Friday, 21 January 2011

Tamil Tigers 'May Be Using' Or 'Are Using' Canada As A Base?

Tamil Tigers using Canada as a foreign base? You think? In fact I assumed this was this case already with the Canadian Tamil Congress set-up to operate as a de-facto government in exile to wage, at least, a cold war with Colombo in the event of an LTTE defeat.

File this one under duhhhhhhh herp derp duhhhhhhh.

Security intelligence authorities are warning that exiled Tamil rebel leaders are re-establishing their violent Sri Lankan separatist movement in Canada.

“We don’t know how far advanced it is, but their intent is pretty clear — to set up a base-in-exile here for the leadership. Some leadership is already here” a well-placed federal government official told the Ottawa Citizen.

The warning accompanied a report late last week to senior government officials revealing that two southeast Asian smuggling syndicates are arranging the launch of two more shiploads of Tamil migrants to British Columbia in the coming weeks. The boats are expected to carry as many as 50 former Tamil Tiger rebel leaders and fighters, according to intelligence estimates.

“Why here? It doesn’t make any sense because it is much easier to go to Australia,” said the official. “This is the reason.”

Well there's that plus our internationally famous (or infamous) joke of an asylum system that is more about immigration than it is about asylum. Were it not for that then there wouldn't be much of a Sri Lankan Tamil population in Canada to write about; the largest in the world outside of Sri Lanka as well as the single largest Sri Lankan Tamil settlement in the world residing in Toronto.

To quell hysteria I will say there is little to worry about Canada's Sri Lankan Tamils as a whole. Most of them are just shameless opportunists who scammed a humanitarian program by using the civil war as a pretext to immigrate to "shopping mall Canada" even though their lives were never in danger (a lie is the truth to someone so long as that person believes it). I doubt the majority of them are even that politically involved.

The way to stop LTTE leadership from gaining entry to Canada is is to reject all asylum claims from Sri Lankans and send them back like we should have been doing years ago. With the civil war at an end and the U.N. itself helping to repatriate Sri Lankan Tamils there is little justification for being generous to any asylum claim from Sri Lanka. The ones arriving here now are likely high ranking LTTE officials trying to sneak into Canada amid asylum scammers who hope it is not too late to game Canada's refugee system. If not that then they are likely criminals trying to escape justice. Stopping them will be difficult so long as the Singh decision remains unchallenged. As long as the Singh decision stands, and the government has stated it refuses to revisit the disastrous ruling, there is little we can do to prevent this from happening.

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