Saturday, 1 January 2011

Big Brother Is Watching Me: Hello 'New Canada', Goodbye Freedom of Speech.

Upon picking up the "Insight" section of the Toronto Star today and I was greeted by this story on the opening page.

It's about censorship and thought control in theocratic Islamic societies in the Middle East. Bloggers in the Middle East who are critical of theocratic regimes and the limitations it places on individual freedoms are finding themselves targets of police action charged with such crimes as “blasphemy against the prophet and the Qur’an”. A jail cell awaits them if apprehended.

I was going through my comment moderation the other day and a poster named Peter had the following to say on this blog post:

I am pretty sure you will not post this but I have sent your site to a friend of mine who monitors this kind of thing.

I don't how I should take that comment or even take it seriously but what he is doing is threatening me. The implication is clear: you are being watched so you better be careful as to what you write.

They can monitor "this kind of thing" all they want. I really don't care. But if they posses any kind of state sanctioned power to shut my blog down or if any law exists that will allow them to do so then it is illegitimate. There is no place for that kind of nonsense in a functioning modern democracy like Canada where freedom of speech is the keystone value of our society. Besides, I do have the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms on my side, right? Am I right? Anyone?

What the bloggers in the Middle East and myself are doing is challenging the prevailing orthodoxy and the power structure upon which it resides. Like them I am questioning the official state religion that is being used to organize society and control the population. In the Middle East it is Islam. In Canada we call it multiculturalism and like in the Middle East, Canada too has tools at its disposal to silence heretics who dare “blasphemy against the prophet and the Qur’an”. We call these tools Human Rights Commissions and Hate Crime Laws.

When ground was broken in creating the "new Canada" it was only right to expect some opposition to it. After all, what was so wrong with the old one that we needed a new one? So a kind of quasi-legal framework arose to punish those who dare to openly challenge a pet project of "those who wear no clothes". The examples are numerous and telling, revealing that it is agenda driven and has little to do with the enforcement of human rights.

You see, the "social experiment" that is the "new Canada" cannot survive without placing limitations on our freedoms especially the freedom of speech. A privileged, select, and self appointed few have taken it upon themselves to micromanaging the lives and thoughts of the citizenry to force them to abide by the principles of the "new Canada" (and to keep themselves employed). This requires laws and enforcement mechanisms to threaten those who dare to dissent from the program and openly question the obvious wisdom of our moral and intellectual superiors. This can range from as petty as Mccarthyesque mud-slinging accusations of racism to financially punishing Human Rights Tribunals to ultimately a stint in jail and a criminal record. Whatever the tactic the message is the same: shut up and play along or else.

So far the program has been running smoothly because Canadians are a typically passive, mall shopping crowd of people who care more about the latest iPhone app, hockey score, or the latest tid-bit of celebrity gossip than they do about the future direction of their country. The Canadian is one who goes to work, pays taxes, aimlessly shops, and has unquestioningly internalized all the multiculturalism dogma government propaganda campaigns have shoved down their throats. Rarely do Canadians exercise their freedom of speech (or even free thought) and many take it for granted. But for us bloggers we use our freedom of speech on a daily basis and some of us in Canada have learned that freedom of speech is a Charter protected right so far as it is government approved.

Limiting and policing Canadians' freedom of speech is all in the service of the state religion of multiculturalism for the preservation of the "new Canada". Like dogmatic Islam it is a force to organize and govern (control) the population. It says a lot about the validity of the multicultural sate if Canadians have to be not only sold on it through endless government sponsored propaganda campaigns but laws must be legislated to force everyone to play nice. Beneath it all, for those self-appointed and privileged few who have taken it upon themselves to lead us to the land of milk and honey called "new Canada", it is about power, plain and simple. And since this is the "new Canada" I will not stand for it.

This post has not been screened by Peter. Approval by Big Brother is still pending.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't say I didn't warn you.

Again, it's not in what you are saying, it's in HOW you are saying it.

dollycanadian said...

