Thursday, 13 January 2011

If Youth And Immigrants Are Gloomy About The Future, What Do The Incoming 260,000 Have To Look Forward To?

Here is what may be a veiled plea by a Toronto Star columnist for a reduction in immigration targets.

A new year is usually cause for optimism. Yet a recent study in which I was involved surveyed the attitudes of 100 post-secondary students and recent immigrants living in Calgary who were found to be quite pessimistic about their prospects.


Everyone rejected the talk of recovery promoted by economists and politicians and repeated in the news media because they are not experiencing any such recovery. Participants have lost faith in experts, opinion-setters and major institutions in both the public and private sector.

University students don’t believe administrators or politicians act in their best interests.
Anyone looking for work believes the system is stacked against ordinary job-seekers and in favour of well-paid CEOs. Many immigrants believe the federal government doesn’t know what it is doing when it comes to immigration policy.


Immigrants with university degrees and other credentials are encouraged to come to Alberta because the economy is stronger here than in other parts of the country. But if they come expecting to find work in their field they are too often disappointed. Like students, they end up taking minimum-wage jobs because there are so few professional opportunities available to them.

Some recent immigrants in the focus groups were so frustrated they talked about going back to their home country. One immigrant from China said: “Employers and the government — they have to see the potential of the immigrants. They are very qualified but they are wasting their talent.”

I doubt it was the writer's intention but she unwittingly invites the reader to question Canada's immigration system. Why wouldn't they? According to the article "many immigrants believe the federal government doesn’t know what it is doing when it comes to immigration policy". They are right to believe that.

Another group they are equally skeptical of, as they should be, are the so-called "experts". The "experts" are overpaid, overeducated, Vegas oddsmakers with advanced degrees in the soft science called Economics who occupy offices in the downtown towers of major Canadian cities and look at numbers and graphs all day. They then go on camera or in print to try and convince everyone to believe that they know what they are talking about when in reality they couldn't predict the exact moment the clock strikes twelve. Their view of reality are numbers on a computer screen. What do they know?

I once read the "experts" have a hard time predicting the past so why should we believe them about the future? This appears to be the case here. The "experts" tell us the Canadian economy is recovering and that jobs abound however lived experience may tell us otherwise. It may be true that jobs are plenty but those jobs may be part-time, seasonal, contract, or for one day paying a low wage, demanding few (if any) skills, with almost no opportunity for advancement. Is this why we need 260,000 immigrants year after year? If you are unemployed or underemployed will importing 260,000 more permanent residents into the country make your life better? Has it ever?

Canada already has the highest educated workforce amongst all the G8 nations. We already have an underutilized workforce ready and willing to be trained and retrained to satisfy labour market needs. No reasonable excuse exists to maintain a high immigration regime in this economic climate. What Canada needs now is a highly selective immigration system at greatly reduced intake figures. Maintaining the status quo will not make things easier for immigrants and recent graduates. It may worsen the situation and create a long-term, compounding problem by continuously injecting superfluous labour into a flooded job market, as we have been doing for the past several years. The Canadian population may have grown and economic activity may have increased but many futures have been derailed or stalled if not ruined in the process, all for the sake of a ruinous, out-of-control, nonsensical immigration system and the careers of those it supports.


Anonymous said...

If those 260,000 new immigrants were denied entry tomorrow, in addition to expelling the 260,000 immigrants from the year before, it still wouldn't be enough to correct our broken immigration system, nor our economy.

All the economic "activity" that gives us a false reading without benefit of increasing our standard of living, has already been explained in one of your previous posts.

Today's Canada can be liken to a huge ocean liner that's set adrift and sailing around the Atlantic Ocean without a rudder, nor a qualified captain to take appropriate measures to correct this problem. We're simply exhausting our hard-won reserves by rescuing and feeding the world's flotsam, and to remain afloat ourselves, we must implement an immediate moratorium on all immigrants.

There are about 7,000,000,000 (Billion) people on earth in comparison to our little "lifeboat" containing 34 million people.

If excess people "resources" were such a panacea, why hasn't China or India, for example, prospered beyond their carrying capacity... and they've had thousands of years to pull it off?!

The best visual example in challenging these huge population numbers, appears in this video.

Meditating on Whiteness said...

Maybe they can look forward to splitting up the country due to invasion or internal strife and then getting a piece of the pie.

Too pessimistic?

I'm doing some meditations on Whiteness and Canada right now. Your blog seems sort of fitting although I can't quite tell if you're more or less scared of tackling race head on.

Good luck with your outpost of free speech. Once that was clearly Canadian. What happened.

canada visa said...

Immigration on a whole is very beneficial to Canada and its residents. History tells repeatedly that it is human kind that loses its previleges. Immigration is good for Canada and its people in any way you consider but the undeue advantage taken by a few people in the name of refugee act bestowed by Canadian government is being highly misused. We have to wait and see how far Canada can allow people in the name of refugees. Of course, humanitarian concerns are to be given the highest priority for human kind’s development and survival but misuse of a syustm is highly deplorable. Let us all pray that the gates of immigration be not closed for all those good people and eligible aspirants just because of the refugees who infiltrate this country and can be a bigger and unsolvable problem. As of now Canada is large in heart and resources.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true, self-serving immigrant (or refugee) him/herself.

...and probably an immigration "consultant" to boot!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, how are you *less* self-serving than canada_visa? Your primary motive for being vocal here is a desire to see more white faces on a given day.

PaxCanadiana said...

Your primary motive for being vocal here is a desire to see more white faces on a given day.

What's wrong with that? It's understandable given human nature. Seriously, give me a rational reason why Canada should not remain majority white? I can give reasons why it should.

On the flip side of what you said many support mass immigration, knowing that it is majority non-white, because they hope that diminishing the dominant status of the host society will increase a particular groups economic and political status in the country. Your not one of those now are you?

Food for thought: Chinese organizations have urged Canada's Chinese population to vote in block in elections for Chinese candidates. If race doesn't matter and we're all Canadians then why would they do that?