear on the matter: Israel does not want an influx of non-white, non-Jewish immigrants into the country. Allowing one would threaten "the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel". This is tantamount to saying a Jewish influx into Canada would threaten the Christian and democratic character of the dominion.

Considering how Jews in the diaspora, many of them refugees themselves from Nazi Germany, were influential in the shaping of western asylum systems in the post WWII era, including Canada's, Israel's resistance to African asylum seekers is hypocritical. The fact that many are fleeing genocide in Darfur makes the hypocrisy of the Jewish state grosser.

I don't wish this post to come off as "Israel bashing". Despite the criticisms of the state it is still the freest nation in the Middle East. What I wish to emphasize are the parallel concerns both Canada and Israel share in the face of an influx of a largely alien people.

One concern is the pull factor. The large scale granting of asylum and eventual citizenship to refugees will in fact attract more, many of whom we can reasonable assume will be bogus; being economic migrants abusing a humanitarian system for immigration purposes. We've seen that here in Canada with Sri Lankan Tamils, Mexicans, Roma from Hungary and Czech Republic, and others. The large and ever increasing influx becomes hard to manage making it nearly impossible to screen and monitor those who enter the country as well as deport those who are deemed inadmissible. National sovereignty is effectively undermined at considerable financial and social cost.

Another concern is the negative effects it will have on incomes and wages as well as poverty rates.

The ultimate concern is demographics. Should immigration and asylum systems be so unrestrained that they effectively alter the demographic character of a country? Is it wrong for Israel to want to maintain a Jewish majority and its Jewish character? There are advocates within Israel as well as in the diaspora who support African refugees in Israel but I wonder if that support has limits. It is one thing to advocate for residency rights for 20,000 non-Jewish Africans in a country of 7.6 million people that is 75% Jewish. But will that advocacy still burn bright if that 20,000 balloons to 100,000; to 200,000; to 1 million? Will their voices still be there when the steady inflow reduces the Jewish population of Israel to 60%? How about 50%? Is it still a Jewish state if the percentage of the Jewish population is reduced to 49.9%?

Will Canada still be Canada if the host majority is reduced to a racial and cultural minority? Is it still Canada when soccer and cricket become the top two sports replacing ice hockey and curling and the CFL? What will Canada become if nothing more than a postal code where saying you're Canadian describes where you're from but not who you are?

Many of the champions of Canada's immigration system are immigrants themselves but I doubt their zeal will still be there if immigration patterns were reversed. Israel seems to be a case in point. Italy is another. Mexico is building a wall on its southern border with Guatemala to stem the inflow of illegal migrants into Mexico while doing nothing to prevent many of its citizens from illegally entering the United States or even Canada. India is building a wall around Bangladesh for similar reasons while right-wing voices in the Indian Punjab decry migrants as a threat to Sikh cultural and political supremacy in the state.

I feel many immigrants prescribe for Canada what they would not consider for their native countries. But they feel confident enough to do so anyways because they are comforted by the knowledge that their identity is not threatened in their native lands by the mass introduction of disparate peoples. It seems what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Big Brother Is Watching Me: Hello 'New Canada', Goodbye Freedom of Speech.

Upon picking up the "Insight" section of the Toronto Star today and I was greeted by this story on the opening page.

It's about censorship and thought control in theocratic Islamic societies in the Middle East. Bloggers in the Middle East who are critical of theocratic regimes and the limitations it places on individual freedoms are finding themselves targets of police action charged with such crimes as “blasphemy against the prophet and the Qur’an”. A jail cell awaits them if apprehended.

I was going through my comment moderation the other day and a poster named Peter had the following to say on this blog post:

I am pretty sure you will not post this but I have sent your site to a friend of mine who monitors this kind of thing.

I don't how I should take that comment or even take it seriously but what he is doing is threatening me. The implication is clear: you are being watched so you better be careful as to what you write.

They can monitor "this kind of thing" all they want. I really don't care. But if they posses any kind of state sanctioned power to shut my blog down or if any law exists that will allow them to do so then it is illegitimate. There is no place for that kind of nonsense in a functioning modern democracy like Canada where freedom of speech is the keystone value of our society. Besides, I do have the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms on my side, right? Am I right? Anyone?

What the bloggers in the Middle East and myself are doing is challenging the prevailing orthodoxy and the power structure upon which it resides. Like them I am questioning the official state religion that is being used to organize society and control the population. In the Middle East it is Islam. In Canada we call it multiculturalism and like in the Middle East, Canada too has tools at its disposal to silence heretics who dare “blasphemy against the prophet and the Qur’an”. We call these tools Human Rights Commissions and Hate Crime Laws.

When ground was broken in creating the "new Canada" it was only right to expect some opposition to it. After all, what was so wrong with the old one that we needed a new one? So a kind of quasi-legal framework arose to punish those who dare to openly challenge a pet project of "those who wear no clothes". The examples are numerous and telling, revealing that it is agenda driven and has little to do with the enforcement of human rights.

You see, the "social experiment" that is the "new Canada" cannot survive without placing limitations on our freedoms especially the freedom of speech. A privileged, select, and self appointed few have taken it upon themselves to micromanaging the lives and thoughts of the citizenry to force them to abide by the principles of the "new Canada" (and to keep themselves employed). This requires laws and enforcement mechanisms to threaten those who dare to dissent from the program and openly question the obvious wisdom of our moral and intellectual superiors. This can range from as petty as Mccarthyesque mud-slinging accusations of racism to financially punishing Human Rights Tribunals to ultimately a stint in jail and a criminal record. Whatever the tactic the message is the same: shut up and play along or else.

So far the program has been running smoothly because Canadians are a typically passive, mall shopping crowd of people who care more about the latest iPhone app, hockey score, or the latest tid-bit of celebrity gossip than they do about the future direction of their country. The Canadian is one who goes to work, pays taxes, aimlessly shops, and has unquestioningly internalized all the multiculturalism dogma government propaganda campaigns have shoved down their throats. Rarely do Canadians exercise their freedom of speech (or even free thought) and many take it for granted. But for us bloggers we use our freedom of speech on a daily basis and some of us in Canada have learned that freedom of speech is a Charter protected right so far as it is government approved.

Limiting and policing Canadians' freedom of speech is all in the service of the state religion of multiculturalism for the preservation of the "new Canada". Like dogmatic Islam it is a force to organize and govern (control) the population. It says a lot about the validity of the multicultural sate if Canadians have to be not only sold on it through endless government sponsored propaganda campaigns but laws must be legislated to force everyone to play nice. Beneath it all, for those self-appointed and privileged few who have taken it upon themselves to lead us to the land of milk and honey called "new Canada", it is about power, plain and simple. And since this is the "new Canada" I will not stand for it.

This post has not been screened by Peter. Approval by Big Brother is still pending.