Irish Savant is a little too racist for me. I have a strong objection to people from the middle east being in my country simply because I have to wonder if they are terrorists or they are related to or know terrorists. I am sick of immigrants stating that we are all immigrants, that the land really belongs to the Indians. The Indians were screwed out of their land for sure, but the Western world is great because there were no muslims in the beginning...if they were here when Canada was being settled this would not be the "GREAT CANADA", it would be a dangerous and barbaric Canada. Iran just publicly hung a man. The muslim immigrants tried to inact sharia law in Canada. They are glutenous immigrants who do not have a right to something they have not earned. They are not humanitarian, they blame Canadians because they die here due to their own culture of violence. The show LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRARIE is an assault to my senses and Black people have been in Canada since the 1500's, why are they still so gravely discriminated against? Terrorists are identified and known in Canada...WHY THE HELL ARE THEY STILL HERE? The Chinese built Canada's railways...they are participating members of Canada's culture and I have been proud to share this country with them...the muslims from the middle east, what I mean is, any muslim from anywhere is disgusting and dangerous to Canada, plain and simple. Why is "Christmas" suddenly a four letter word? The muslim celebrations or holiday has not had it's name changed so as not to offend ME, nor has the Jewish holiday or religion name been changed. The muslims HATE Christians and Jews, so why are they here and when will we stop being "NICE TO THE POINT OF STUPID?" For me it is not about RACE...I am white...Irish, German and English, but I have a black son and he was treated like shit in his own country and these muslim idiots walk all over us without even contributing...they came when Canada was great and now it will be theirs.

dollycanadian said...

I am really surprised and disturbed that you would have given a forum for such a disturbed and racist person as Irish Savant. That man is dangerous and I do not agree with him at all. I fight for Canada's culture and anyone who embraces Canada's culture and ways is okay by me. I admire you PAXCANADIANA and I hope that you are not that racist. I would be crushed if you are.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Maid of Albion from the other side of "the pond", touches on a similar subject matter that may be of interest to you and your readers. Part II can be read HERE.

Anonymous said...

boy! you are one hateful person!!
Were you not hugged enough as a child?

PaxCanadiana said...

Can't say I didn't warn you.

Is that a threat?

Again, it's not in what you are saying, it's in HOW you are saying it.

Care to explain the difference.

PaxCanadiana said...

Irish Savant is a little too racist for me.

I didn't know who Irish Savant was until you brought it to my attention. I usually read the links but this time I didn't.

With all due respect to the anon poster I deleted the post. I do support freedom of speech but I do not wish to be associated with the likes of Irish Savant. Not only do I find it uncomfortable but it sets me up to be labeled as some kind of white supremacist/white segregationist giving critics an avenue to avoid discussing the issue, which is what they want, by shouting "racism".

Octopussy said...

@PaxCanadiana, the 'issue' is a form of fundamentalism. Ideas, whether religious or racial, may no longer be discussed and people (such as the Irish Savant) may be judged. You are not going to win this ideological war if you think you only need to conform to acceptable topics that may be discussed. As long as you play into the hands of the fear mongers you will have zero impact on immigration reform. Then you may just as well welcome Islam with open arms anyway.

M Schwartz said...

@ dollycanadian

Irish Savant is hardly disturbed, most of his posts are based on empirical evidence and sound logic.

What he does fall foul of, is breaching certain taboos about population differences. However, as Steven Pinker points out in the Blank Slate, large swathes of discussion tend to be ruled out by divorcing biology from the social sciences. It results in a distorted and inaccurate view of the world.

M Schwartz said...

***I do support freedom of speech but I do not wish to be associated with the likes of Irish Savant.***

Surely you can dissasociate yourself from comments or commentators you disagree with, while allowing them to speak? Isn't that the essence of free speech & Voltaire's quote?

Anonymous said...

All white toasters are racist, didn't you know?

Its not whether you you are a racist or not, they're going to label you a racist anyway because you're not playing along with the agenda they're pushing...

I like your post.

PaxCanadiana said...

Surely you can dissasociate yourself from comments or commentators you disagree with, while allowing them to speak? Isn't that the essence of free speech & Voltaire's quote?

Point taken.

My issue is guilt by association. The prime reason, I feel, that is preventing Canadians from vocalizing their opposition to immigration is that the immigration industry has been so successful at grouping critics and neo-nazi skin-heads together (not saying Irish Savant is one). They feel that if they come out of the closet in their opposition to the direction immigration is taking the country they will be labeled a racist, fascist, white supremacist, neo-nazi, when they are anything but. So it is much safer to tow the line, spew the accepted rhetoric, and pretend everything is fine.

To illustrate, I can link to Irish Savant. Someone will follow that link. They may find Irish Savant's views extreme. Therefore I am extreme and should be censored. It's silly and anti-intellectual but immigration industry proponents will go to any length to label their opponents as racist, white supremacist/segregationist, bigots to avoid having to engage in a civil discussion.

There have also been cases where comments on a forum or blog have sent the owners to the kangaroo court we know as a Human Rights Tribunal. All of this proves my point in the post: in the "new Canada" our speech must be policed, filtered, and/or censored for the betterment of its survival. Diversity rules but not diversity of opinion. Canadians don't realize it but we have lost some of our freedoms for the sake of multiculturalism. However since so few Canadians exercise their freedom of speech they barely even noticed.

dollycanadian said...

