Saturday, 29 January 2011

Job Recovery Worse Than Previously Reported.

Looks like StasCan goofed about those job numbers and the severity of the recession.

Statistics Canada says the economy has not yet recouped all the jobs it lost during the recession, as the agency had previously reported.

In a revision of much-quoted statistics, the agency says the country lost more jobs than it thought during the recession and created fewer that it thought during the recovery so far.

The agency says Canada lost 428,000 jobs during the 2008-09 slump, about 11,000 more than previously reported.

But the big change is to the number of jobs created since the recession ended in the summer of 2009.

The agency had previously reported that over 460,000 were created since July 2009 but now it says the number is actually 398,000, which leaves Canada 30,000 shy of the pre-recession peak.

Makes you wonder what good all that stimulus money did. More importantly, it makes you wonder what the hell we need 260,000 immigrants (and an equal number of temporary workers) for. Oh right, election around the corner. A Conservative majority is more important right now than your job is. But when they get it everything will be okay right?

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