You are an ABSOLUTE ROCK STAR, why aren't you Prime Minister...Canada needs you to give us back all that is lost...
God Bless You, a sane, down to earth, grass roots voice and a Canadian as Canadians were meant to be. Statements such as "we are all immigrants" is simply bull, the smart Canadians who made this country great and died in battle for this country were decent and amazing people, they are being severely disrespected by the terrorists, gun runners, gangs, and dysfunctional immigrants that are polluting this country...I am not pointing at race per say...I am pointing at CULTURE, cultures of war and violence and hatred...THEY DON'T BELONG HERE...would they go to war for Canada...NO. Will they use Canada for their own agenda of hatred...YES!
I am trying to get as many people as I can to have access to your blog.
I absolutely agree with everything you say, the stifling imbalance of prioritizing Canadians is overwhelming...unless you are an immigrant your ranking is low. Again, if this country had been settled by the immigrants of today...THIS WOULD BE A VERY DIFFERENT CANADA! I walk around trying to make a connection to people who look like me and talk like me, someone who identifies as people with an allegiance to Canada...IT'S NOT THERE!

Anonymous said...

It is a sad day indeed when the truth is seen as "extreme"

Anonymous said...

3:46 PM says "You are not going to win this ideological war if you think you only need to conform to acceptable topics that may be discussed".

In warfare, whether Ideological or otherwise, proper etiquette and manners don't count. The liberal "enemy" having the upper-hand in this "ideological" battle, and no matter how deranged, is more determined than ever, to defeat us by using every dirty trick in the book.

Irish Savant uses humour as one of his weapons to ridicule the shallowness of leftists, but he also admits to being a one-time "liberal" himself.

Leftists see a "retreat" as a sign of weakness which further emboldens them in the suppression of free speech.

Now, having said that, Pax, I understand your explanation in regards to Canada's Orwellian H.R. kangaroo court system.

"Vanishing American" has a timely article on this subject matter HERE.

Also, "Dollycanadian" states that Irish Savant "is a little too racist for me".

But "selective racism" is ok?

Although I agree with some of her points, it appears any mention of race, or of Black people is off-limits. Then let's bury all those (racist-against-whites) employment-equity programs!!

It's impossible not to discuss Canada's immigration trends without talking about race. Every year, Canada's White population is reduced by a further 1 or 2% due to an unending chain migration of NON-whites flooding into our country. Cognitive dissonance does not serve our best interests!

mary said...

Dolly is a great example of what 'liberalism as mental disorder' looks like in everyday life.

So, someone is 'A little too racist' for poor lil dolly's taste? LOL....please, allow Dolly to show us all what level of 'racism' is acceptable so we may all baaa baaaa baaaa behind her in obedience. Cuz Yeah, the only sheep I know are named Dolly!

Also, her tirade about how the natives got 'screwed', just begs the question: BY WHO?
Ah yes, the evil, hateful white man, of course, right?

Get real man.

You ought to be worried more about allowing yourself to be linked to the likes of a Dolly. It makes you look weak. If Canada is going to REALLY fight the insanity afoot today, weak men will not be the ones making it happen. We need truth speakers with the balls to inspire others to follow them.

dollycanadian said...


You are a "little too hateful for me"
I don't condone racism, God made us all, I am opposed to terrorists in this country and I am opposed to hateful and ignorant people who make their choices based on hate.
Hitler thought he was right...he killed people on their own land.
I am opposed to people coming to my land who are dangerous and want to change my country.
I am also opposed to people like you and I don't care what color you are...I just don't like your mouth.
I don't express myself with your kind of hatred and if you don't have any common sense or decency than you don't represent Canada. It is the fault of Canadians that we are polluted with terrorists, that's who you should be attacking. You can have your opinion and I can have mine.
If your way is to attack than you are as barbaric as the terrorists, gun runners, human smugglers and the mentally ill who kill because they hear voices in their heads.
The Natives got screwed by people like think the white man is perfect...PART OF BEING CANADIAN IS BEING NICE...
How many radicals are in the forefront...NONE...they hide behind hoods and mosques.
Fixing this problem takes intelligence and common sense.
Mary please try Prozak or shock therapy.

Spirit Wolf said...

Oh, well, Robert Spencer of JihadWatch has reported me to the FBI several times. The first time, he took offense when I called him out for saying Sikhs never bombed any planes! Then he didn't like what I said on my blog, and to him on Twitter, that I would rather be ruled over by intelligent raccoons or wolverines than by Africans or any sort of Asians, never mind Muslims.

I'm a shakin' in my cowboy boots, equipped with Alberta spurs.